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Dethklok gets Bloodrocuted

Metalocalypse’s Dethklok is both a real and animated super-shredder heavy metal band. Kinda like Gorillaz, but with more head-banging, blood, guts and mayhem. What I love is that Brendan Small first created a show around the world’s most successful (fictional) black metal band, then created a real live band around it, and invariably reaped the fame of the fictional animated one. Does that make any sense? I guess usually movies/things get big in real life, then get animated, not vice versa….

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Illuminated Girls – Vasya Kolotusha’s Neon Soaked Retro Illustrations

Vasya Kolotusha - animated GIF Vasya Kolotusha - animated GIFVasya Kolotusha - animated GIF  Vasya Kolotusha - animated GIF

Ukrainian illustrator Vasya Kolotusha has a great eye for pattern, texture and color. Taking inspiration from fashion blogs and models, she captures a playful essence in her sketches and animations. With a clean aesthetic, and a slight 80s twist, her images are cool, stylish, classic and quietly humorous. Illustrating for magazines, bands, and posters, Kolotusha’s lux style is a popular one.

Her latest experiments with adding neon light tube details to her sketches are a good match. They are reminiscent of 80s hairdressing signs, a piece of art from a time when sign writing was champion. She has a very simple yet effective technique of isolating her subjects and placing them inside a very graphic background. Her drawing style is so detailed and rich, they succeed in being intriguing, and translate well into animations.

Experimenting with the GIF format, Kolotusha is exploring the process of sketching – making visible to us viewers the preliminarily lines, the building up of color. We can almost see her hand adding background detail and extra flair and then continue on to edit everything we have seen her create. By exposing the whole drawing exercise, she captures our attention, rather than boring us with fussy detail.

Following on from her previous series of people wearing helmets, this series of illuminated girl portraits are a promising sign of things to come. This illustrator is one to watch!

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BARNABY BARFORD’s Naughty Kitsch Porcelain Figures

Barnaby Barford is a British artist who works primarily with ceramics to create unique narrative pieces. He works with both mass-market and antique found porcelain figurines, cutting up and exchanging elements or adding to them and repainting them, to create sculptures which are often sinister and sardonic but invariably humorous. With irony, he draws a portrait of our contemporary lives.

In Barford’s world a kitsch figure of a 19th century peasant boy becomes a 20th century teenage thug in a hoodie; cute little girls roast adorable lambs on a spit; a rosy cheeked boy beats and cracks humpty dumpty into hundreds of pieces. Through his unique works, Barford explores all aspects of our society. Following in the tradition of Hogarth, Chaucer, Dickens and Shakespeare; with a dark sense of English humor and satire, Barford’s work explores and celebrates the human condition.

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Mark Benson’s Flu Shot Art

Reservations are now being accepted for limited edition flu shots; each shot comes with corresponding certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

-That phrase is taken from the press release for Get the Flu, Mark Benson‘s current exhibition at Ever Gold Gallery in San Francisco. A registered nurse was on site during the opening to administer real flu shots as part of a symbolic gesture to accompany the show, which focuses on themes surrounding the human need for control. It’s too hot?- turn on the air conditioner. Don’t want to get sick?- here, have a flu shot. Benson’s ability to present his commentary in such a unique, but direct way is really impressive.

Find some images from Get the Flu (on view til the 27th), below. And if you’re hankering for a further dose from the artist, you can still pick up a copy of Beautiful/Decay Book 7 right here which features a spread by him.

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Aron Wiesenfeld’s Emotional Paintings of Young Women


 Aron Wiesenfeld’s moody paintings of young women in desolate, unfortunate circumstances are close to being beyond reproach. The figures in these works -usually young and female- are characterized by a certain hardiness. Despite their thin frames, there seemingly isn’t any malevolent force (weather, isolation, disaster, etc.) in the world that can bring them down. Where others might place less significant elements in a corner to fill a canvas, each of Wiesenfeld’s brushstrokes seem to have a purpose. Each mark on canvas contributes to a stronger emotional impression overall. And that’s really what makes these so great. Sure they’re gorgeously rendered, but these paintings’ potential for emotional impact is their greatest strength.

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Rave flyers in the 90’s

B/D Special Post: 90s rave flyers

Like how a lot of things “aren’t they way they used to be” these days, rave culture and visual cues that go along with it, aren’t the way they used to be (there’s a flyer from a more recent event after the jump). A one sentence summary of rave history: In the late 1980s, the word ‘rave’ was adopted to describe the subculture that grew out of the acid house movement. Activities were related to the party atmosphere of Ibiza, a Mediterranean island frequented by British and German youth on vacation.

What I think is awesome is that there are so many varieties of design approaches in these flyers- heavily illustrated, minimal typography, photographical. You can’t even tell that all these served the same purpose, whereas rave flyers today basically all look the same and probably use the same 10 steps in a Photoshop actions bundle (any readers have one?).Because they are minimal, they would have translated well to posters, banners, or even tees. I think the watering down of this scene could be comparable to the punk scene- degraded and chessified in both sound and visual design. I don’t know, this topic is definitely open to discussion- feel free to comment!

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Yinka Shonibare’s Ballerina Goddesses In African Print Tutus

Yinka Shonibare - Sculptures 7Yinka Shonibarembe - Sculptures 12 Yinka Shonibarembe - Sculptures 11

Playing with human size dolls and dressing them up with colorful garments and crazy accessories to contemplate today’s identity is the medium Yinka Shonibare has chosen to express his vision. The mix of Victorian style dresses, tutus and adire; a textile made by Nigerian women creates an intriguing and marvellous symphony, pleasant to the eyes but disturbing for consciousness. ‘You will undergo environmental doom” the graceful and sarcastic Greek gods disguised as ballerinas seem to be announcing. ‘What is my identity?’ seem to be screaming the headless characters.
The dolls represent the rebellion that humans deserve for soiling the planet. It is a charming, fantastical staging operated by Yinka Shonibare to condemn agressive and violent acts with a clear message: he hopes to provoke the “psychic unity of mankind’.

Caught in an unceasing dichotomy: colony and metropolis, white and black, poor and rich, progress and destruction of the earth, traditional and contemporary society are subjects approached by the artist via atypical sculptures.
The subject touches directly Yinka Shonibare who considers himself as a “post-colonial” hybrid. He was born in Nigeria and raised in England, that explains his concern towards colonialism and post-colonialism within the contemporary context of globalisation. He flirts with intense subjects such as money, empire, conflict and environement. He questions the meaning of cultural and national definitions and he asks what constitutes our collective contemporary identity today while condemning the excess of destruction due to the humans excess violence against the Earth.

Yinka Shonibare will be showing his work at the following locations:
Morris-Jumel Mansion in New York until August 2015
Daegu Art Museum in South Korea until October 2015
Contemporary African art Museo Afro in Brazil until September 2015

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Orgy Of The Rich At Sotheby’s

The group Art Against Cuts busted into a recent Sothebys while a Warhol piece was being auctioned with a large banner reading “Orgy Of The Rich” and throwing fake money into the air. the group states that they are “fighting back against the most significant governmental attack on the public sector in living memory. In the arts we are anticipating feeling the full weight of this socially irresponsible policy, especially in terms of funding for arts education. We are in solidarity with the other sectors fighting against the cuts and openly welcome co-ordinated action in creative and innovative ways.”

I think my favorite part about this performance was that so many of the wealthy in the room were actually enjoying the protest and taking photos with their phones. Guess it’s just another great story to tell while out on the yacht over the weekend. Watch the full video after the jump.

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