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Awesome Video Of The Day: Good Man By Raphael Saadiq

Raphael Saadiq”s video for Good man is a great example of how to tell a story through music. So much music these days is just a bunch of nonsense with nothing behind it but Saadiq has hit a home run.I don’t even really like R&B and I love it!

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Painter Jenny Morgan Looks At Life Through Rose-Colored Glasses

morgan paintingmorgan painter first Lollipops were made are not just good to eat they're also interesting to look at. first Lollipops were made are not just good to eat they're also interesting to look at.

Jenny Morgan’s paintings are cool portraits of women (mostly self) and other odd figures that seem to recall kool-aid acid test colors and the feelings that go along with them. They speak to a lighthearted whimsey which looks at the fairer sex through rose colored glasses. The one thing the viewer notices is the positive energy which flows from them. Even though based in true realism Morgan messes the canvas up a bit with her odd use of color in places that might symbolize different feelings and aspects of someone’s personality.
Her titles give hints to some of the narratives. “Venus in Furs” is especially telling. For those who do not know the title is taken from a story about a man so obsessed with a woman that he offers himself up to her as slave. In Morgan’s rendition she incorporates a cat which is a funny metaphor to how most cat owners become willing slaves to their fur ball. In another called “Everything will be Okay” a woman is painted with a skull on top of her head and a tear in her eye. It might explain in a lighthearted way what it means to be able to overcome heartache. The key in Morgan’s case is to use the mind to find clarity over the body or aka emotion.
Morgan was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. She currently holds an mfa from The School of Visual Arts. She has exhibited her work worldwide including group shows at the Smithsonian Portrait Gallery, Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville and Postmasters Gallery in New York.

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Nick Knight’s Melting Floral Photomanipulations

Nick Knight Nick Knight Nick Knight

After spending a few decades shooting high-concept high-fashion spreads for the likes of i-D, Vogue, W Magazine, Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen and Christian Dior,  photographer Nick Knight has recently launched a body of work in London, nearly 10 years in the making. Inspired by paintings from the Baroque period, Knight’s altered large-format photographs of elegant floral arrangements take on a psychedelic, gorgeously twisted liquidity. By exposing the prints to various combinations of heat, chemical and water treatments during the printing process, he’s able to interject each piece with an intriguing, painterly flair.

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Allison L. Wade Turns Her Own Break-Up Text Messages Into Art

Wade - Painting   Wade - PaintingWade - PhotoWade - PaintingWade - Painting

Breaking up is hard to do. And, if executed via text message, it can be even harder.

In her solo exhibition, “It’s Not You,” artist Allison L. Wade explores the proliferating plague of the break-up text. Featuring much-anticipated new additions to her acclaimed series, “Break-Up Texts,” this exhibition once again draws inspiration from the artist’s own love life.

Presented as blocks of text set against painted and photographic backdrops, the text messages featured in “It’s Not You” include those both “sent and received by the artist during dissolving personal relationships.” Citing irony as the basis of her series, Wade’s seemingly arbitrary selection of backdrops—spanning solid, lurid colors, computer-generated gradients, and peculiar images lacking context—emphasize the level of detachment present in the modern-day break-up text.

By pairing emotionally-charged, life-changing words with generic, ambivalent backgrounds, Wade successfully demonstrates the inherent disconnect between break-up texts and the emotions that prompt them.

While some of the text messages featured in “It’s Not You” are bizarrely comical (“Sorry I have been out of touch this week. There was a snow storm and I have been watching movies”), others are undeniably poignant, such as the bleak declaration, “I knew you would do this to me.” Whether silly or sad, it is certain that, as individuals in the 21st Century, there is a break-up text we can all relate to. (via Rick Wester Fine Art)

Check out “It’s Not You” now through January 10, 2015 at New York’s Rick Wester Fine Art!

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Diane Han Illustrates Friendly Fish Taco, Unicorn Flies And Other Funny Creatures

Diane Han

Screen shot 2013-02-27 at 1.30.27 PM


Diane Han is an illustrator and graphic designer originally from Korea, but now living and working in Los Angeles. While diverse, a common thread through Diane’s work is a play on words. Working largely with acrylic on paper, Diane plays with different means of representing animals in order to tell a story that is often critically and socially driven, while still managing to be so approachable and pleasant. I personally love the skunk piece after the jump, talk about a problem-solver.

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I got you something

592_1228156465Arend deGruyter-Helfer gives you a pile of Facebook gifts. Gifs. They’re almost better than a pile of real gifts!

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Yujean Park’s “Every Day Life”


I found Yujean Park’s images on our Creative Pic Pool. Her work caught my eye for their haunting stillness. Many feature tableauxs of seemingly vacant, or recently vacated domestic spaces that seem subtly concerned with their own transience…Even when there is a figure in the frame, they seem ghostlike….or is it just me?

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Andy Ristaino’s Psychedelic Insanity


Andy Ristaino is the lead designer at Adventure Time. His online portfolio is insanity. Yeah, Ristaino’s got the whole psychedelic thing pretty much down. But he’s also doing a lot more. This is what it looks like when you reach a high level within your craft. His blog is worth a click as well. (via)

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