Uplands Gallery, Part 2: Renee So

Bellarmine III, 2010

Bellarmine III, 2010

Welcome to Part 2 of our series on Uplands Gallery of Melbourne, Australia and our spotlight on a few of the artists they exhibit.

Hiroyuki Nakamura

Rock n Roller

Rock n Roller

Japanese-born Hiroyuki Nakamura is a painter of displaced imagery. His paintings are constructs of old-meets-new at the ironic seam where east-meets-west. Although visually, these constructs are voices of the artist’s imagination, he’s managed to capture something very tangible about life in the western desert – a lifestyle where one makes do, where routine is determined by the landscape, and where one makes a life by piecing together the randomness of what one finds, which are often the leftovers of passersby.

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Kandace Wilson: living canvas photography project

Elyse painting Max

Elyse painting Max

I don’t particularly consider myself an artist and certainly not a painter. But last week, I had the opportunity to be both when photographer & fashion designer Kandace Wilson invited me to participate as a collaborator in her ongoing horse painting project. Kandace grew up at the track, always around horses -the  underlying inspiration behind building this body of work. The end products are a portfolio of stellar images of the painted horse, textiles created from the painted imagery, and fashion designs using those textiles. There were a host of constraints and challenges in the process that make the experience one-of-a-kind: time is your biggest challenge as you’re working with a large furry animal that gets bored quickly and requires both entertainment and breaks; the fur, in both color and texture provides a challenging canvas to work on; working on location requires a certain degree of spontaneity and creativity… but beyond the challenges came some sweet and unexpected rewards both in the finished product that begins to take on a living, breathing life of its own, and in the experience of working with this majestic animal. Kandace continues to search for, and looks forward to connecting with willing participants, artists (and horses) of any variety who would be interested in future horse-painting collaborations.

Louisa Chambers

louisa chambers Satellite

Louisa Chambers is an artist with with a penchant for the edges. Her work is quick and toned. It doesn’t hide in its edges, and seems to root for structure. Every piece wants you to know you’re safe, even if you’re surrounded by sharp points. The ideas are there, and their universe is waiting for you.

Jarritos Flavor City Winners!

Paul Naveda

Paul Naveda, 1st Place

Beautiful/Decay was recently asked to judge the Jarritos Flavor City art & design competition. Contestants were asked to creatively interpret the slogan “DRINK OUT LOUD,” and the winners are in! #1 was artist Paul Naveda, above. Check out the rest of the winners after the jump!

Creatures of the Deep

Picture 2

The deep sea has been immersed in total, complete darkness since the dawn of time….shrouded in mystery, blotted in the black of inky…ok, forgive me. Claire Nouvian has just produced a new photographic book called “The Deep: Extraordinary Creatures of the Abyss,” and it kind of blew my mind (hence instigating my attempted, British-accented attempt at a movie narration/poetry.) In crystalline detail, some of the strangest alien sculptures, etheral orbs of light, and mosntrous creatures have been exposed. Seeing as there as some estimated 10-30 million creatures down there we still haven’t discovered, in one of earth’s most plentiful habitats, I can only say…I can’t wait for the future.

Han Bing

han bing theCabbageat_the Mississippi River Bridge2007

Han Bing is an artist living and working in China. Working primarily through photography, with some installation, Bing explores the characteristics of the “modernization” of China. His work is an introduction to the land, the people, and the romanticism of the country. He had previously been featured by us a month or so back in our food art series post by Ms. Makena.

Uplands Gallery, Part 1: Nadine Christensen

Nadine Christensen: Mix Up Table, 2009

Nadine Christensen: Mix Up Table, 2009

We’ve stumbled across Uplands Gallery of Melbourne Australia, a gallery that continually exhibits some noteworthy artists. Since cramming these artists into one post wouldn’t do them justice, B/D is presenting another 3-part series to spotlight the best of Uplands.