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Beautiful/Decay X Royal Talens Part 2- Paint Factory Tour!

We’ve saved the best for last with our last series of photographs from our European travels with the folks at Canson and Royal Talens. Although we went to dozens of galleries, had a private after hours tour of the Louvre, and got to enjoy the beauty of Amsterdam- the best part of our trip was visiting the Royal Talens factory in Apeldoorn. Usually our interactions with art supplies happen in Blick and Utrecht art stores, so being able to see how all those magical art supplies gets made and packaged was a rare treat.

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Dea Lellis

Dea Lellis is an artist from São Paulo, Brazil.  She creates charming illustrations filled with humor and a dash of edge.

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Jillian Dickson’s Meticulous Drawings Fuse Human Organs With Nature

Jillian dickson drawingjillian dickinson drawingjillian dickson drawingjillian dickson drawing

A beautiful drawing lures you in. It enamors and feeds an aesthetic which is similar to falling in love. The senses are heightened and you feel good. It allows you to breath and stop for a moment and reflect. It acts as an aphrodisiac brought on not only by creator but viewer who enables it to live.

Jillian Dickson creates drawings filled with love. After giving birth to her son she reflected on the powerful connection between us and nature. This spawned a series which entwined placentas and umbilical chords with delicate budding flowers, insects and plants. Like the connection between mother and child the parts symbolize our union to every living thing in the world. In a weird way, the drawings recall The Matrix. There’s something deeper to be found behind expertly rendered flowers and parts which cannot be seen but felt.

The floral arrangements in Dickson’s drawings bloom off the page in round shapes resembling mandalas. The ultra detailing giving them not an artificial but almost surreal touch. Done in colored pencil, the fine point and light stroke needed to produce these intriguing pieces of paper preoccupies most of Dickson’s studio practice. They are labor intensive and done with much thought and care. Some past projects have involved two elephants, tumors and plants, hanging bodies and pastel babies. She has exhibited all over the world including The Louvre in Paris for Drawing Now and Manifest Drawing Gallery in Cincinnati, Ohio. She currently lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and works part time at Elon University.

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Malene Hartmann Rasmussen

Recent Royal College of Art graduate Malene Hartmann Rasmussen creates mixed media installations with a focus on ceramics.  The installation above titled ” If I Had A Heart I Could Love You” was created for the RCA 2011 Show.

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Clemens Behr’s Massive Geometric sculptures

German artist Clemens Behr puts his everywhere. Whether it’s illegally installed on the streets, painted on the facade of a apartment complex, or hanging in a gallery his geometric assemblage works bring together a mix of cardboard, wood, metal, and paint to create images that effortlessly move between abstraction and representation.

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The Neon Pottery Prints of Rand Renfrow

San Marcos, Texas based Rand Renfrow’s work is a meticulous pile of dime store pottery, discarded cacti, and salvaged neon navajo patterned furniture.

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Jon Pyzel- The Art Of Hand-Shaped SurfBoards

jon pyzel surf boardsJonPyzel surfboards

Jon Pyzel has been part of the surfing community for as long as he can remember, growing up surfing from a young age in the historic surfing town of Santa Barbara, CA. After traveling around surfing and competing, Jon realized that he needed to surf better waves in warmer water, making a permanent move to an even bigger surfing location, the North Shore of Oahu. Getting his start fixing surfboards in a factory, Jon quickly learned the ins and outs of the business working his way up from fixing basic dings on boards to working under some of the best shapers and glassers in the industry.

Finally setting off on his own, Pyzel has become one of the most sought after board shapers for weekend warriors as well as pro surfers from around the world. Shaping each board from scratch, Pyzel knows every curve, bend, and turn on the masterfully crafted boards that he builds.

In the age of mass manufacturing Jon Pyzel has had the conscious decision to take things back to the basics with his world class hand-shaped surfboards. The result is master craftsmanship and attention to detail that only decades of experience and a steady hand can provide.

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