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Debbie Tea

Debbie Tea_01 Indonesia based artist Debbie Tea was a multi-media student, but she now chooses to express herself primarily through her camera. Her photographs, many of which she presents in series, are observations of a peculiar sort. She pulls together that which tends to reamain separate, and displays her subjects by playing with their absence.

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15 Days To Submit Art To Future Perfect!


The Future is still unwritten! This is a reminder to everyone who has yet to submit to the Future Perfect project deadline that there are only 15 days until the deadline. You cannot fight the future so be embrace your destiny and submit your work before the March 29th deadline to have your art featured in Beautiful/Decay Book 6!

Create your vision for a better tomorrow and get featured in Beautiful/Decay book 6.

We want to see the world you want to live in, your Future Perfect. Submit your work of art based on the Future Perfect theme; you are free to use any medium and interpret the theme as you see fit. On March 29th we will pick one lucky person from the submissions who will get a package of Beautiful/Decay goods valued at $300 and a 10-15 page interview in Beautiful/Decay book 6! Up to 70 additional future perfect submissions will also be selected and published.

Share your vision, plan a better tomorrow and join Beautiful/Decay to create a Future Perfect.

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Niall McClelland’s Tie Die Ink Cartridge Paintings


Gorgeous tie dye paintings by Niall McClelland created by leaking printer ink cartridges on folded paper.


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Enrico Ferrarini’s Takes Traditional Sculpture To Its Digital Conclusion

tumblr_n4uw2huyv01r0i205o1_1280 tumblr_n4uw2huyv01r0i205o7_1280 tumblr_n4uw2huyv01r0i205o8_1280

Italian artist Enrico Ferrarini builds upon the famous art history of his country, quite literally,  in his unique style which takes traditional sculpture to its digital conclusion. By carving and casting sculptures and then creating multiples of them, Ferrrani combined them, bring a glitched, modernly repetitive styling to time-honored sculpting methods.

The Moderna, Italy-born artist has studied at the Florence Academy of Fine Arts (where some of the most famous sculptures of all time, including Donatello and Michelangelo’s Davids reside), and employs methods of sculpture which are not typically learned by today’s artists. Perhaps that is why his work has a deeper resonance; employing the methods of the past to work with the styling of today. (via myampgoesto11)

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Laura Makabresku’s Ethereal Photographs Explore The Tragedy And Beauty Of Fairy Tales

Laura Makabresku - Photography Laura Makabresku - Photography Laura Makabresku - Photography tumblr_nphiyiPimT1qbloa9o1_1280

Laura Makabresku is a Polish photographer and visual artist who creates atmospheric images that harness the tragedy and beauty of myths and fairy tales. The photos featured here are from Laura’s more recent posts on her blog. Brimming with a romantic darkness, the images include a pale woman lying in a “garden of wounds,” engaged in a subtly violent and erotic ritual with the flowers and a sharp blade. Set against her white dress, the flower petals resemble blood, turning the woman into a mythical — almost sacrificial — figure. Death blends with beauty in a quiet dream.

In another series, the mythos surrounding death becomes darker: in a dingy room filtered with a hellish green moonlight, a cloaked figure stands in a boat overlooking a nude woman. In some scenes the woman is struggling to escape; in others, she is lying prone, pinned by the boatman’s paddle or with coins resting on her mouth, suggesting the River of Styx — the coin shall pay her entrance into the underworld. Elsewhere are images of women communing in different ways with taxidermied animals such as deer, birds, and foxes. These animals emanate with a sense of attentive care over the women they are protecting — but of course, they are dead, troubling us with their simultaneous beauty and artificiality. Speaking of how her works seek to explore fairy tale imagery by highlighting traces of pain and horror, Laura writes:

“My [photographs] are like screenshots from beautiful but cruel fairy tales. Their narrations are not straight. Images that appear are more like feelings that come during a lecture of an old folk-based story – full of witchcrafts and retributions. The structure of my works is similar to the structure of a dream where natural tendencies of collecting and organizing impulses and motivations coincide with irrational clashes of objects and feelings. Isolation and wounds are closed into patterns, uneasy and artificial orders – visual spells created in order to divide beastliness from humanity and dreams from horror.” (Source)

Poetic, grim, and beautiful, Laura’s photographs are truly spellbinding on several emotional levels. Be sure to follow her blog, Tumblr, and Facebook to see what evocative and dream-like images she composes for us next. (Via Art Fucks Me)

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Dreams Within Dreams: Elisa Imperi’s Photographs Are Beautiful Worlds Within Themselves

 Elisa Imperi - photography  Elisa Imperi - photography  Elisa Imperi - photography  Elisa Imperi - photography

Photographer Elisa Imperi is a poet who uses her camera to record her prose. She has a sensitive eye for light and shadows, and captures moments of serenity and melancholia. Her work usually features long corridors, empty rooms, dark doorways, dirty floors, broken windows and beautiful girls. Like some twisted fairytale, Imperi’s images are a little bit creepy, full of strange happenings and sad characters that seem to be down on their luck.

Shot in ruins and abandoned buildings, Imperi’s pictures look as if the girl down the street has run away from home and found themselves somewhere undesirable. Based in Italy, she also gets the chance to shoot in lavish apartments, even castles. Recently completing a photoshoot for Vogue Italy, her ethereal style compliments the magazine. Beautiful white dresses lie sprawled out over old branches and piles of dust in forgotten mansions.

If you are like are us and are captivated by Imperi’s haunting photos, then be sure to check out more of her work here, here and here.

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Mike Kershnar

Just came across some really inspiring work by California’s own Mike Kershnar. Not only does this guy create some of the most original skateboard graphics around, he is also seriously committed to doing good in the community through the organization Elemental Awareness that he helped co-found. The non-profit’s mission is to “educate and inspire young people to develop self-esteem, social and environmental awareness and the tools to lead successful lives. Elemental Awareness is founded upon the belief that a person can positively impact their world through an active involvement in their passions.”

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Klara Kristalova

Czech born artist Klara Kristalova’s intimate figurative sculptures in ceramic, plaster, and bronze tell allegorical stories that reference fairytales and folklore with a humorous twist.

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