William Irving Singer


William Irving Singer, based in Detroit, draws his biggest creative influences from the historical architecture around him. His work approaches classical painting and portraiture with vibrant color choices and vigorous brushwork.

Beautiful/Decay Presents…5 Reasons to Subscribe


The last reason in our hand-painted, illustrated subscribe series by C.W. Moss is….because you will find a magical map that shows you where the Fountain of Youth is. You can take this at face value, or interpret this as a metaphor for the sheer potential for discovery, exploration, and the limitlessly unbounded power of contempotary art! Subscribe to Beautiful/Decay today!

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Bjorn Copeland

Bjorn Copeland

Bjorn Copeland mashes up neon colors, geometric patterns, and disparate collaged elements into one big distorted reality. This Brooklyn based artist also makes up one third of the experimental rock group Black Dice, and creates all the bands posters, artwork and t-shirts. Sound a little bit like to me like a similar path that this other guy Raymond Pettibon took all the way to the top. Keep up the good work Bjorn!

Amy Gartrell

Amy Gartrell

Radical ceramics, paintings and drawings by the talented Amy Gartrell. Do these images make anyone else think of 80′s super fresh flavor, complete with the crazy squiggly lines? Her show “Whatever and Ever” is on view at Daniel Reich Gallery in NYC until June 26th, so go check it out!

Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell

Scott Campbell is quickly becoming a popular name in the downtown NYC art scene. Already a world-renowned tattoo artist, Campbell also dabbles in the world of fine arts, making a variety of works including his signature stacks of laser-cut currency. His recent show “If You Don’t Belong, Don’t Be Long” at OH WOW gallery in NYC had its detractors, but that didn’t stop it from being a huge success. Following in the footsteps of Mike Giant, Dr. Lakra, and Sailor Jerry, Campbell might just be on his way towards a bright and productive career.

Phillip Fivel Nessen


Based in Brooklyn, Phillip Fivel Nessen is the major creative force behind Sparrow V. Swallow design studio, as well as a prominent contributer to our very own B/D Flickr pool! An homage to construction paper, Nessen’s clean line work and often muted color palette suggest a simpler time: a time when men were men. Carmelized onions? No thank you, I’ll be having rattlesnake on my hotdog.

Behind-the-Scenes with “Art Works Every Time” Artist: Brian Willmont

above: Brian Willmont's Studio; below: "Long Gone" 2009

above: Brian Willmonts Studio, below: "Long Gone" 2009

Today’s Art Works Every Time interview is with Brian Willmont. His vibrant colors and energetic compositions command attention like a shot of tequila in the fluorescent glow of a Vegas dive bar. Read on to see more of Brian’s South West inspired “Clint Eastwood fever dream” works. Also, with just one week left to go before our exhibition, stay tuned for a new artist interview every day, starting Monday!

Andrea Berretta


Andrea Berretta’s design work is just so happy. Even the weird serpent/monster creatures look like something I would want to play charades with. His energetic, hand-drawn type gives his work an inviting atmosphere. Like, after seeing this, I’m totally ready for happy hour.