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592_1228156465Arend deGruyter-Helfer gives you a pile of Facebook gifts. Gifs. They’re almost better than a pile of real gifts!

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Street Artist INSA’s Animated Graffiti Gifs

insa insa insagif7 insagif3

Street artist INSA paints graffiti murals that he then turns into gifs – called “gif-itis” – by photographing multiple frames of a mural he paints several times, then combining the successive images to create animated gifs. Animating these street murals allows for a viewer to engage with the street artist’s work without leaving their home. The murals exist in the real world as a static image, but when combined with technology, they become a moving image only accessible in the virtual world.

In 2013, INSA traveled to Kubuneh Village in Gambia to paint murals on local structures for the Wide Open Walls Project. He completed his most recent piece (the revolving skulls and hearts at the beginning of this post) a few weeks ago after spending 2 days painting 8 layers of the mural.

You can watch a video of the making of one of his gif murals here. (via don’t panic)

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Richard Burbridge’s Fashioned Creepy

Richard Burbridge takes fashion photos that are creepy and amusing all at the same time.  Check it out!

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Too Many Mountains

Too Many Mountains is brought to you by our friends at Dailyserving, where critic Catherine Wagley discusses the work of Joel Kyak currently on display at Francois Ghebaly Gallery in Los Angeles, CA.

As a kid, I lived in a Seattle suburb for a year. We could see Mt. Baker out the living room window – the whole, majestic mountain was right there, nearly always in plain view. Before that, my family had lived in Chicago and Minneapolis, where there are hills and “bluffs” but no real mountains. When I told the other kids this, that I’d come from a place without mountains, most thought I was pulling one over. I remember, when the dad of one disbelieving six-year-old got transferred to  Minnesota, thinking, “now he’ll see.”

Probably, I’d seen mountains in picture books before I had Mt. Baker constantly in my line of site, but even if I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have doubted the existence mountains. But I guess  it’s easier to believe in what you haven’t seen than to believe that, somewhere else, what you have seen doesn’t exist.

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Miwa Matreyek

Los Angeles-based animator Miwa Matreyek completed the above film, entitled “Dreaming of Lucid Living,” as her thesis in the CalArts Experimental Animation program. I am completely blown away by it. I’m not entirely sure how it was made, but it seems to combine live performance with both pre-made animations as well as semi-autonomous, rule based animations that update based on what a camera is seeing. The result is unlike anything I’ve seen before, completely living up to the “experimental” aspect of the program.

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A Day In Decay: Chinatown & Jeremy Mora Studio

Jeremy Mora Sculpture

A few weeks back I headed over to Chinatown to visit Jeremy Mora‘s studio. You may know Jeremy from POVevolving gallery, but he also makes some great sculptures. Before we pop in on Jeremy’s studio, let’s check out some vintage signs down Chung King road.

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Is Social Media a Useful Marketing Tool for Artists?

"instagram logo copyright free Virginia S" (CC BY 2.0) by vastateparksstaff

“instagram logo copyright free Virginia S” (CC BY 2.0) by vastateparksstaff

What is art? Well, if Edgar Degas was right and art “is not what you see” but “what you make others see”, then art can be anything. However, what if the vision someone else has isn’t quite what you expected? And what if this vision is bound by a ton of T&Cs? This kind of issue has become prominent since visual material has taken over social media.

When Instagram first launched in 2010 it was a social network where users could share their personal pictures. Since then, it has grown and evolved into a platform where businesses, social influencers and even artists can showcase their work.

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Rob Wakshinski

RobWakshinsky-drooloctodudesRob Wakshinski draws strange characters that make me smile.  Intricate linework and fun concepts, check out his website for more.

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