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Mathu Andersen’s Unreal Androgynous Instagram Selfie Transformations

rupauls makeup artist rupauls drag race makeup androgynous makeup

skeleton makeup

Mathu Andersen, creative producer on RuPaul’s Drag Race, creative director on Drag U, and RuPaul’s personal hair and makeup artist, crafts intricate selfies for his personal instagram account.

With his talents on board, he make himself up to portray diverse whimsical androgynous personas that comment on gender aesthetics.

Andersen was recently recognized on Instagram’s very own account for his skeletal Halloween look, gaining the photo almost 500,00 and Andersen a ton of new followers.

“…I like being that special thing that people can stumble upon and perhaps even get excited enough to share with others and I like to be left to my own devices and whimsy.”

His portraits are inspirational pieces of art that influence new make-up techniques in runways and up-scale fashion photo-shoots.

Follow Mathu on instagram at (@mathu7).

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Idyllic-Looking Landscapes Are Actually Underwater Aquascaping


After the Rain in Mountain, Katsuki Tanaka


Whisper of the Pines, Serkan Cetinkol


Wild West, Stjepan Erdeljić


Forest Scent, Pavel Bautin

Looking at these landscapes, you’d never believe that they were underwater. The incredible fishtanks are entries from the obscure Japanese-based  International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest, the largest of its kind. Tiny worlds are meticulously assembled over the course of months or even years. This is not a cheap hobby; fragile aquascaping layouts like these are expensive to grow and maintain.

Considering how grandiose these tanks are, it’s no surprise to learn that the fish are not the primary concern. They aren’t included in many aquariums, although you can spot some of them in these photographs.

Competitors need to be skilled in more than just aqua construction to do well. They need to be experts in areas including biology, design, and photography. The best fishtanks are a combination of complex landscape arrangements and healthy yet unusual-looking greens. These aquatic layouts are escapist, in a way. For a moment, we forget what we’re looking at and that it’s underwater. Instead, its unusual miniature features make us feel like we’re an omnipotent giant that could destroy these worlds at any time. (Via 22 Words)

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Beautiful/Decay Book 5 Sneak Peak- Part 4!

We’re only a week or so away from getting Beautiful/Decay Book 5 in your hands. With the book already 80% sold out make sure to subscribe right now to reserve one of the 1,000 copies that we’ve printed and save 33% off the cover price!

This week is also our last week for our cover puzzle contest. All you have to do is be the first person to piece together the cover of the Book:5 and email the completed image to First person to send in the completed cover will get a free copy of Book: 5! be sure to check out the B/D blog for the previous missing pieces.


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Matt Nichols: Objectified

Artist Matt Nichols takes craftsmanship to a new level by pairing bold symbols with an acute sensibility for surface material.  While stunning as photos, the work is best experienced in person.  Physically interacting with these sculptures definitely forced me to reevaluate the relationship I had to the familiar iconography he often uses as a point of entry for the viewer.  Nichols comes from a serious design back ground, being largely responsible for much of the visual branding associated with the clothing company Neff.  While most would remain comfortable in that roll – he needed to push things further by shifting his focus towards a more physical realm.  With the closing of an exhibition at Hungryman Gallery just behind him, new work is already on the way.  Having recently returned to the Los Angeles area you can expect to see his name popping up in galleries across the SoCal area in the very near future.

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A Day In Decay: Merry Christmas <3 Beautiful/Decay

Time to rock out in classic holiday style.

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Marci Macguffie’s Wall Works

Marci Macguffie’s work ride the line between relief sculptures and wall paintings. My favorite works are her When Animals Attack series (pictured above) which have a great playful nature to them while dealing with issues of space and abstraction.

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Pigeons Dyed Various Bright Colors and Set to Roam Freely at the Venice Biennale

“Some Pigeons are More Equal than Others” is a collaborative project from Berlin artists Julian Charriere (recent graduate of UDK in Berlin) and Julius von Bismarck (not-so-recent graduate of UDK in Berlin). The goal of the “Some Pigeons” project was to spray 35 pigeons with colorful dye using a “pigeon apparatus” that would not harm the birds. Well, they’ve accomplished their goal, and they’ve released a batch of unequal pigeons into various plazas in Copenhagen and, now, surrounding the current Venice Biennale. The pigeons almost look like rare, tropical birds, a nice switch-up from the usual. Check out more shots of the birds in action, below. (via)

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Sponsored Video: Foot Locker’s DJ & Mix With Your Feet



DJs have always set the tone for what happens on the dance for but in Foot Locker’s new project the dancers set the beat. Like something out of Michael Jackson’s Billy Jean, the turntable is now a dance floor. Working with one of the world’s leading installation artists Footlocker created a live action mixing deck where dancers can use their feet to create music. Using beats and fx sounds dancers reverse engineer the music with their bodies and their sneakers. The result is an imaginative and fun video that brings together marries motion and music of music with everyone’s favorite clothing item, the sneaker.

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