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Illustrators who have dabbled in graffiti at some point in there career always have a lil extra something in their work and Phomer is no exception. From employing various types of printing services to applying paint straight to wall, Phomer’s  mix of word play, iconic color schemes, and beautiful hand drawn typography has something for everyone.

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Gingerbread Architecture- Iconic Museums Meticulously Created Out Of Candy

gingerbread architecture


gingerbread museum

Photographer Henry Hargreaves and food stylist Caitlin Levin have joined forces to bring you the tastiest architectural photo series on earth! Focusing on iconic museums and institutions from around the world the duo has painstakingly recreated every little detail out of licorice, gummy bears, chocolates, bubblegum and of course gingerbread! Museums such as the Guggenheim in New York City and the Louvre in Paris are transformed into tasty morsels of architecture by Levin and then dramatically shot by Hargreaves. The result is a delicious treat that will satisfy your artsy academic side as well as your belly!

Hargreaves and Levin will be exhibiting this series during Miami Basel at Dylan’s Candy Bar. Go see them in person and have some candy for us! (via design boom)

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Alex Wein


Alex Wein is a 19 year old photographer in the BFA Photo program at Maryland College of Art. He seems to have a background in skateboarding, having already been published in mainstream skate magazines (Transworld, Thrasher, etc.), though a great deal of his work, much of which is black and white, has little to do with skating. He particularly excels at portraits.

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Daniel Gordon’s Colorful And Complex Paper Art Is No Ordinary Origami

Daniel Gordon - photograph

Daniel Gordon - photograph

Daniel Gordon - photograph

Daniel Gordon - photograph

The visual world of Daniel Gordon is complex, colorful, wondrous, and invigorating. He creates rich modern interpretations of still life and portrait oil paintings. Inspired by Matisse and Fauvism, and using modern day technology, he takes compelling photographs of 2D and 3D objects. His practice involves multiple steps to reach these bizarre final images. First he sources different images from the internet, prints them out, rebuilds the object from 2D sheets of paper, crumpling and shaping them to resemble the original object, then finally photographs them using a 8×10-inch view camera. After the scene has been documented, Gordon dismantles the different images and patterned pieces, to use at a later date. His latest show Shadows, Patterns, Pears shows his familiarity with appropriation, reusing and contextualizing images with ease.

He builds compositions from fragmented patterns, colors, perspectives, histories and narratives, resulting in some strange surreal reality. He layers up repeating shapes and silhouettes, creating some sort of modern take on Cubism. Described as a kind of analog Photoshop, Gordon’s work is as equally confusing as it is delightful. Reworking something familiar such as nectarines, oranges, lemons, he turns them into an optical illusion of light where dark should be, shadows on the wrong side of the object, the fruit half blue and half red. He transforms a mundane apple into one from a Dr Seuss land – crumpled, purple, with two stalks.

Calling his work “Screen Selections”, Gordon is alluding to a time of visual over-stimulation in the age of the Internet. Reveling in working with materials so palpable and tactile, Gordon says:

“I’m interested in showing my hand and letting people see the imperfection. “(Source)

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Super Intern Julie Yeo Passes Cult Initiation!

Julie's Last Day!
It’s that time again folks. Super intern Julie Yeo graduates from the B/D Cult University and goes off into the real world. Join me in thanking Julie for all the hard work around the office, the non-stop blogging, and the daily post office runs. We never did make her scrub the floors, get us coffee, or give back rubs to the various artists that drop by our space but hey we got a whole new batch of interns coming that can pick up on the slack. When Julie’s not busy prowling the streets at night eating brains she’s busy with her illustration and design. So make sure and stop by her site and see what she’s up to. Bust of luck Julie!

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11-Year-Old Prodigy Draws Astounding Natural Scenes





In his first eleven years of life, the Serbian artist Dušan Krtolica has already exhibited his drawings at two nation-wide solo shows. He began his drawing career at two-years-old, displaying an astounding visual ability; since then, the prodigy has focussed his efforts on depicting wildlife and natural worlds, both existing and extinct. As with the notebooks of Renaissance master Leonardo da Vinci, Krtolica’s pages are filled to their edges with rich anatomical and zoological studies. Though passionate about drawing, the fifth-grader hopes someday to pursue his passion for animals by becoming a zoologist.

Krtolica’s drawings magically marry a childlike sense of wonder with a more seasoned visual precision; though startlingly detailed and studiously seen, his work maintains a frenetic and unabashed curiosity. His ocean floors and vast jungles are seemingly blessed with creatures of different periods, as if more mature and evolved animals could intermingle with primordial beasts. The bodies of animals overlap in the midst of a wonderful chaos, and an armed knight is envisioned with the same degree of specificity as a tiny beetle.

Though powerfully scientific and unfalteringly observant, Krtolica’s images contain within their borders an ineffable quality of life and vitality, as seen through the rubbing of hybrid wings, the weaving of a spider web. The artist possesses both the awe-filled eye of a child and the technical ability to render his imaginings on paper, and that is a truly magical combination indeed. Take a look. (via Demilked)

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Justin Bower’s Fractured Glitch Portraiture

glitch portrait fractured portrait

digital portrait


Los Angeles-based painter Justin Bower makes portraiture a glitched metaphor, literally and figuratively, to the present and future of a combined human and computer existence. Bower “…paints his subjects as de-stabilized, fractured post-humans in a nexus of interlocking spatial systems. His paintings problematize how we define ourselves in this digital and virtual age while suggesting the impossibility of grasping such a slippery notion.”

Absorbing different movements and styles (visually one could see a connection to the paintings of Francis Bacon, Jenny Saville, Op Art, as well as early 90’s Cyberpunk and post-Millenium Glitch aesthetics), Bower creates large-scale works that seem almost pained, frustrated or weariness, but with a computer-like void of any tangible, specific emotion. This is balanced delicately by the controlled, digital-referencing malfunctioned backgrounds, combined with loose, painterly brush work, affirming the power and communicability of the paint medium.

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Deni Dessastra recently won Beautiful/Decay Apparel’s t-shirt design competition. Dessastra hails from Jakarta, Indonesia and is a self-taught designer. We loved his fleur-de-lis embellished all-seeing eye erupting a cacophany of spirit animals, rainbow lightshows and visions! This shirt is limited edition and printed on a one-time only run- so pick yours up before it sells out!

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