Rachel Niffenegger & John Parot @ Western Exhibitions

Rachel Niffenegger

Rachel Niffenegger

John Parot, who was featured in our B/D Book 3, and Rachel Niffenegger currently have exhibitions up at Chicago gallery Western Exhibitions./(which, coincidentally enough, also stocks B/D Book 3!) John Parot, with his exhibition “Hobbies,” continues his poetic musings on gay urban living, and focuses in on internet dating to reflect how identity, meaning and love are constructed under the auspices of Web 2.0′s arrow. A multi-hued pie chart displays Facebook-esque likes and dislikes: “hot fudge sundae,” “enough with the man-scarves,” and “no beige!”

Rachel Niffenegger, in Gallery 2, creates sculptures and ephemeral-washed paintings dealing with the grotesque nature of the human body, executed with a hauntingly beautiful hand. Drawing its title from an ancient epitaph, “As you pass by and cast an eye as you are now so once was I,” the exhibition seems to conjure the ghostly spirits from beyond the gravestone she references.

Dale Edwin Murray


Dale Edwin Murray is both a designer & and illustrator, and apparantly a good fellow to know if you’re in the market for an original, playful t-shirt design. (P.S. Anyone want to play “spot the banana”?)

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Katrin Hagen

brian Berlin based Illustrator Katrin Hagen has a healthy sense of humor & she shares that with us through her illustrations. Uncluttered, witty, honest, and a few simply brilliant!

Maxim Zhestkov

Video and sound artist Maxim Zhestkov presents his latest short film titled Recursion, reminiscent of 1960′s sci-fi both in content and in style – I’m diggin’ it!

Collages By Ryan Swanson

ryan swanson even condos can crumbleRyan Swanson digitally manipulates images to create neon-techno-funky-retro-futuristic collages.  If you enjoy juxtaposition, take a look at his work.

Ben Grasso

proposal_6Ben Grasso is wired for telekinesis.  Before painting he warms up, surrounded by mystic runes and burning incense, by bending spoons with his mind.  Just kidding, but that is what I want to believe.  His paintings are filled with magical forces; it’s to do with buildings and de/construction, but there are other characters – namely beer cans, explosions, and scarecrows.  It’s entertaining to be presented with something walking the fine line between real and totally illusory, Grasso is making work in that sweet spot.

Photographer Tim Navis

tim navis crystal2small_905Tim Navis is a talented photographer and a self-proclaimed ‘professional awesometeer’.  Beautiful models and gorgeous landscapes are the main subjects of his imagery.  Life must be pretty fun when you’re surrounded by beauty and spend your time professionally awesometizing.

Illustrator John Dombrowski

johnnydombrowskinaturallyviolentJohn Dombrowski has a sharp style that slices through your retina.  I could definitely envision his aesthetic fitting well in a graphic novel.