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Interview: James Quigley

James Quigley aka Gunsho

James Quigley, aka Gunsho, is a new breed of occult warrior attempting to restore the grandeur of epic mythology back into the awesome realms of the unreal. Paying homage to legends and ideas whispered down through alchemical charts and ancient texts, Gunsho materializes his vision of the other side. Many of his works tap into supernatural themes, from demonology and the Goetia to the black arts. Gunsho—first seen as a sign in the waking world, and later materialized in a dream, epitomizes his unique aesthetic, that plants one foot on the ground and a third eye gazing firmly at the stratosphere beyond. Gunsho recently created the shirt design “Chomp” for Beautiful/Decay Apparel.

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Half Humans, Half Animals. The Creations Of Crystal Morey Act Like Talismans That Connects Us To Nature

Crystal Morey - Sculptures 10_565x753 Crystal Morey - Sculptures 8_565x753 Crystal Morey - Sculptures 7_565x753 Crystal Morey - Sculptures 4_565x753

Tiny humans wearing animal heads. Crystal Morey creates porcelain sculptures to represent her personal connection to nature. The little characters, part of her ‘At the Edge of Time’ new series are full of meaning and power. The artist envisions them as talismans meant to deliver a message and protect their owners.

Each naked human body has its top part covered with an animal head; an eagle, a bear or a deer. The texture of the skin, the eyes, the teeth are intricately depicted. The sculptures are left white, a color associated with fragility and purity. And their height doesn’t exceed a few inches, which emphasizes their dainty and frail look.

Crystal Morey symbolizes nature and the role the environment has on humanity. The humans forced to live with an animal appearance unveil the deep and dark feeling of being trapped. A sentiment the artist is experiencing while watching human kind forcing its destiny on nature.
Questioning this relationship is the purpose of Crystal Morey’s art work. She wishes that the viewer will come across the sculptures and take the initiative to contemplate the world they are living in. And hopefully reconsider their role within this planet or envision new perspectives on how to create a better place for both species. (Via Hi Fructose)

Crystal Morey’s ‘At the Edge of Time’ series will be displayed at the Antler Gallery in Portland until December 31st 2015.

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“Post – Interesting Paintings”

Chris Millar’s paintings are an interesting mix between R. Crumb, Robert Williams, and your grandmothers nick nack collection. His work is dense with stories, vignettes, and bizarre scenes that wil l keep you staring at one piece for hours before walking off to the next. Take a look at his website by clicking the title link above for more examples of his bizarre world.

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Peter Adamyan’s Comic Relief

It seems that Peter Adamyan’s shaped paintings are equal part CNN & Cartoon Network, seamlessly blending social commentary with your favorite pop culture  references. My favorites include “Popein Ain’t Easy” and ” The Creationists” both featured after the jump!

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Christophe Avella-Bagur- Clown Oil Paintings

Christophe Avella-Bagur hails from France and his almost unsettling oil paintings of clowns caught our attention.  But who doesn’t love naked zombie clowns?

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Ellie Coates’ Drawings of Myths, Folklore, and the Renaissance

Through the work of Ellie Coates the viewer is invited into the timeless world of story telling. Combining inspiration drawn from myths, folklore and Renaissance painting she creates the props with which to encourage the imagination of the viewer to weave the narrative. Through the well-known Greek Myth of Medusa the Gorgon Queen Ellie explores and adapts both the anatomy of this formidable character and that of the story surrounding her.

The work deals with entrapment, the female role in storytelling and the close relationship between the beast and the human. Whilst Ellie’s work addresses themes of entrapment it in turn provides the tools for escapism. The otherworldly and uncanny feel is made even more mysterious and mythical through her drawing and making process. The surface of the paper is laboriously prepared with layer upon layer of rabbit skin glue and gesso before graphite is applied with meticulous mark making to give an ethereal and luminescent quality.

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La Planète Sauvage


First saw this being projected on the walls when So Many Wizards played at the Tangiers. Maybe it was something about the lighting and the music, or something, that left a big impression on me.

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Stephen Wiltshire

Stephen Wiltshire is an artist who draws extremely lifelike, accurate and detailed cityscapes. If that wasn’t hard enough, he does it strictly by memory, sometimes after having only observed the cityscape very briefly. Last year he made an 18 foot long drawing of the entire New York skyline after he spent just 20 minutes in a helicopter overhead. He’s also made panoramas of Rome, Tokyo, Dubai, London, and a bunch of other major cities around the world. This guy’s work is extraordinary in every sense of the word – go to his site and read about his childhood, it’s a crazy/inspiring story!

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