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Quiet Ensemble Creates An Orchestra That Plays The Sound Of Light

quiet4enlightenment-1 quiet3

Italian sound designers Fabio Di Salvo and Bernardo Vercelli, together known as Quiet Ensemble, create work that features insignificant sounds that we wouldn’t give a second thought to. They focus their energies on the “greatness of small events,” and the subject of their most recent project is a lamp. Specifically, lamps used to produce a musical event. Titled The Enlightenment, the duo calls this performance a “hidden concert of pure light” that uses a bevy of different lighting elements like stage lights and high-powered bulbs. “Instead of violins are neon lights, to replace drums are strobe lights and instead of clarinets we will see theatrical headlights illuminating the audience,” they explain in the video’s description.

The Enlightenment was performed in October for Bologna’s Robot Festival, where it included 96 lamps. Each was fitted with its own copper coil that received various electric currents set at specific intervals, as well as a sensor. This produced an electromagnetic field that was captured and turned into sounds. Salvo and Vercelli accompanied the buzzes by modifying and amplifying each lamp’s electric output in real time. The result is a clash of blues, greens, and yellow flashes with the poetics of a familiar buzz. (Via The Creators Project)

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Documentary Watch: Black Gold

I’ve never been a big coffee drinker (chocolate soy milk is my beverage of choice for me) but Black Gold had me wanting to kick down the doors to my local coffee shop and spray paint “Fair Trade Now” all over the walls. Black Gold documents one mans efforts at bringing fair pricing to the coffee farmers of Ethiopia who make less than a dollar a day growing al that delicious coffee that we pay $5 a cup for. It’s depressing to know that the farmers of one of the worlds most popular drinks are literally starving to death and can’t afford the basic necessities that we take for granted like shelter, water, and education.

Watch this documentary, only buy fair trade, and demand that your local coffee shop only support coffee brands that pay a fair wage.

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Hannah Waldron’s Lively Geometric Weavings

UK based artist Hannah Waldron began weaving in 2010. Since then she has produced a series of spirited abstractions that explore form and shape. Like maps to a quirky fantasy land a la Richard Scarry her work offers the glimpse of a joyous world populated by line and color. Her long compositions reach across the wall and sometimes barely touch the floor below. Other times her finished work is displayed within the loom as a way to bestow insight on the artform. (via)

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Franco Recchia’s Urban Skyline Sculpture Made from Recycled Computer Parts


Really cool cityscape sculptures created from recycled computer parts by Italian artist Franco Recchia. The cold mechanics of the dead computer hardware bring a strange quality to the works. And the claustrophobic elements of urban life are nicely captured in how compact each piece is. The sculptures give off a haulted vibe- it’s as if someone pulled the plug out of life itself and all that’s left is a series of plastic, green shells. See more from the series after the jump. (via)

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Julia Peirone Photographs Teenagers Awkwardly In Mid-Sentence

julia_peirone7 julia_peirone1 julia_peirone4 julia_peirone5If you’ve ever paused a movie when a character is in mid sentence, you’ve probably encountered some unflattering-looking pauses. Photographer Julia Peirone‘s series More Than Violet is comprised of these moments. Young female subjects are caught rolling their eyes, twirling their hair, and playing with their jewelry, all with faces contorted in conversation.  The images are simultaneously awkward and amusing as we see teenage girls acting in a stereotypical fashion.

To achieve these small moments, Peirone shot hundreds of frames and selected ones that signify a not-a-child but not-a-woman moment. Their clothing, hairstyles, and colorful choice in makeup show their youth. It’s also their mannerisms that give their age away, where they are trying to act confident but are still in the dreaded teenager phase where you look younger than you mentally feel.

More Than Violet is a revealing series of portraiture that captures the uncertainty and uncomfortableness of being looked at and getting your picture taken. Considering that we are so defined by our peer group, these photos offer a truthful look at how we navigate between trying to find our true selves and the self that is “cool.” (Via Feature Shoot)

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John William Keedy’s Anxiety-Themed Photo Series

KeedyPhotography4 KeedyPhotography3 KeedyPhotography10

“It’s Hardly Noticeable explores the world of a character who navigates living with an unspecified anxiety-based mental illness. He negotiates situations constructed to highlight the impacts and implications of his differences on his thoughts and behaviors, and by doing so raises question of normalcy. Through constructed tableaus and metaphorical still lifes, the series reveals the relationship between reality and perception, and highlights issues of pathology while questioning stereotypes of normalcy.

In 2009 economist Bill Gross used the term New Normal to define the American economic landscape of the very recent past. In ensuing years, the term resonated with culture at large and became an umbrella term for changes in cultural and societal practices, identifying a shift in held notions of what is commonly viewed as acceptable.

These images question the legitimacy of applying the term normal in a societal context by prompting a reconsideration of what, if anything, is normal, or at least what is perceived and labeled as such. Is it possible for a society to have a commonly held idea of what is normal, when few individuals in that society actually meet the criteria for normalcy?” – John William Keedy‘s artist statement for this series.

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Stacey Rozich’s Macabre Folk Tale Paintings

We have featured Stacey Rozich‘s delightfully macabre paintings (here) in the past. She continues to explore various themes with her pattern clad creatures and masked figures. Her work is mostly fantastical although she occasionally delves into the mundane. Her characters can be seen wrecking cars, shooting rifles, playing records, and consuming alcohol. This is a welcome addition to her scenes of magic and mythical beasts in the midst of various adventures.       

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Josh Spear Likes Our New Site!

Our friends over at Josh Spear have just written up a sweet review of our new site! Click the image above for real, (virtual) proof & to see it in all its cyber glory. Thanks Josh Spear & co!

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