Northern Italy Street Art

Got this mini documentary in my inbox today about graffiti artists in Northern Italy. It’s so interesting how graffiti has been morphing, changing and evolving in the last 10 years. I’m not even sure if the name street art or graffiti applies to this. Is it outdoor art, street art, graffiti, illegal brush painting? I’m confused!

Making War


DIY Gallery is pleased to present Making War curated by Los Angeles based Cassandra Simon.

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Ryan Johnson

Ryan Johnson

I came across some delightful sculptures from artist Ryan Johnson that got me pretty excited. I’m very interested by these playful characters, full of dignified humor despite an almost laughably pathetic appearance. These guys remind me a little bit of Ed Kienholz’s work too, which is never a bad thing. Look after the jump for the ones who’ve got their feet stuck in buckets filled with concrete. Hilarious!

Gina Tuzzi

GinaTuzzi-Untitled1Gina Tuzzi lives in Oakland, California and makes awesome paintings.  Check out her site for more as well as below the jump.

Mike Rea


Ambitous artist and force of nature, Mike Rea, never disappoints. Check out these life-size wood sculptures and be impressed.

Nolan Hendrickson

Nolan Hendrickson

Crazy colorful work from NY based artist Nolan Hendrickson. These paintings posses a fantastical dreamlike quality and certainly feel bright and funny, but there is also something sinister that I can’t quite pinpoint. Then again, dreams end up being like that a lot of the time. I do love the idea of a woman with vibrant multi-colored hair, pink eyes, green hands, and blue skin… nothing sinister there, simply genius.

Tanya Johnston

Picture 3 Tanya Johnston is a graphic designer and illustrator whose work explores the realms of reality and the illusion of reality.

Guerrero Gallery


With a fabulous inaugural exhibition under his belt, Andres Guerrero prepares to unleash another round of seriously fly to look at pieces tonight @ Guerrero Gallery! Just look at this handsome lineup he’s assembled; Adam Wallacavage, Albert Reyes, Alexis Mackenzie, Andy Diaz Hope, Brian Cooper, Chris Yormick, Cody Hoyt, Cody Hudson (above), Frohawk Two-Feathers, Greg Lamarche, Jacob Whibley, James Hopkins, James Marshall, Jay Howell, Jon Bocksel, KC Ortiz, Kelsey Brookes, Michael Rea, Michael Swaney, Mike Davis, Ryan Jaenke, Scott Anderson, Ted Pushinsky. Preview images below…..