Exit Through The Gift Shop

Last night I was invited to attend a preview of Exit Through The Gift Shop, the much hyped documentary by the street artist Banksy. By now, you all know that I’m an avid documentary junkie. I’ll watch a documentary about paint drying on a wall if it’s well made. I’ll admit, I went into the screening room expecting to hate it- so was Banksy able to win me over?

Matt Irie

Hot Frost

Matt Irie has been working on this group of highly satisfying paintings which I’d like to share with you. See more after the jump, plus an array of other projects including “Stupid Sculptures” and collaborative works with Dominic Talvacchio.

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Gabe Kelley

GabeKelly2Gabe Kelley photographs life in a documentary snapshot style.  More nice work at his site and after the jump.

Olivia Locher

OliviaLocher1Olivia Locher is 19 year old photographer living in New York City.  Her work is full of dreamy and youthful fantasies.  Check out her website and after the jump for more.

Mark Todd – Power Fury!

MarkTodd-PowerFuryIllustrator Mark Todd has had work in publications like McSweeneys and The New York Times, and is now collaborating with Mishka for a show in New York.  “Power Fury!” opens on April 15th at 350 Broadway in Brooklyn and runs through May 13th.

Julie Mehretu Assistants

This video consists of a series of interviews with Julie Mehretu’s team of assistants.I’m not sure if I’m disgusted or just jealous about the massive space that Mehretu has as a studio. Something about this feels too sterile and emotionless. What do you think?

Rob Wakshinski

RobWakshinsky-drooloctodudesRob Wakshinski draws strange characters that make me smile.  Intricate linework and fun concepts, check out his website for more.

Javier Aguilera

JavierAguilera-FuckinStreetArtistJavier Aguilera resides in Spain and does fun and slightly creepy sculptures of people.  Check out his website for more work.