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Anne Lindberg’s Thread Installations

zip drawing, 2012 and parallel 35, 2012 (installation view). Courtesy of Carrie Secrist Galllery.

spot drawing 06, 2012. Graphite and colored pencil on cotton mat board: 58 x 51 inches. Courtesy of Carrie Secrist Gallery.

It’s entirely possible that Anne Lindberg created a million straight lines for her solo show “sustaining pedal” at Carrie Secrist Gallery. Funny thing is none of those lines – whether drawn or created with thread – ever meet or intersect one another.

Lindberg’s process-intensive pieces are minor monuments to control, elegance, and more than a little patience on the part of their creator. The finest work in the show is a 35-foot long fiber installation suspended between two adjoining walls in the main gallery. zip drawing (2012) consists of thousands of strands of Egyptian cotton thread strung so close together that they become swarming densities of floating color. The shimmering effect of light bouncing off the tightly strung fiber is gorgeous, but it can also have a dizzying, almost epileptic effect depending on how your eye receives the work at a given moment. Painting, drawing, and color theory are natural touchstones for the piece, but so is the notion of “suturing,” a concept traditionally associated with film that describes the mental process by which a succession of individual static images are experienced as a seamless, flowing visual event in the eye of the viewer. The thread can operate in the same way, coalescing into an airy mist, or the effect can be ruptured by the blurred staccato of a thousand tiny filaments.

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Studio Visit: David Ball’s Fantastic Fantasy Worlds


David Ball creates the kind of art you need to see in person, so you can get right up close to every piece and fully immerse yourself into the fine details of his fantastic fantasy worlds. I’m forever in awe of his mixed-media collages and I’m always trying to figure out how he makes all his works look like paintings, even though I thoroughly know that they’re assembled from thousands of magazine clippings. At least some of the photos below by Shaun Roberts give a rare glimpse into David’s unique and beautiful process, that makes my brain simply explode with joy. And right now, I’m just super jealous of every art fiend living San Francisco, since David will be featured in the group exhibit “Harum Scarum” at 111 Minna Gallery that opens on February 2nd and runs until February 25th.

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Vidal Sassoon- How One Man Changed The World With A Pair Of Scissors

Last night I went to see Vidal Sassoon, How One Man Changed The World With A Pair Of Scissors at my local art house movie theater. Since it was a Sunday night we were expecting to have the theater mostly to ourselves but the place was buzzing with hundreds of hair dressers from all over Southern California. It was an amazing scene. Everyone in the theater knew one another and were busy chatting away and complementing each other on what they were wearing and of course their hairstyles. I have to admit that I was the odd man out since I’m not a hairdresser, don’t know much about Vidal Sassoon other than seeing his hair care products in stores. Nevertheless I am a documentary junkie so I strapped myself into my seat and prepared myself for 1.5 hours of nothing but hair talk.

Vidal came from humble beginnings, growing up in London orphanages for most of his youth. Without a college education, a father, and any financial support he managed to take the hardships of life and turn them into motivation for getting ahead. Not being content with being average, he set out to revolutionize Hairdressing. Vidal is by far the most groundbreaking and famous hairdresser in the world. He has reinvented the way hairdressing industry not only by creating bold new hairstyles inspired by architecture but also by changing the way hair salons looked, creating the worlds most prestigious hairdressing academies, and starting the first and most well known haircare line launched by a hairdresser. If these achievements aren’t enough Vidal also is a best selling author, one of the first people to promote yoga and pilates in the US, and hosted a wildly successful TV show with over 200 episodes. More than a documentary for the hairdressing industry, Vidal Sassoon is an inspiring story that illustrates what one person can achieve with conviction, ingenuity, and ambition. Watch the official trailer for Vidal Sassoon after the jump.

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Andrea Mary Marshall’s Toxic Women


Through a series of provocative self-portraits rendered as paintings, photographs, and film, Andrea Mary Marshall examines the intersection of identity, female sexuality, and consumer culture in the context of the “ideal woman.”

“A Woman is a beast. She is as lovely as she is repulsive. She is one part demon and one part goddess…one part slave, one part muse…one part child and one part mother…these contradictions are what make a woman so intoxicating.” – Andrea Mary Marshall

Toxic Women is a narrative collection of work that looks at the implications of trying to live up to the cultural figment of the “ideal woman”. Through identity play that borders on performance, Marshall reinvents herself as highly developed characters meticulously crafted through the art of fashion, makeup, wigs, and props. For her series of “Vague Covers”, Marshall depicts the “toxic woman” as a dichotomy, born out of a pursuit of the ideal, simultaneously adored and rejected by society. There is the addict, the temptress, the woman with no boundaries, the self-saboteur, the perfectionist and the fame whore—archetypical toxic women Marshall has both encountered and embodied. Beginning with the “Vague Covers”, and carried out through the entire collection, the work explores the space where feelings for this toxic woman turn from infatuation to disgust, from attraction to repulsion.
“We all have our demons. We can’t move into the light unless we’re willing to look at our darkness.” – Andrea Mary Marshall

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Gaia’s Massive Portraits

New York street artist Gaia creates beautiful murals illustrated by hand.  I am really enjoying his Legacy series.

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Made With Color Presents: Tik Ka Shares His Inner World By Painting Angelic, Heaven Sent Children

Tik Ka - Painting 3


Tik Ka - Painting 18

Tik Ka - Painting 1

Tik Ka - Painting 14

Artists from all over the world choose Made With Color to Create beautiful portfolio websites that set them apart from the pack. With clean layouts, easy to use interface, and drag and drop functions you can build a professional website in minutes. This week, we are pleased to present the embryonic world of  Made With Color user Tik Ka.

It’s a fantasy dreamland we’re entering. Tik Ka is a Chinese artist whose emotions translate in a multitude of soft, joyful colors. He depicts characters which could be aimed to entertain kids. The eyes and expression of his subjects speak a language of empathy, sincerity and gentleness. And even we, as adults, are touched but the vast generosity Tik Ka is offering us.

The work of Tik Ka is also known as “So Ha” Art. A combination of traditional Chinese culture and lovable babies and kids. The artist has incorporated Chinese characteristics with Western elements and Japanese superflat technique. He has created a style of his own, a signature easily recognizable. His most recent work has led him to represent purity and innocence with just a hint of a smile on the children’s faces. They appear angelic and heaven sent.

Before the life journey begins, we have all waited on a platform, gasping for the first breath, opening our eyes and catching a glimpse of the whole new world.  The platform is a place of purity, where only the heartbeat of the mother and the murmur of the outside world can be heard.”

Children’s faces, babies still connected to their mother by an umbilical cord. Tik Ka’s depictions dives our souls into an inviting, delightful and poetic aura.

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Bara Prasilova’s Surreal And Playful Photography Uses Hair As A Prop

Bara Prasilova - Photography Bara Prasilova - Photography Bara Prasilova - Photography Bara Prasilova - Photography

Bara Prasilova‘s photography is both playful and disturbing. She uses soft pastels with pops of neon color to evoke feelings of nostalgia and innocence; simultaneously, she hints at themes of restraint and constriction. In her project for the Hasselblad Masters Book, she’s chosen to explore the theme of “evolve.” Her prop of choice is hair: a natural material that she portrays in a surreal and absurd fashion.

In one photograph, a woman jumpropes with a long Rapunzel-esque whip of hair; in another, a thick braid wrapped around a woman’s neck looks suffocating yet elegant. Prasilova explains:

“Through my photographs, I have been trying to understand human relationships and connections: long hair symbolises the invisible strings we use to strap somebody to us or, perhaps, the opposite, to let somebody loose. They are the threads of our emotions, worries and fears that we are afraid to loosen like hair.” (via I Need a Guide)

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Makeup Incredibly Transforms Faces Into Iconic 2D Prints


facepainting pixels

mickey mouse face paint

roy lichetenstien face painting

“2D Or Not 2D” is the second collaborative project between Russian photographer Alexander Khokhlov and make-up artist Valeriya Kutsan, with the addition of Veronica Ershova who assisted in retouching and post-production of the images. Inspired by two-dimensional posters, the aim of the project was to transform models’ faces into 2D images that re-imagine the work of some well-known sketch, graphic, watercolor, and oil painting artists such as Lichtenstein, Basquiat, and Mondrian. Kutsan’s makeup design and application flattens the faces of the models, while the angles chosen by Khokhlov and enhanced by Ershova contribute to the overall illusion of two-dimensional representation.

The other 2D project (more images shown toward the bottom of this post) Khokhlov and Kutsan collaborated on was a series of monochrome prints titled “Weird Beauty” of painted faces that feature corporate logos, QR codes, and other prominent modern imagery.

You can watch a trailer for the “2D Or Not 2D” project here. (via fast company design and behance)

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