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Mark Manders’ Physical Poetry

MandersSculpture2MandersSculpture9 MandersSculpture12 MandersSculpture

Mark Manders‘ sculptures seem to be driven by a poetic narrative, and the fact the he used to practice the linguistic form of poetry should then come as no surprise. His meticulously constructed figures are assemblages of furniture, metal, human and animal shapes, and other ephemera. Engaged in an ongoing project since 1986 entitled “Self-Portrait as a Building” that has come to define his practice, the form of language mediates his work in that his pieces are structured in a manner that replicates sentences. In this way, he creates physical spaces that mirror his mental spaces. At once fragmented, balanced, poignant, and resonant with the ineffable, Manders’ work evokes a personal poetic sentiment that is meant to provoke the viewer.

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Fede Yankelevich

darky fede yankelevichSpanish illustrator Fede Yankelevich has been creating some pretty awesome work. Although I can’t seem to find much information on him, he is quite the talented guy and the work speaks for itself.

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TROY DUGAS’s Abstract Food Labels

Troy Dugas’ geometric paintings are made from vintage product labels he purchases in unused bundles. He cuts and arranges this material onto flat surfaces to produce works that appear to be woven. Using repetition, pattern, precision, and scale, Troy  distracts and tricks our eye from the original purpose of the labels to sell a product.The immediacy of the graphic labels are substituted with aesthetic sensation and contemplation creating a transformative state of meditation via Troy’s laborious and meditative process.

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Jeff Sonhouse

Picture 1

Jeff Sonhouse creates the most tripped out jester-saint psychedelic pimps who are all standing on the verge of getting it on. Fly tinted shades, canary top hats, tight pin stripes, righteous afros, bow ties, fox pelt stoles…you get the idea!

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Rosa Verloop’s Delightfully Fleshy Sculptures Made From Nylon Stockings

Rosa Verloop - sculptures Rosa Verloop - sculptures Rosa Verloop - sculptures Rosa Verloop - sculptures

Dutch artist Rosa Verloop uses nylon stockings and pins to create fleshy forms that look like newborns and octogenarians at the same time. She makes little folds, tucks and pleats in beige colored nylon so they resemble some strange sort of primordial life form. Working organically, she groups the stockings in different lumps and bumps and holds them in place with tiny stitches and tacks. Verloop’s sculptural faces are ones filled with deep-set wrinkles telling of well earned wisdom. Her human forms are contorted and twisted like they are in a state of being born or dying.

People in general experience these shapes as a deformation of the human body. For myself however, these are shapes with so much power, vulnerability and silence together–and therefore such inspiring–that I leave them in the way they came into being. I don’t change anything to these shapes or only very little. (Source)

Verloop not only creates and displays her human forms, but Verloop also participates in puppet events and shows with them. She performs alongside her sculptures, moving their appendages ever so slightly and mesmerizingly slow – like the creatures are dying in real time in front of the audience. The responses to her pieces range from disgust to wonderment. Verloop explains:

It’s amazing to see how some people observe with horror my sculptures while others are so attracted to get to touch them. […] As an artist, my intent is to spread a story, offering a feeling who stumbles into my sculptures. (Source)

Be sure to see more of her unique organic sculptures after the jump and decide for yourself if it’s attraction or repulsion.

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Liza Corbett

Illustrator Liza Corbett lives and works in New York, previously having studied at Syracuse University and the Studio Arts Center International in Florence, Italy. Her dark fantasies and fairy tales populated by angular ladies, weed-people, and animal bones have appeared in exhibitions both here and abroad, as well as on the pages of Atlantic Monthly, Bitch Magazine, and – best of all, amirite? – now Beautiful/Decay. Check out her creations after the jump. Oh, and maybe try to find all the severed limbs. It’s like a Where’s Waldo of scissor-cut hands, really.

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Nicholas Bohac

Nicholas Bohac creates psychedelic collage landscapes that fuse fantasy with images of urban and bucolic spaces. These landscapes reveal both the natural environment as well as man made structures within those spaces. Bohac is concerned with our current ecological climate and while the role of urban spaces is not overtly problematic, the works represent the struggle of control between man and nature.

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Ryan Spring Dooley

Cool promo animation spot for Ryan Spring Dooley‘s web site.

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