Patrick Hruby’s Technicolor Rainbow

I’m really digging these poppy, transparent illustrations by Patrick Hruby!

Jeff Bark

Picture 2

Jeff Bark’s prismatic gems are dark, enigmatic, sticky sweet photographs of ethereal beauty.

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The Art Of The Steal

This is a must see documentary for anyone interested in the art world. I walked out of the theater shaking my head in disbelief!

The Art of the Steal follows the struggle for control of Dr. Albert C. Barnes’ 25 billion dollar collection of modern and post-impressionist art collection of, a treasury of works by Renoir (181 of them), Cezanne (69), Van Gogh (7), Seurat (6), Picasso (46) and Matisse (59), to name just a few, all of it tucked away in the Philadelphia suburb of Lower Merion in a Paul Cret-designed villa Barnes built for it in 1924. The collection contains some of the key works of early Modernism, including Cezanne’s Nudes in a Landscape and The Card Players, Seurat’s Models and Matisse’s The Joy of Life, jewel in the crown of his fauve period.

Zhou Fan

Zhou Fan

Beautiful colors with the thickness and brightness of animation cell art, Chinese artist Zhou Fan’s works are inspired from childhood dreams of jellyfish parades in the sky falling to the ground to become mushrooms. She’s found that these dreams which have left a deep impression on her also capture more of her focus than reality. I don’t blame her!

Michael Dotson


Something geometrically spiritual is happening in Michael Dotson’s rainbow paintings. Check out his new works on his site.

Chromium Dumb Belle


Chromium Dumb Belle creates an appliqued & satin world of flash and fancy that would be easily at ease upon Scrumbly’s doily outfits in Native Funk & Flash or in Barbara Hulanicki’s doe-eyed emporium, Biba.

D*Face-ing the Oscar statue on Runyon Canyon


London-based street artist D*Face dropped into Hollywood, Los Angeles to pay his regards: “face lifts, fools gold and plastic surgery arghhhh thats [his] sort of city.” The 6 feet or so tall statue sits proud atop one of Runyon’s highest peaks, watching over the land as a lone protector of the things mentioned above. If you’re in need of a jog or a hike, go check it out. Not sure if it’s still there though but it’s worth a try!

A Million Times!

One of my oldest friends Drew Liverman routinely blows me away with is art. You may remember Drew’s work from Issue: S where he created 8 exclusive spreads under the theme “Thy Darkness.” Drew’s newest project does not disappoint with a mind blowing, psychedelic animation for Austin, Texas based Over The Hill. . Way to go Drew!