A Million Times!

One of my oldest friends Drew Liverman routinely blows me away with is art. You may remember Drew’s work from Issue: S where he created 8 exclusive spreads under the theme “Thy Darkness.” Drew’s newest project does not disappoint with a mind blowing, psychedelic animation for Austin, Texas based Over The Hill. . Way to go Drew!

Awesome Video Of The Day: Mark Dean Veca

Fantastic interview/mini documentary on Book:2 featured artist Mark Dean Veca. If you haven’t seen Marks work in the past this is a great introduction! Video by The Creative Lives.

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Roe Ethridge

Roe Ethridge

Stylish, slick, and sexy photographs from artist Roe Ethridge. I was recently introduced to his work by a friend and his subtle and somewhat nonchalant images immediately captured my attention. I found this quote in a self-written press release for a recent show of Roe’s at Andrew Kreps Gallery, and I think he gets it right on the money here.
“One of the reasons I’ve been so interested in this kind of displaced, broad scope approach is an effort to embrace the arbitrariness of the image and image making. For me serendipity and intention are both necessary. Another reason for the wild style is the dread of conclusiveness. The dread of finitude. This work is against death and finality. No, that’s too hyperbolic, let’s say it’s about working in the service of the image and getting my kicks too.”

Awesome Video Of The Day: Trichrome Blue

Dreamy animation by Lois van Baarle for her graduation project at the Utrecht School of the Arts.

Tofer Chin

Tofer Chin

Whoa, seriously psychedelic work from artist Tofer Chin. I’m not always the biggest fan of all things Op-Art, but I really like the way Tofer pushes the boundaries of a somewhat tired act. In particular, his “Discus Thrower” caught my eye as being an especially impressive and imaginative reinterpretation of both a traditional piece of art, and an avant-garde style of painting. His show “Alex” closes tomorrow at Fecal Face in San Francisco, so go quickly before it’s too late!!

Lost Planet’s Psychedelic Website

Lost PlanetMy friend over at Champagne Valentine recently designed this out-there website for Lost Planet studio. ┬áNot your typical web 2.0 approach, the result is instead a more abstract, intuitive and interactive experience. Is this the future of the net? Will the days of Twitter icons and blogs be gone, replaced by ethereally floating moon-orbs surrounded by hands? In their own words, the site “is an experimental online video channel and porfolio showcase for the Lost Planet editing studio. The site is an otherworldly portal into the psyche of Lost Planet where visitors can explore a porfolio of work via a bizarre planetary interface. “

Write your Big Ass Message

New internet toy of the day! Big Ass Message lets you send big ass messages (though it’s a little bit of a passive aggressive way of letting fellow netizens know how you feel?) such as this one. This is not my personal message…you can customize your message in a variety of ways: magic (this nutty flashy thing I uploaded), Pepsi, etc. Pretty fun. Via Today and Tomorrow.

Edit: Bjorn didn’t make the gif, not sure where it came from! Whoever made it must have really meant it & went through the effort since his program doesn’t generate automatic gifs…

Swedish Fabric Design


When I visited Sweden, one of the things that first struck me was that everyone’s apartments, houses, and public spaces seemed beautifully designed, in this contemporary, bright, cheery and somewhat 50′s/60′s Mr. Men kind of way. There’s a vibe in the air that encourages a similar stlye of living- they do have the highest standard of living in the world. I completely fell in love with this sensibility, the bright and airy floral curtains, vibrant and playful placemats….making your space a joyful one. (Maybe ’cause it’s so cold in the winter.) Ahh, Sweden. Take the wallpaper above, inspired by “an idea to pattern a porcelain mug with crystal glasses and so make it fine for serving celebratory drinks.” Classic! No fuss, just simple, iconcally graphic depictions that encourage you to drink champagne from a mug- you can still live elegantly while avoiding pretension by trying something new! Move over IKEA- check out these lovely designs from the Scandinavian Design Center.