Awesome Video Of The Day: Scanner Memoirs

It’s Friday, you’re looking forward to the weekend, and you’re feeling a bit kooky. Is this what you do when the boss isn’t looking?
By Damon Stea.

Kim Gordon – Performing/Guzzling

Kim Gordon performing/guzzling

If there is one band that I associate with the art world it would have to be Sonic Youth. Over the last 30 years the band has collaborated with such blue chip artists such as Mike Kelley, John Cage, Yoko Ono, and Christian Marclay. So it’s no surprise that Kim Gordon, one of Sonic Youth’s founding members has just released a book of paintings and photographs with Rizzoli Books and Nieves Titled “Performing/Guzzling.”

Performing/Guzzling functions more as a hard bound artist journal than a monograph filled with page after page of Gordon’s ghost like watercolors, text paintings, lyrics/poetry, and photography. The watercolor works are by far the most accomplished, inspired by on-stage performances where the faces in the audience become a dreamy and ethereal blur of color.

The first printing of the book will be in a limited edition of 3,000 copies, with each containing a signed print by Kim Gordon. Performing/Guzzling is a must have book for both artist book enthusiasts and Sonic Youth fans alike!

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Dethklok gets Bloodrocuted

Metalocalypse’s Dethklok is both a real and animated super-shredder heavy metal band. Kinda like Gorillaz, but with more head-banging, blood, guts and mayhem. What I love is that Brendan Small first created a show around the world’s most successful (fictional) black metal band, then created a real live band around it, and invariably reaped the fame of the fictional animated one. Does that make any sense? I guess usually movies/things get big in real life, then get animated, not vice versa….

Slash Shredz! (Sorta…)

For all you post-modern ironic lovers of the power of technology to rearrange, interrupt and recontextualize….wait, let me start over. This video is HI-larious. Maybe it’s because I have been in rooms full of stinky dudes agape at footage of Slash’s classic 1992 Tokyo concert, going, “My god! This solo is a veritable treasure trove of repeating pentatonic licks! Slash is God! We are not worthy!” (Sorta.) Well, Mr. StSanders has thoroughly confounded legions of shred-lovers. He “voices over” in near perfect timing clunker-rific dissonent solos that are the worst you have ever heard over all my favorite obnoxious guitar-heroes, including, but not limited to, The Satch-master, Steve Vai, Clapton, and others.

Galliano at War


I came across this John Galliano couture collection from 2006 and couldn’t help but laugh. I’ve been thinking about the great question of war & peace ever since hearing snippets from a rare house debate on the subject on NPR the other day. I don’t really have any answers on the state of the nation….apart from presenting Galliano’s bedraggled mud-slang revolutionary rockers doused in oil make-up, flip-flops, Galliano branded life vests (?), Michael Jackson-inspired spike shoulder pads and fake beards. Is Galliano lampooning the ridiculously luxe couture high-fashion world? Or our mythological idealizations of fighting desperados? Perhaps Mad Max is upon us.

Isabella Rossellini

Isabella Rossellini

Actress and film-maker Isabella Rossellini (daughter of Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini) has a series of campy K-9 bio class instructional videos titled “Green Porno” (though it’s far from being pornographic, really) featuring her acting out the copulations of various insects, crustaceans, and other assorted creatures that you don’t normally think about doing the horizontal tango. “In each one, Rossellini matter-of-factly describes, then demonstrates using extremely low-budget special effects, how – if she were, say, a dragonfly, or a mantis, or a starfish – she would copulate and reproduce with her animal mate. In the film beginning ‘If I were a snail…’, for instance, Rossellini explains: ‘I can withdraw my entire body into my shell, where I can hide my vagina and my penis,’ then gleefully whispers to the camera, ‘I have both!’ and retreats into her giant snail shell made of cardboard.” Read more about her series at Frieze Magazine.

Win $1000.45! Enter “Art Works Every Time” Design Competition!

Colt 45 Design Competition

Hey guys- we haven’t run a contest in a while because we were holding out for something that would really benefit our readers! Well, here’s a contest that will put cold, hard cash in your pockets as well as further your creative careers. We’re offering the opportunity to win $1000.45, as well as be featured in a month-long exhibition at Synchronicity Gallery here in Los Angeles. The event will be curated and promoted by yours truly and the directors there. Synchronicity is quickly becoming a go-to gallery for discovering & breaking emerging artists! We thought this would be a great opportunity to give some recognition to our readers… See below for full rules and how to enter, and good luck!

Pierre Bolide


From what I can tell, Pierre Bolide likes a few things: Space. Raging vein mutant muscles. And imaginary feuds with Chuck Norris. The only way I can describe these are like fan club illustrations of a long lost Nintendo video game that totally ruled and I played so much I saw the shapes on the back of my eyelids when I went to sleep at night, or some totally awesome TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) spin-off series based on one of  Shredder’s obscure, but totally awesome minions. Found on B/D’s very own Creative Pic Pool!