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Life Imitates Art: The Lexus Hoverboard Is A Magnificent Display Of Science And Imagination

board4 board3 board2

Lexus’ gravity defying hoverboard is a perfect balance of science and art. From an aesthetic standpoint, the board resembles a classic skateboard deck minus the wheels and with a grooving underneath made specially for rail slides and other tricks of the like. It is the inner workings of the board that are a truly fascinating display of physics: The deck has superconductors embedded in it, the temperatures of which are regulated with the help of nitrogen coolers.

This particular combination, referred to as ”spectacular and complicated” by one of its creators is what allows the board to defy the properties of gravity and thus remain elevated. So far, the board has been tested out by various amateur and pro skaters on a specially designed magnetic skatepark. Although it may look like a smooth ride at first site, the Slide actually presents a number of challenges when it comes to maintaining balance. The fact that the board is devoid of contact from the ground forces the person riding it to adapt to the lack of balance. Pro skater Ross McGouran even said it felt like he was “learning all over again”.

The junction of art, design,and physics is what makes this project even more worth treading about. The artistic aspect of this hoverboard is truly trans medium in the sense that many people will be instantly reminded of Back to the Future, and the key presence of the hoverboard in the film’s depiction of the year 2015. With this, Lexus has already paved the way for innovation and swift progress towards a future where skateboards may not need wheels, magnetic surfaces, or even gravity.

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Seth Wulsin’s Sliced Portraits


New York based artist Seth Wulsin’s Ánimas project explores the interior dimensions of mind and soul in the embodied physicality of space. In Spanish the word anima means soul; its root ane means to breath. By layering different parts of the face on multiple screens that all align in space Seth creates portraits that are optically real, but tactically non-existent.

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Awesome Video Of The Day: Matteo Giordano’s X2MX


Matteo Giordano’s X2MX piece sits somewhere between bondage/fetish video and performance art. I can’t think of anything more frightening than being vacuum sealed into latex with just a tiny tube to breath out of. I couldn’t find much text about this piece so we’ll just have to decide whether this is documentation of a kinky weekend or an extreme performance about the frailty of life and how feeling trapped can be liberating for some. Watch the full video after the jump.

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Arielle Coupe

arielle coupe birdadterbirth1 Arielle Coupe creates work that feels as if it were a scene from an avant garde horror film.  It’s always a good feeling to be creeped out and intrigued simultaneously.

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The Fluorescent Cold Photography of Mate Moro

Mate More photography5

Mate More photography2

The work of Hungarian photographer Mate Moro is cool, nearly cold.  His photographs carry an modern fluorescent cold – even the bodies of his subjects don’t lend much heat.  They nearly seem to act as objects just as other objects in the images interact with the scene.  Slightly surreal, his work is disconcerting like a waking dream in which something is vaguely out of place.  Moro has a talent for composition – coupled with obscured faces the viewers eye never seems to settle on just one place in the photograph.

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Brandon Wilson’s Scanography

I’m loving this scanographic imagery by Portland based artist, Brandon F. Wilson. While Wilson does not explain his specific process on his website, I like to imagine the artist running through vast landscapes in Oregon, with a large scanner, to create these distorted images. More after the jump!

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Nacho Ormaechea’s Internal Portals

Parisian artist Nacho Ormaechea’s digital collages are like looking into someones soul to see who they really are, what they are truly thinking, and where they rather be. Like a portal into another time and place, these images give us a glimpse of the internal thoughts that we’re all thinking to ourselves in silence, each and everyday.

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Pari Ehsan Thoughtfully Pairs Chic Outfits With Contemporary Art

paridust  paridust11 paridust8

New York based interior designer Pari Ehsan marries high fashion and high art by posing in outfits that thoughtfully complement artworks, installations, and architecture, posting the results to Instagram and her website. Ehsan’s project began when she was taking a personal portrait in front of an art piece and noticed that her fur coat created an interesting juxtaposition. Ehsan then decided to begin this fashion-art project in order to explore a creative outlet outside of her job as an interior designer. Her background in architecture – she studied it at both USC and UCLA before moving to NYC – helps inform her approach to the project, with some of her fashion looks complementing building and interior designs. Every Saturday, Ehsan hops around New York City’s galleries, looking for inspiration. “It’s very intuitive when I see something I like and get a good feeling about,” Ehsan says. “At that point, if I’m really compelled to do an outfit pairing, I find the look and do the styling.”

Ehsan’s Instagram account was recently nominated by the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) for a Fashion Instagrammer of the Year Award, alongside other stand-out fashion-related accounts. Though she didn’t win, Ehsan’s account is still impressive, especially considering that fact that most of the other nominees – including the winner – work in fashion or media. Clearly, Ehsan’s lack of insider status has not hurt her project’s success.  (via blanton museum of art)

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