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[hu]Man vs. Machine



As his name hints, [hu]Man vs. Machine delivers work created with traditional materials in order to mimic what can be done with the computer. His work is very enjoyable and ranges from ink drawings to paintings to installations.


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Drawings by Alfred Steiner.

“Alfred Steiner, part intellectual draftsman, part pop culture surgeon. His works on hot press paper consisted of characters and scenes from the popular to the ambitious—Shaggy and Fred from Scooby Doo!, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Saint Anthony—all composed of jutting, blood-tipped bones and glistening, sinewy muscle. Profiles were assembled not with soft lines but with femurs, horses galloped not with hooves but on bare bone and demons brandished swords of muscle over prostrate outlines of pus and blood. Steiner creates a disorienting, dreamy and disturbingly beautiful feast for the eyes, calling to mind large masterworks of surgeons operating in an amphitheater, though one believes it is Steiner whose work operates on us, rather than vice versa. By creating instantly recognizable outlines from the most vital and basic parts of human anatomy, Steiner forces us to look at the culture around us while acknowledging the literal cultures within us.”Sarah Hassan

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Kristian Jones’ Ghostly Silhouettes

British illustrator Kristian Jones’ delicately drawn ghostly silhouettes  prey on the innocence of childhood imagination, surreal worlds and fictional creatures.

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Linzi Silverman- Portal photographs

Linzi Silverman Photographs

Linzi Silverman has a wide variety of photographs on her blog but my favorite would be the documentation of these entrances, windows, and exits that she photographs. More after the jump!

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B/D Best of 2010 – Joseph Barbaccia


Even if you’re the type of individual to deny most slightly cynical (or perhaps they’re just simply honest) thoughts, you’ll too appreciate Joseph Barbaccia’s tangible commentary. In his Integration Series Joseph presents integrated objects, each representing one single, yet highly loaded idea: Obesity, Marriage, Blame…

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Toshio Saeki’s Nightmarish Scenes Of Bizarre Violence And Morbid Sexual Acts

Toshio Saeki - Illustration Toshio Saeki - Illustration Toshio Saeki - Illustration Toshio Saeki - Illustration

Toshio Saeki (b. 1945) is a Japanese erotic illustrator who creates controversial images of violence and morbid sexual acts. Perusing his collection is like stepping through the various moonlit rooms of a grotesque dream; as silent voyeurs, we witness placid-faced men, women, and demons engaging in strange, lust-filled scenarios that often involve necrophilia, murder, cannibalism, and genital mutilation. Images of sex and death uncomfortably collide as a woman kisses a skull and gropes herself with the corpse’s bony hand, while elsewhere poisonous snakes writhe out of a man’s tattoo during sex. Whether it’s aroused bodies swarming with cockroaches, or glaring eyeballs in the place of genitals, Saeki has an uncanny way of exposing the unconscious and disturbing the imagination in new and surprising ways. As he writes in an interview with Dazed:

“Leave other people to draw seemingly beautiful flowers that bloom within a nice, pleasant-looking scenery. I try instead to capture the vivid flowers that sometimes hide and sometimes grow within a shameless, immoral, and horrifying dream.” (Source)

Saeki’s hallucinatory and alarming style draws on a long tradition of Ukiyo-e woodblock prints and paintings from Edo-period Japan. In a variation called Shunga, these pieces depicted erotic scenes; take, for instance, Hokusai’s “The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife,” a 1814 woodcut design showing a woman in the erotic embrace of an octopus. Many of Saeki’s works reference this image, incorporating “tentacle erotica” alongside unsettling situations that arrived from a combination of comic books, childhood nightmares, and lewd pictures he drew in high school. Depicting eroticism, power, and lust in startling and depraved ways, Saeki evokes conflicting, visceral sensations that both fascinate and repulse the viewer, making it hard to look away.

Saeki is now 70 years old and currently lives in rural Japan. Known as the “godfather of Japanese erotica,” his works have gained him fame and notoriety alike at home and abroad (Source). (Via Cvlt Nation)

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Brendan Flanagan

Screen shot 2010-09-22 at 10.49.50 AM

Observing Brendan Flanagan’s paintings is like walking through a dark dream of regrets, fears, and loneliness. Vague, human-like figures in physical, emotional, or silent turmoil completely transient within their own surreal environment.

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Russell Tyler Globs It On

I’m a sucker for thick, goopy, drippy, juicy oil paint so naturally I immediately was drawn to Russell Tyler’s bold paintings that reference  a range of influences  Philip Guston to Mad Magazine.

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