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Angela Bacon-Kidwell

Fine art photographer, Angela Bacon-Kidwell, creates incredibly nostalgic, and poetically narrative works that lull us into a dreamy state of mind.

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Brent Wadden

German based artist Brent Wadden has shown his psychedelic drawings and paintings all over the world, and with good reason. He also makes intense wall drawings and installation pieces that remind me a little of Andrew Shoultz’s work in all its expansive grandeur. Perfectly executed and beautiful in its simplicity, it’s the kind of art I love to stumble upon late at night when I should be sleeping.

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Jonathan Monaghan’s Dauphin 007


Jonathan Monaghan updates us with his latest surreal story about a lion losing his crown and more importantly his head. Watch the full video after the jump.

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Sebastian E.

Large-scale public art installations and sculpture by Chilean born artist Sebastian E. His work draws upon a wealth of political and religious themes in very clever ways, often with a deeply twisted sense of whimsey.

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Splendor And Power At The Origin Of Dark Ceramic Sculptures By Anne Wenzel

Sculpture 14Anne Wenzel - Sculpture 3 Anne Wenzel - Sculpture 5Anne Wenzel - Sculpture 6

Through dark and melancholic ceramic sculptures Anne Wenzel shares her views on the world’s fears and tragedies (natural catastrophes, bomb attacks, fear of millenarianism…)  She draws away the tradition of ceramic to create her contemporary and intense sculptures. The artist’s ‘modern day vanitas’ sculptures not only shake the core but also question the role of splendor and power within a deformed and vanished piece of art. Recently, Anne Wenzel has created two sets of sculptures: busts in ‘Damaged Goods’ and blossoms in ‘Attempted Decadence’.

In the first group of work, she uses the classic military bust and shiny dark brown tones of glaze to condemn the glorification of authority during times of war. She questions the fact that we worship emblematic figures that have caused violence and have damaged entire populations and their countries.
Power, destruction, heroism and violence, themes dear to the artist emerge from her strong historical awareness and political engagement; she sheds new light on the role that art plays in depicting them.

The glamour and glorification expressed in the sorrowful blossoms is raising intentional open questions that Anne Wenzel is not willing to answer for us. She wants the viewer to take a stand and ask: I am seeing this beautiful metaphor of greatness and beauty, but am I being manipulated? The purple and rust tones petals are liquefied, dripping over the structure that’s holding them. Turning healthy and fresh flowers into a devastated and agonizing dying bouquet, the visual creates a balance in the expression of abstraction and figurative art.

Anne Wenzel’s art pieces will be showing at the following events:
Emergent Gallery in Belgium until September 2015
Rijks Museum in Amsterdam until January 2016
Bonnefanten Museum in Maastricht until February 2015

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Jason Hackenwerth

Picture 15

Wow! Jason Hackenwerth brings a whole new meaning to the term balloon animal. His creations are more akin to balloon creatures resembling, perhaps, lifeforms of the deep sea or lifeforms viewed under a microscope. Conceived from the artist’s imagination, beautifully sketched, and sometimes consisting of more that a hundred individual balloons, these sculptures take life within the large spaces of museums, galleries, the street, and, if you’re lucky, right before your eyes as a performance piece. I’m particularly fond of the wearable art… how’s that for a party outfit!?

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David Hornung

To S.P The woodlands, backyards and mountain fields David Hornung paints can feel like elegies for lost friends.  Conversely, much of the work is contagiously, imaginatively playful.  These paintings can be read in contradictory ways; simultaneously flat and deep, both graphic and luminous.  Hornung does this purposefully, because “picture making can be as paradoxical as life itself.”  The invented settings evoke “memory, the flow of time, and, for lack of a better phrase, the sheer enigma of existence.”  The light breaking on the horizon in “To S.P.” (above) is both beautiful and heartrendingly sad.  What does it say about us when a sunset begs to be personified?  You can see David’s work at Flowers Gallery in Chelsea from June 30 to July 31.

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Dreams Within Dreams: Elisa Imperi’s Photographs Are Beautiful Worlds Within Themselves

 Elisa Imperi - photography  Elisa Imperi - photography  Elisa Imperi - photography  Elisa Imperi - photography

Photographer Elisa Imperi is a poet who uses her camera to record her prose. She has a sensitive eye for light and shadows, and captures moments of serenity and melancholia. Her work usually features long corridors, empty rooms, dark doorways, dirty floors, broken windows and beautiful girls. Like some twisted fairytale, Imperi’s images are a little bit creepy, full of strange happenings and sad characters that seem to be down on their luck.

Shot in ruins and abandoned buildings, Imperi’s pictures look as if the girl down the street has run away from home and found themselves somewhere undesirable. Based in Italy, she also gets the chance to shoot in lavish apartments, even castles. Recently completing a photoshoot for Vogue Italy, her ethereal style compliments the magazine. Beautiful white dresses lie sprawled out over old branches and piles of dust in forgotten mansions.

If you are like are us and are captivated by Imperi’s haunting photos, then be sure to check out more of her work here, here and here.

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