CuteCircuit’s “GalaxyDress”

Yes, please! I would like to wear my television. London based fashion company CuteCircuit specializes in “wearable technology”. If you think your TV and computer weren’t enough how about wearing it. What “it” is a dress embroidered with over 24,000 color LEDs. The dress has become a permanent piece at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago in order to celebrate its 75 years.

Peat Duggins


Watercolor, gouache and ink paintings by once Austin, TX now Cambridge, MA artist Peat Duggins.  The detail images are telling of a cartoon-apocalypse and I have to say I’m not a morbid or pessimistic person, however I enjoy dooms-day movies and I’m growing fond on such themes in artwork where humans are gone and nature takes over.  This is different though, it’s sweet.

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Liz Hickok


It’s possible this is the most intriguing food-as-art I’ve seen yet!  San Francisco artist Liz Hickok sculpts, molds and casts scale models of urban city landscapes using Jell-O.

Studio Visit: Brian Belott

Brian Belott in His Studio

Brian Belott’s Brooklyn studio is an immersive installation.  Spelunking into a cavern on an alien planet filled with glittering artifacts from a lost culture, might, might compare to walking through Brian’s place.  I was going to stay for an hour, but ended up being there for four hours because there was so much to look at and talk about.  The whole situation is arranged with the discerning eye of the most selective, borderline pathological scavenger – and set to easy listening music, Brian’s “sonic wallpaper.”  I got the feeling that each scrap of torn paper, every tube of glitter has been internalized.  Then arranged into an invisible system that had started to resemble the stratified layers of rock at the Grand Canyon – there was a geological, epic scale to the amount of materials.  Brian works with some art materials, but mostly with found stuff.  He uses those thick cardboard kids books, colorful plastic combs, found audio, and posters.  He makes paintings on glass, original music, found sound audio collages, paper collages, books covered in paint and decorated with rocks, and catalogs of other people’s private photography grouped by themes.  In addition he does performances, many of which are on YouTube.  Meeting Brian I got the immediate impression I was meeting someone special.   He has a gigantic solo show “The Joy of File” opening Friday, February 26th at Zürcher Studio from 6 to 8pm.

Jelle Martens


Digital photo collages and a pencil sketch by artist Jelle Martens.  These remind me of much cooler versions of landscape prints my grandma has in her house above a couch.

Awesome Video Of The Day: Digital Graffiti


One day robots will rule the world and we’ll take pills instead of eating.But before that happens we will witness the age of digital graffiti.
More about this project at Tangible Interaction.

Lothar Hempel

Lothar Hempel

Best known for his series of painted portraits, Lothar Hempel goes far into the idea of art as three dimensional- he plays the role of director in arranging space in order to create a script. Mixing larged diamond shaped photomontages, sculptures and painting, the whole with flashy colors and geometrical shapes, “Kats, Nerves, Shadows & Gin” plays with the mind of the viewer, to whom he offers to create his own story, in relation with his own psychological character.

Dave MacDowell

Dave MacDowell

"The Samuel Jackson 5", 20 x 24 Acrylic on Canvas.

Davd MacDowell’s focus lies in “Childhood Fantasy and our Contemporary Cultural Nightmare” as a nation consumed by popular culture.