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Awesome Video Of The Day: Suiren

Am I crazy or is this video by Tomoya Kimpara gross, beautiful, and slightly pornographic? Watch the full video after the jump and let me know!

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B/D Book:6- Future Perfect Sneak Peak

At last a preview sample of our highly anticipated Future Perfect book has arrived! B/D teamed up with Toyota Prius Projects for Bool:6 to bring you a month long competition to find the best up and coming artists in the US. After receiving 300+ entries we narrowed it down to just 100 lucky creatives whose works will appear in book. We can’t release any official photos of the book just yet but I thought it might be fun to tease you all with a few phone pics. Remember that all B/D books are limited edition and sell out (Want proof? Check out the banner on the right of the screen. Book: 5 sold out in just over a week!). Make sure to Subscribe to reserve your copy of Beautiful/Decay Book: 6 today!


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Apak’s Microcosm Paintings

Apak is a husband and wife duo who live and work in Portland, Oregon. Aaron and Ayumi Piland produce vibrant scenes where tiny explorers seek out and cultivate miniature landscapes. These floating microcosms exist in an endless galaxy and depict an intersection of nature and technology in harmony. The paintings come across as hopeful reflections on our interaction with the world around us as well as the unexplored universe.  

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Jason Maloney

halfof1Half of Everything is Fair…


Jason Maloney’s work is clever and oh so true. His paintings and drawings obviously stem from events in his past, but when transformed into these amazing pieces everyone can relate to them. Maloney is known as a “Pop Surrealist” who received formal training in painting and drawing at Cal State Fullerton.  His work can easily be identified by his consistent use of cut outs, wide range of bright colors, and attention to detail.  Skateboard graphics from the 1980’s, horror films, and heavy metal music inspired Maloney throughout his life and is probably the reason why he has recently been doing graphic work for clothing and skateboard products. I find a lot of his paintings and drawings very personally inspiring. I can’t help but look at all the details in each piece and all I want to do after looking at his work is CREATE.


Jason Maloney has also painted some public murals and currently draws and paints in Newport Beach, CA.


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Tsuyoshi Imamura’s Cloudlike Watercolors Display Whimsical Human Bodies Emerging From Abstraction





Artist Tsuyoshi Imamura’s latest series of watercolor paintings delivers a dreamlike depiction of the human body. Through the use of black, grey, and various shades of pink, blue, and purple, he creates an abstract view of the human body as a composition of shapes and forms. His series of darkly colored watercolors depict men and women in various sensual positions and bring another angle to perceptions of rigidly defined beauty.

The watercolors are a series of gradients in which light and dark colors work together perfectly alongside the water that is necessary to their composition.The presence of water in these compositions is both essential to the paint on a chemical level and an essential part of the paintings themselves in the sense that it contributes to the fluidity of the paintings and compliments the gestures the figures in the paintings are making.

The dancing figures are reminiscent of Matisse’s Dance in both their physical form and in the ways their bodies are moving. The simple beauty of these bodies, which are almost water spots make Imamura’s work both stunning and original. The ways in which the light work with the dark in his work gives each painting a dreamlike property and enhance the musicality of the human body in motion.

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Vidal Sassoon- How One Man Changed The World With A Pair Of Scissors

Last night I went to see Vidal Sassoon, How One Man Changed The World With A Pair Of Scissors at my local art house movie theater. Since it was a Sunday night we were expecting to have the theater mostly to ourselves but the place was buzzing with hundreds of hair dressers from all over Southern California. It was an amazing scene. Everyone in the theater knew one another and were busy chatting away and complementing each other on what they were wearing and of course their hairstyles. I have to admit that I was the odd man out since I’m not a hairdresser, don’t know much about Vidal Sassoon other than seeing his hair care products in stores. Nevertheless I am a documentary junkie so I strapped myself into my seat and prepared myself for 1.5 hours of nothing but hair talk.

Vidal came from humble beginnings, growing up in London orphanages for most of his youth. Without a college education, a father, and any financial support he managed to take the hardships of life and turn them into motivation for getting ahead. Not being content with being average, he set out to revolutionize Hairdressing. Vidal is by far the most groundbreaking and famous hairdresser in the world. He has reinvented the way hairdressing industry not only by creating bold new hairstyles inspired by architecture but also by changing the way hair salons looked, creating the worlds most prestigious hairdressing academies, and starting the first and most well known haircare line launched by a hairdresser. If these achievements aren’t enough Vidal also is a best selling author, one of the first people to promote yoga and pilates in the US, and hosted a wildly successful TV show with over 200 episodes. More than a documentary for the hairdressing industry, Vidal Sassoon is an inspiring story that illustrates what one person can achieve with conviction, ingenuity, and ambition. Watch the official trailer for Vidal Sassoon after the jump.

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vincent boon portraits

I love it when an artist takes a tried and true  genre like the portrait and makes it fresh and interesting. Vincent Boon’s deceptively simple portraits do just that.

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Paintings on Book Pages By Ekaterina Panikanova

Ekaterina Panikanova painting7 Ekaterina Panikanova painting8

The work of St. Petersburg born artist Ekaterina Panikanova makes use of our complex relationships with books.  She mounts books on the gallery wall, splayed and aligned.  Panikanova use the collective surface of these books as her perculiar ‘canvas’.  Like the ink and paper filling the books’ pages, her paintings are often black and white.  In a way, the pieces carry an air similar to old books.  They have a subtle atmosphere of nostalgia, of a recording and remembering.  [via]

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