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Andrew Groves

Andrew Groves, aka IMAKETHINGS,  is a freelance illustrator creating graphics and characters that show the beauty of the natural world with a style of folklore.

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Igor KKK Uses Logarithmic Spirals To Twist Celebrity Faces Into “Perfect” Versions Of Themselves

Igor KKK , Fibonacci Celebrities - Design Igor KKK , Fibonacci Celebrities - Design Igor KKK , Fibonacci Celebrities - Design Igor KKK , Fibonacci Celebrities - Design

Some studies have suggested that attractiveness can be quantified by symmetry; just as in nature, where bees have been found to favor symmetrical flowers, the evenness of one’s features is thought to be an alluring factor. But what if beauty was measured by other geometric forms of order and “perfection” — such as the Fibonacci number sequences, and the closely related “golden ratio,” which comprises rectangles of mathematically and aesthetically flawless proportions?

Igor KKK, a Moscow-based designer, used these algorithms to warp celebrity photos into mathematically “ideal” images of themselves; overlaying each photo with logarithmic spirals, Igor applied the resulting proportions to their faces — and the results are both hilarious and absurd. Nicolas Cage has been rendered into a square-faced cyclops, Bryan Cranston has the jaws of a bulldog, and Sylvester Stallone’s mutant-like, lopsided eyes peer at us creepily.

Igor’s project is a satirical one that pokes fun at the idealism we give our celebrities.  “Arrange your face features to match the Fibonacci sequence,” he writes, as if it were an ad for a plastic surgery clinic. And despite the fact Fibonacci numbers can be traced throughout the known world — in leaf patterns, flower petals, and pinecones, for example — this does not mean it is the formula for an ideal type of beauty; as Igor shows us, the results are unsettling, disfiguring, and rather amusing. In a cultural context obsessed with beauty and self-improvement, Igor’s images humorously remind us that “perfection” is a construction. All perspectives of beauty are deeply varied and subjective, and cannot be fully encompassed by a single standard, represented here by a mathematical equation. (Via designboom)

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Rose Eken’s Miniature cardboard Guitars And Drum Kits Rock!

Danish artist Rose Eken’s miniature drum kits and guitars are tiny monuments to rock and roll. With over a 100 drum kits and 100 guitars made out of cardboard and arranged in neat grids, these miniature objects are delicately made by hand showing Eken’s fascination, adoration, and passion both for the music and for the people who make it. Like a true music junky Rose Eken has created the ultimate shrine to rock music with replicas of every rock legends instrument from Jimi Hendrix’s guitar to John Bonham’s drum kit.

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Takada’s Delicate World of Paper Sculptures

TakadaPaperSculpture10 TakadaPaperSculpture4


Yuko Takada Keller creates detailed and intricate sculptures out of paper. Since 1996, she has been using small triangular pieces to create her designs, which she says “symbolizes something like a molecule.” Her work is inspired by dreams she’s had, and her delicate, cascading designs resonate with ethereality. She claims her work has also evolved over time since she’s realized the connection between the thin delicacy of the paper and skin membranes. From her website,

“Tracing paper has a transparency and an untransparency.
I’m interested in how tracing paper is like a skin membrane.
The skin membrane lies between dream and reality.
The skin membrane lies between consciousness and behavior.
The skin membrane is there when life is born.
The skin membrane is part of a human being.
I want to represent the space that people are aware of
The skin membrane is unconsciousness.”

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Michael Cline

A fantastic collection of paintings at the Daniel Reich Gallery website by Michael Cline. Some of the figurative work remind me of early pieces by Philip Guston.

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Andy Freeberg’s Photos of Gallery Dealers At Art Fairs

Andy Freeberg‘s “Art Fare” series is currently on view at Kopeikin Gallery in Culver City, CA. The series captures gallery owners and artists, usually hidden behind desks and gallery walls, in plain sight at major art fairs. Simultaneously “real-life” and narrative drama, the photos depict the business of the art world in stark, natural light. The results are humorous, seedy, and honest.

The exhibition is up until October October 27th. See more photos from the show after the jump.

Images courtesy of Andy Freeberg and Kopeikin Gallery.

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Victor Castillo’s Eerie Parable-Like Paintings Of Children In Masks

Victor Castillo painting8

Victor Castillo painting5

Victor Castillo painting4

The paintings of Victor Castillo have a unique eerie style.  He began drawing from a young age inspired by cartoons, comics, and album covers.  Castillo finally attended art school but found himself disillusioned with his time there.  After leaving school he spent some time working with an experimental art collective in his native country of Chile.  Next Castillo relocated to Barcelona, Spain.  It is in Barcelona that his signature style solidified.

His painted world are most noticeably populated by children wearing clown-like masks: a red nose protrudes from a white face and any eyes are conspicuously absent.  Though the masks smile, there is something disturbingly insincere about the expressions.  Castillo carefully sets up each scene of his paintings almost as a sort of visual parable.  A small narrative unfolds hinting at a larger message.  Political themes such as greed or abuse of power begin to emerge within the symbolism of each piece.  Castillo makes use of narrative tools often found not only in painting, but also comics.  A statement from a past solo exhibit at the Jonathan Levine Gallery further explains the symbolism behind his paintings:

“In this exhibition, Castillo’s allegorical visions of the current socio-economic world crisis come in the form of spooky children’s tales. Through acrylic works on canvas and drawings on paper, his cast of masked, hollow-eyed children serve as a vehicle to convey ominous narratives of survival, greed and indoctrination. Inspired by vintage animation, his paintings are like theatrical sketches of tragicomic situations. With cartoon-like figures in the foreground and lush, classical landscapes in the background, Castillo’s dramatic baroque lighting completes the effect of exposing corrupted innocence.”

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UCLA Senior Design Show 2010


Apart from UCLA being my own alma mater, I thought I’d give a quick shout-out to the upcoming Senior Design show as it features a whopping round-up of not one, but four former fearless B/D interns, including: Matt Manos, Kate Slovin, Corinna Loo and Greg Ruben! Go team and congrats on graduating! Check it out June 3rd, 5pm at UCLA.

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