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Russian Propaganda Posters Reimagined As Pro-LGBT Campaign

Pro-LGBT Campaign Pro-LGBT Campaign Pro-LGBT Campaign original2

Russia, the post-Soviet country that is currently hosting the 2014 winter Olympics, has arranged for some pretty illogical legal action to be taken against LGTB groups in its nation. It has caused many to burst into protest and some have been detained as a consequence of various peaceful attempts to showcase discontent.

In the midst of all of this, a tumblr page by the name of Pride Propaganda, takes a different and quieter yet effective approach to all the protests.  In efforts to adhere to the pro-LGBT agenda, PP transforms vintage Soviet posters into brightly colored displays of men, women and children waiving and wearing rainbow flags. The familiar images of Young Pioneers,  working men and loyal mothers (all symbolism for the confining ways of Soviet Russia) take on entirely new meanings when cloaked in the vibrant rainbow flags that we’ve come to associate with the global pride movement.

Participate in the protest by hastagging your tweets #PridePropaganda. (via HuffPost)

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Burning Buns: A Lampshade, Made Entirely Out Of Bread

Yukiko Morita- Mixed MediaYukiko Morita- Mixed Media Yukiko Morita- Mixed Media Yukiko Morita- Mixed Media

When Japanese artist Yukiko Morita began working in a bakery as a teenager, she marveled at how cute baked bread was. She probably did not realize at the time that, years later, she would craft a way to make bread into a usable home decorative object.

Introducing her one-of-a-kind Pampshades at Tokyo Designers Week, Morita most certainly has a monopoly on the most glutinous lighting system. Although she declined to name a few secret ingredients, she listed the rest as: “Bread flour, salt, yeast, LED, batteries.” After the bread is baked, she covers it in resin, solidifying the form so it will not decompose.

“As the story goes, Morita worked in a bakery in her native Kyoto eight years ago, subsquently graduating from the Kyoto University of Arts in 2008 and reportedly launching Pampshades as early as 2010 (the name is a portmanteau of ‘pan’—French for bread, derived from the Latinpanem—and lampshade). The brief timeline on her website further notes that the first prototype dates back to 2007 and that she relocated to Kobe as of this year.” (Excerpt from Source and Source)

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Tatyana Fazlalizadeh’s Street Art Confronts Sexual Harassment

Tatyana Fazlalizadeh - Street Arttatyana fazlalizadeh - street art

Tatyana Fazlalizadeh - Street Art

Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, a Brooklyn-based painter and illustrator, responds to street harassment by creating dialogues through art in public places. Stop Telling Women To Smile, a series of portraits depict strong willed women responding to catcalls or inappropriate comments.

This series, which has been fostering solid conversations since it’s 2012 NY inception, is simple in its assertion, yet complex in the response. Madison Carlson of Feminspire addresses some male reactions the work has evoked, one of which involved a penis being drawn on the woman’s face. The New York Times additionally notes: “Andrés Carlos, 50, stood by the freshly pasted posters on Tompkins Avenue. ‘A woman likes nothing more than being told she is beautiful,’ he said. ‘For me, this is ridiculous.'”

But, Fazlalizadeh and Carlson disagree with Carlos. This is not about beauty, but control. Carlson asserts, “Yelling or whistling at a woman on the street like she’s a dog who will come when you call, or telling a woman to ‘Smile. It can’t be that bad. You’d be so much prettier if you smiled,’ dehumanizes her. It reduces her purpose to pleasing the male gaze. The posters, answering that reduction with confrontation, are meant to show street harassers that they are not entitled to women’s smiles or any other part of them.”

What do you think?


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Jesse Hazelip

Ghost Dance_m
Awesome show from California artist Jesse Hazelip, ‘Sentimental Journey’ at White Walls in SF. Keep your eyes peeled if you’re in the bay area because Hazelip’s work is up all over the streets, so it’s no surprise the show is chock full of large wheat-pastes and images on found materials. Much of the work comments on failures of our past seemingly ignored by the actions of the present, and attempts to open a dialogue about the repeating mistakes of American history. The show is up until January 30th, so go before it’s too late!

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Vibrant Collages Mirror The Artist’s Oakland Surroundings

Amy Wilson Faville - Mixed Media Amy Wilson Faville - Mixed Media Amy Wilson Faville - Mixed Media

Inspired by her Oakland surroundings and the mysterious life of collected objects (from homeless shopping carts to a public disposal & recycling area), Amy Wilson Faville collages her own drawings in with an assortment of vibrant materials such as old mattress fabric, file folders, vintage wallpaper, and other scraps. Comparable to quilt-making, Faville’s compositions incorporate consistent patterns with eclectic pops of color, conceptually mirroring her subject matter.

Speaking on her Carts series specifically, Faville states, “My goal was to use the power of beauty to transform images of squalor into splendor.”

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koen demuynck’s breathtaking digital photography

Some of my photographer friends hate on digitally manipulated images but how can you when photographers like Koen Demuynck makes such breathtakingly powerful images with a bit of help from our old pal Mr. Computer? Each image is more amazing than the next with piles of elephants, crazy chimney sweepers, and Santa throwing a very naughty new years party. All of these and more after the jump!

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Documentary Watch: Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels Of A Tribe CAlled Quest

If you’re like me, you grew up listenting to A Tribe Called Quest, and loved the shit out of them. Michael Rapaport’s documentary “BEATS, RHYMES & LIFE: THE TRAVELS OF A TRIBE CALLED QUEST” takes you back to that magical time in Hip-Hop when guys rapped about daisies, El Segundo and Seaman’s Furniture. It was a time when Hip-Hop was adventurous and Tribe Called Quest made it cool to march to the beat of your own drummer.

“BEATS, RHYMES & LIFE: THE TRAVELS OF A TRIBE CALLED QUEST” captures the nostalgia of a time before New York City had caught affluenza and was a hot bed for aspiring artists of all genres. The use of archival footage, vintage photos and clever animation rounded out this thoroughly entertaining journey through the history of one of Hip-Hop’s most seminal groups.

For screenings and locations go HERE.

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Brian Cooper’s Trompe L’oeil Paintings

Los Angeles based artist Brian Cooper’s paintings look like the supply room of a crazed woodworker who has piled building materials from floor to ceiling. Employing  trompe l’oeil techniques that dazzle the eye these maze-like piles of wood, debris, tape, and other building materials are chipped away at, cut, torn, ripped, and gnawed at to reveal secret messages and Coopers personal arsenal of hieroglyphics.

“I make paintings that struggle with their function as devices for transcendent harmony. They do their job while acknowledging the disorder and uncertainty from which they come.”

When Cooper isn’t busy in the painting studio making beautiful paintings he is creating supersonic sounds with his band Earth Like Planets. Watch his latest music video for ELP after the jump.


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