Paper Chasin’

brian dettmer Oh, the journeys you can go in books!  Brian Dettmer shows no respect for Webster as he cuts this dictionary… into something far more awesome. But wait there’s more!  Someone better yell timber, because here’s a forest’s worth of paper art from many great artists.

Kara Rane

Kara Rane
Here at B/D, we love it when you send us your work! Well this particular submission has the office divided – we can’t decide whether or not we love or hate these vibrant drawings from Kara Rane – I guess that’s what happens when your work is full of horses, little kids, sunsets, and sailboats. What do you think loyal B/D follower? Are you attracted to serene and harmonious imagery like this, or does cliched beauty disgust you…Give us your 2 cents!

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Marc Turlan


Collage images by Artist Marc Turlan from torn, cut, ripped, wrinkled and layered fashion magazines pieces, masked with resin.

Mark Licari

Mark Licari
Betlejuice must be hiding inside LA based artist Mark Licari, becuase his work is creepy-cool with lots of charisma. I’m seriously digging his sculptural pieces, especially the medicine cabinet. Go see his show up through February 14th at the Montery Museum of Art, or check him out at Honor Fraser Gallery.

Night Lights

Night Lights is an installation project by YesYesNo, who teamed up with The Church, Inside Out Productions and Electric Canvas, to transform Auckland Ferry Building into the fun-nest most interactive large scale installation project I’ve seen. From technical details of software making, to the audience jumping up and down, playing with this big installation project space, this video will leave a smile on your face and wishing you could have tried jumping and tapping as the folks on the video were.

Aaron Vinton

Aaron VintonAaron Vinton

Illustrative print work by current (or past?) Cal Arts design student Aaron Vinton. I really like his style and color use! Special reflection!

Dana Schutz

Colorfully playful yet dark and sometimes sinister, Dana Schutz’s paintings will make you laugh with joy and cringe in disgust all at once. I recently came across a very interesting article about a painting she did in 2005 entitled ‘The Autopsy of Michael Jackson’ – I know, I’m a few months late on this one, but it’s still worth a look.

Rob Simons

Grainy, dreamlike images from Rob Simons. In addition to being a photographer, he also had a collection of his stories, Things Kept Burning, published in September 2006. He also collaborated with German director Werner Herzog on the script for Rescue Dawn. He also used to be an English Professor at Cosumnes River College in Sacramento. Basically, he’s pretty talented.