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Cal Lane

Today I remember just how much I enjoy Cal Lane’s work. Visually stunning, her sculptures are easily accessible yet deeply intellectual, but hey, that’s what you get when you work with a plasma cutter and 55 gallon oil drums. Amazing that she’s able to coax such ethereal work out of such crude material. Taking the reigns from the Smith’s and Serra’s of the sculpture world is no easy task, but Lane is seemingly running as fast as she can.

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HelloMe’s Critical Objects Blur The Line Between Art And Furniture

Critical Objects is a personal initiative of Berlin-based graphic design firm, HelloMe. The project began as a series of explorations that thrive on not having any particular goal. The project consists of a series of objects that transcend a blurry line between artistic sculpture and functional furniture. The beauty of the project is that it remains unknown to the user if these things should really every be used, touched, sat on, or turned on… We have a small collection featured here, so be sure to check out the full series at Critical Objects.

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Video Watch: The Haunting Voice of Chelsea Wolfe in Flatlands

Photo by Kristin Cofer

Chelsea Wolfe released Unknown Rooms: A Collection Of Acoustic Songs last year on Sargent House and has just released a new video in collaboration with Converse x Decibel Magazine, Flatlands. The beautifully directed video by Charlene Bagcal is instantly mesmerizing and I’m sure will add to the “doom-folk” mystique of Chelsea Wolfe who I’ve still yet to see perform live. Thankfully, that is about to change since she’s currently on a short acoustic tour to play songs from the album.

You can catch her tonight, February 1st in Houston at Fitzgerald’s, Feb. 5th at Phoenix’s Crescent Ballroom, and next Friday, February 8th at the First Unitarian Church in Los Angeles along with Deradoorian from Dirty Projectors fame opening the show. She’s also performing on April 20th at the Desert Daze festival in Mecca, CA along with Warpaint. Check out her video for Flatlands and grab a ticket to one of her upcoming shows for what I’m sure will be a beautiful evening of music.

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Ji Zhou’s Civlized Landscapes Create A 3D World Out Of Maps And Books

map4 map3 map2 map1

Beijing based Ji Zhou’s latest photo series Civilized Landscape depicts models of urban and rural areas composed of books and maps he has modelled and rearranged into mountains, skyscrapers, and other landscapes. The models, placed on backgrounds made up of soothing, cool colors make for series of visually relaxing compositions full of original forms and reliefs. The textures of the various types of paper he uses in his models give the series a sort of irregular uniformity which brings the composition together in a perfect balance.

Civilized Landscape spans beyond aesthetics in the sense that the process Zhou goes through to create the models is also fascinating in its own respects. He creates the models by stacking sets of books and composing mountains from maps. He then photographs the models and creates a sort of in depth illusion that gives his work a sort of three dimensional aspect which in turn reinforces the nature of the optical illusion his project delivers. His work is centered on the idea of the “enhanced reality of illusion” , which he depicts through this series.

His project is also interesting from the perspective of the issues it addresses. Through his artificial depiction of familiar natural and urban landscapes, he raises questions of civilization and evolution as well as a debate on the place of human beings as both creators and destroyers of landscapes.

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Chris Jordan and Laura Ball

chris jordan and laura ball

The Kopeikin Gallery

Chris Jordan: “Running The Numbers… Again”

Laura Ball: “Boundary of the Interior”

September 12th through October 17th, 2009

Opening Reception: Saturday, September 12th from 6:00 – 9:00

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Daniel Zeller


Daniel Zeller’s practice involves meticulous and obsessive pattern making creating forms that resemble maps, isolated body parts, and blood streamed arteries. I’m drawn by the labor intensive repetition, its lingering between sci-fi staging and topographical landscape, and the undulating and vibrating ebb and flow of each compacted form. Step close to the surface and be astounded by the articulate and precise thin lines, step back and let your eyes adjust to the accumulated network of organisms pulsing throughout the picture plane.

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Next Day Flyers Presents: Boot Ritson’s Painted human sculpture Photographs

It’s hard to categorize the work of Boo Ritson. Is it photography, sculpture, painting or even performance. Boo creates  photographs of figures doing all sorts of things from sitting on a park bench to sunbathing. But what makes Boo’s work remarkable isn’t just the formal qualities but her involved process of covering her subjects with head to toe “masks” of paint by literally painting on their clothes, face, and all their features. The result is a resurfacing of sorts of the subjects exterior, completely reimagining who they are, how they dress, and what they look like.


Presented by the 2012 calendar printing company, Next Day Flyers. Check them out for calendars, stickers and greeting cards perfect for the holiday season.

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Hellenism And Space Invaders From Oliver Payne

Oliver Payne3 Oliver Payne1Oliver Payne7

Oliver Payne‘s collages present many juxtapositions: East and West, new and old, digital  and analog.  In an interesting way, though, the images of Japanese Bullet Hell Games and photographs of classical European sculpture compliment one another.  A tradition of fantastic stories and violence are present in each.  Further, the gallery statement mentions that the “Greek statues serve as a background and a reminder of the fantasy worlds produced in Japanese arcade games, which often picture rural Europe.”  While exhibited, the collages are joined by the raucous soundtrack of the noises of a traditional arcade flowing through the gallery.

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