2veinte Design Studio

2veinte Design Studio, Digital Arts

2veinte is a small design and motion arts studio based on Buenos Aires, Argentina that works with clients from Europe and the United States. I have to say I love the work they are doing. It’s colorful, exciting and has so much depth and movement. They have a very impressive portfolio that ranges from digital media works to print.

Nathan Mabry

Nathan Mabry’s work makes me laugh out loud like when I was still a wee little tot. This LA based artist is clearly doing his best to represent for the west coast, in the tradition of Ken Price, John Baldessari, and Robert Arneson.

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Brent Wadden

German based artist Brent Wadden has shown his psychedelic drawings and paintings all over the world, and with good reason. He also makes intense wall drawings and installation pieces that remind me a little of Andrew Shoultz’s work in all its expansive grandeur. Perfectly executed and beautiful in its simplicity, it’s the kind of art I love to stumble upon late at night when I should be sleeping.


Fresh design work by T/\KEC/\RE found on our very own B/D creative flickr pool! Simple clean graphics with a clear message – always a winning formula – all you young graphic designers out there take note.

Desiree Dolron

Dark and stoic work from Dutch artist Desiree Dolron. These images remind me of portraits by the Old Masters, especially Vermeer and Rembrandt – the extreme stillness in each frame helps you focus on all the small details that make the image really pop when you look close. Find more at Galerie Gabriel Rolt.

Aleksandra Rdest

Richly pigmented work from Canadian Aleksandra Rdest. Her organic paintings are inspired by “sound waves, clouds, particles and cells on a microscopic level. The point of departure for these works is growth and decay; cellular division and multiplication, weather patterns biological colonization. My love affair with colour gives rise to these paintings which are created by richly layering veils of paint to form a deep surface.” Find Aleksandra’s work at Newzones in Calgary, and Sopa Fine Arts in BC.


Here’s a quirky personal project from the mind of Jorge L√≥pez Navarrete – “two different people each time -always unknown for me- perform exactly the same conversation.” Can someone explain to me the significance of the 3-D glasses?

Ryan Wallace

1 Ryan Wallace Glean 1

Inspired by singularities, LHC and other high science, Ryan Wallace creates complex abstract images based on visual data. Nerdy? Yes. Completely beautiful? Also, Yes. Keep an eye out on this young New Yorker. Upcoming projects include a group show @ Cinders, a solo exhibitions @ Morgan Lehman, and a curatorial endeavor @ Raid Projects LA.