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Dieter Van Der Ougstraete’s Agressive Humor!

Illustrator, Dieter Van der Ougstraete’s world of aggressive and grotesque humor is also equally charming in his use of color, and characterizations. I wonder if he could get away with putting the above illustration on his business cards and get away with it?

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Life Imitates Art: The Lexus Hoverboard Is A Magnificent Display Of Science And Imagination

board4 board3 board2

Lexus’ gravity defying hoverboard is a perfect balance of science and art. From an aesthetic standpoint, the board resembles a classic skateboard deck minus the wheels and with a grooving underneath made specially for rail slides and other tricks of the like. It is the inner workings of the board that are a truly fascinating display of physics: The deck has superconductors embedded in it, the temperatures of which are regulated with the help of nitrogen coolers.

This particular combination, referred to as ”spectacular and complicated” by one of its creators is what allows the board to defy the properties of gravity and thus remain elevated. So far, the board has been tested out by various amateur and pro skaters on a specially designed magnetic skatepark. Although it may look like a smooth ride at first site, the Slide actually presents a number of challenges when it comes to maintaining balance. The fact that the board is devoid of contact from the ground forces the person riding it to adapt to the lack of balance. Pro skater Ross McGouran even said it felt like he was “learning all over again”.

The junction of art, design,and physics is what makes this project even more worth treading about. The artistic aspect of this hoverboard is truly trans medium in the sense that many people will be instantly reminded of Back to the Future, and the key presence of the hoverboard in the film’s depiction of the year 2015. With this, Lexus has already paved the way for innovation and swift progress towards a future where skateboards may not need wheels, magnetic surfaces, or even gravity.

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San Francisco-based artist David Berezin creates still lifes by manipulating low-res stock photos, often found on Google Images, and Photoshopping the disparate parts into coherent collages that mimic commercial photography. Berezin’s use of “new media” methods of making produces an ironic contrast between contemporary, post-internet life and all that cultural baggage left by the Twentieth century’s top-down, capitalist media. These digital assemblages make the ha-has by reconstructing the out-moded logic of genre narratives through the use of culturally-loaded objects that rely on vocabularies of cliché developed in pop forms like B-movies and boilerplate novels.

Berezin’s artwork is on display in The Art of Cooking at the L.A. gallery Royal T until August 1st; and a video loop of Berezin’s, Fun For a While, is showing at the Columbus Museum of Art in Columbus, Ohio, until June 30th.

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Lizabeth Eva Rossoff’s “Terracotta Army” With Pop Culture Heads

lizabeth-eva-rossof-1 lizabeth-eva-rossof-6 lizabeth-eva-rossof-3 lizabeth-eva-rossof-4

San Francisco-based artist Lizabeth Eva Rossoff has created a mashup of iconic statues and and characters in contemporary popular culture. By physically combining China’s ancient Terracotta Army with the heads of Bart Simpson, Batman, and Mickey Mouse, they fuse Eastern and Western culture. Rossoff class her series Xi’an American Warriors.

The artist explains that her work,  “playfully explores the concerns of American media’s global influence and China’s industry of counterfeiting the copyrighted properties held by said media.” In essence, these sculptures represent a cycle.

Each stately clay piece stands 18 inches tall, and their appearance was created by using the same process that built the original third century BCE warriors from Lintong District, Xi’an Shaanxi province. She even worked with a Terracotta Warrior replica studio in Xi’an who make their clay sculptures using the same ground that was used so long ago. And, for a limited time, these artworks are available to buy on her website. (Via Endless Geyser of Awesome)

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TROY DUGAS’s Abstract Food Labels

Troy Dugas’ geometric paintings are made from vintage product labels he purchases in unused bundles. He cuts and arranges this material onto flat surfaces to produce works that appear to be woven. Using repetition, pattern, precision, and scale, Troy  distracts and tricks our eye from the original purpose of the labels to sell a product.The immediacy of the graphic labels are substituted with aesthetic sensation and contemplation creating a transformative state of meditation via Troy’s laborious and meditative process.

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Supersecretpowwow, 2011
8.5 x 11 inches, colored pencil on paper,  $450

Welcome to this weeks offering of Click To Collect, Beautiful/Decay’s campaign to help art lovers start their collection of original artists works at affordable prices. Our featured artist this week is Steve Kim whose delicately rendred color pencil drawings look like futuristic blue prints for the human body. This is the very first time we’re offering Steve’s original drawings for sale as part of our Click To Collect initiative to bring original works of art to the masses at affordable prices. Read more about Steve’s work, see detail images of these gorgeous drawings, and find out more about Click To Collect after the jump!

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Dark voids

Some nice abstract paintings at Jason Karolak’s portfolio site. I like how geometric yet loose the paint handling is in his work. They almost look like hip versions of Brice Marden paintings.

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Adam Voorhes

Adam Voorhes has a great collection of commercial photo projects on his portfolio site. His exploded series (exploded frog pictured above) is my favorite, showing animals, and other mechanical objects dissected to reveal what’s inside.

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