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The Funeral Pictures Of Genevieve Blais Studies The Business Of Death

genevieve blais photographygenevieve blais photographygenevieve blais photographygenevieve blais photography
The business of death is the subject of Genevieve Blais’ photo essay Funeral. In the series Blais looks at how consumerism dominates our lives even after life. Using a mechanical almost step by step process she captures the funerary procedure from start to finish through an itemized set of rules. In catalog fashion she shows what is needed to accomplish the final step of life; flowers, caskets, makeup, embalming machine, credit cards and waiting room. The photos themselves look dated, perhaps on purpose pointing to the fact there really hasn’t been much advancement in the business of death.
A picture of an embalming machine with the brand name Dodge makes you wonder if the popular car company was thinking proactively when designing their product which accounts for approximately 30,000 deaths per year. Turns out there’s no relation to the two and Dodge the funeral provider has been a family business since 1893. The website advertises their formaldehyde-free products and offers seminars and even a magazine for those interested in this type of work.
In her statement, Blais says when she first embarked on the project she didn’t know what to expect but as she went along she began taking a Marxist attitude towards the whole procedure. However, death is big business and those working in that industry make a comfortable living by a simple fact of nature that is both unavoidable and inevitable.

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Next Day Flyers Presents: Craig Taylor’s Macro Insect World

Craig Taylor’s fantastic macro photographs transport us into the world of insects showing us every hair, tiny pieces of pollen, water drops, dozens of eyeballs, and all sorts of other detail that we can’t see with the naked eye. Read about Craig’s process and what led him to this series here.


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Bigert & Bergström

Bigert & Bergström are Swedish artists who have been collaborating on installation and video work since 1990.  They twist photographs into spheres lit from the inside, creating galaxies of glowing globe worlds.  Their work is on display in the coming months in Sweden and Germany.

Check out their website for more works as well as after the jump.

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Artist Whit Forrester’s Photographs Take You Behind The Scenes Of A Queer Cannabis Farm

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Artist Whit Forrester’s photographic series, Affinity in the Tall Grasses, documents his time spent on a queer marijuana farm in California. He states:

“The work began as entertainment when I was not manicuring cannabis. I’d seen a psychic a few years prior who suggested I go back to photography which coincided with a move out west (again).  ‘Affinity’ is the documentary beginning of a body of work that continues to look at my own history within the history of cannabis, and thinking about the ways that queer history and culture intersects all of it.”

The artist explains that the work explores the connection between the legalization of marijuana in California in 1996 and the rising HIV/AIDS epidemic. He continues by stating that at the time, the Queer and Trans community (or what he refers to as LGBTTSQIQ) was heavily affected by the epidemic, and therefore, a large portion of those campaigning for legalization were within that community. Furthermore, there is inevitably a strong link between the legalization of cannabis in California and the Queer Trans community.

Affinity in the Tall Grasses is just one of many series the artist has created. His work is constantly searching for new intersections between collective history and personal selfhoods. He states:

“The work and research I do typically thinks of the ways in which identity plays into our connections, but also strives to look for new ways in which we compose our identities, and the potential ways that could change.  I am interested in larger, decentralized radical community and identify with conceptual experimentation in the service of creating new forms of social community, especially in relationship to land.”

For more of Whit Forrester’s work you can follow him on Instagram or Twitter.

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The Dance of Undressing

Swiss/Danish art duo known simply as PUTPUT blurs the lines between photography, design, and conceptual art wonderfully.  For their series of photographs titled Undress, PUTPUT isolates a daily dance.  On the series, the duo comments:

” The ‘Undress’ series highlights an everyday choreography undertaken by the majority of people on a daily basis. The garment becomes central and embodies the movement.”

The photographs transform a mundane task into a beautiful flash of time.  Undress further presents an especially intimate and unguarded moment with the attention of an abstract artist.

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Zhang Xiao

Zhang Xiao, a Chinese freelance photographer, knows just how to grip the viewer’s attention. Incredibly nostalgic, and dream-like, these photos have a way of keeping themselves in our thoughts. I especially enjoyed his series entitled: They I, They II, and They III.

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Jan Otto Schreiber


Jan Otto Schreiber, a photographer from Hamburg, Germany, decided to explore Australia last year. He traveled by cargo ship for two months, traveling on the Panama Canal, and in that time documented his surroundings with over 250 different shots of islands, ships, and the sea. He spent weeks editing the proofs of his documentation, and ended up with 14 dreamy images.

This series is titled: Somewhere Between the Shores. A yellow-tinged, pale collection of photographs that mimics the experience of quiet nostalgia, the subtle stillness of the ocean, and the mystery inside moving silhouettes.

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James Joyce


London-based designer and illustrator James Joyce (yes, apparently that is his real name) does some wonderfully playful work that harkens back to an older era of design, before we had computers, when every designer was also an illustrator…it reminds me of Saul Bass, Milton Glaser, Paul Rand, etc. It still, however, feels very contemporary.

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