YEASAYER Ambling Alp



Beautifully shot videos in conjunction somehow for YEASAYER’s new Ambling Alp single. You use your mouse to pan around this camera that in the first video is propped up by all the members in unison in some sort of boxed with mirrors all around. The second video is more voyeuristic. You can move the camera around however you like- you don’t always have to be looking at what they want you to see (the band running around in a desert) so it has this first person exploration/Myst/Second Life feeling. Sort of reminds me of this Flash video Black Mother Super Rainbow did.

Jimmie Durham


Jimmie Durham’s latest exhibition, “Obsidian,” explores the poetics of the black volcanic glass material, once favored by Mesoamerican cultures in shamanic rites and the creation of mirrors. Above is “The Doorman,” fashioned after Texcatlipoca, meaning “smoking mirror,” an Aztec deity represented by his characteristic black obsidian mirror. And creating the world. I love these contemporary-ancient new magic sculptures. If you’re in Mexico, Durham’s show is up until February 6th at Kurimanzutto.

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Peggy Kouroumalos

Peggy Kouroumalos


Peggy Kouroumalos, a Scorpio from Canada, has a penchant for painting people (mostly women) in quite unique surroundings and circumstances. In her “Animal Head” series, Peggy has oil painted these women with animals for hair. It takes one a second to comprehend what they are looking at, for of course we are all going to look at the woman’s body before we glance at her raccoon-hair. It’s interesting we should post this today, as our stoic intern Harrison has decided to wear his very own raccoon-hat to work today.



Extracts of Local Distance



Different fragments of architectural photography create these Extracts of Local Distance, using a common focal point in the distance from their extensive perspective database, to unite them all. The images create a new architectural space found only in these composites, that would never exist in reality.



Awesome Video Of The Day- Western Spaghetti

Another example of lo-fi special effects and techniques used to get mind blowing results. Written and directed by PES.

Billy Hayes aka Chicken Billy


Here is Chicken Billy’s recipe to his bright vector illustraions: take Hanna Barbera, Hulk Hogan, History Channel, James Brown, Fort Worth Zoo, B.B. King, Hank Williams III, Jesus Christ, a pair of cowboy boots and a pair of jeans, some Mexican beer, your choice, and put them on a surface only using flat vector shapes. Well then… there you have it. Taste like Chicken!

Paul Hazelton

Picture 2
Picture 6

Paul Hazelton creates ephemeral, fragile sculptures from the cast-off tiny death material of household dust. All we are, is dust in the wind dude, as Bill and Ted so eloquently quoted once.

Davide Faggiano

Davide Faggiano

Multimedia artist Davide Faggiano based in Salento, Italy.