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Billelis Engraves Morbidly Beautiful Skulls Covered With Ancient And Contemporary Patterns

Billelis (Billy Bogiatzoglou) - Digital art Billelis (Billy Bogiatzoglou) - Digital artBillelis (Billy Bogiatzoglou) - Digital artBillelis (Billy Bogiatzoglou) - Digital art

Billelis (Billy Bogiatzoglou) is a digital artist, illustrator, and art director currently living in the UK. With an eye for bold contrasts and colors, complex machinery, and the macabre, everything he produces has a hyperreal and futuristic quality. In the series featured here, Billelis has chosen one of his recurring motifs — the skull — and reproduced it 50 times, digitally engraving each one with “key patterns that influenced humanity through the millennia” (Source). Open up his dark, digital sepulcher and you can see skulls marked with patterns resembling Aztec, Greek, Roman, Celtic, and folk designs, as well as geometric patterns and — on a different note — Space Invaders.

Each skull is uniquely sculpted in 3D. Focusing on texture, geometry, and symmetry, Billelis has perfectly enmeshed skeletal anatomy with complex patterns. The effect is both beautiful and haunting — hollowed eyes and fleshless mouths are framed and flowing with undulating lines, giving the skulls a morbidly antique and museum-like quality. This is not the first time Billelis has combined bones and geometry; check out his fascinating Man vs. Nature project for something similar.

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Léonard Combier’s Wild Doodles On The Pages Of Passports

 Leonard Combier Illustration Leonard Combier Illustration Leonard Combier Illustration Leonard Combier Illustration

LOL, I have so many visas, would you like to marry me? No kidding, Leonard Combier. He takes ordinary passports and transforms them into a magnificent compact world of intrinquite drawings, quotes, tiny details and intertwined stamps.  Depths of ink cover these passports with Gotham Googly looking characters with large bubble eyes.

His carefully calculated doodles are constructed with hundreds of shapes, forcing you to take a closer look at the passport and dissect the different stories.  Eyeballs are common throughout his drawings and staring back at you-makes sense on a passport.  This circus spectacle must be a sight for customs officer!

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Repository: Brian O’Reilly via Jon-Kyle


Why is it that with the ease of publishing available today people so often choose to re-post content as opposed to create it?  Jon-Kyle asks. We don’t take offense, as we make plenty art…. we just like giving unknown artists a little bit of light… anyway, Jon-Kyle has responded by creating a Repository, in curating culture. The above video, created by a computer that manipulates raster videos, is scary and amazing. Invented in the the 1970’s, the machine is refered to as a Rutt/Etra Scan Processor. We’re not sure you can find it on Ebay… but if anyone see’s one, nothing’s wrong with an early Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa present!

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Martin Strauss Infuses Fashion Photography With Dark Beauty And Biomechanics

Martin Strauss - Photography Martin Strauss - Photography

Martin Strauss - PhotographyMartin Strauss - Photography

Martin Strauss is a Berlin-based photographer whose artistic imagination knows no limits; whether he is shooting high fashion, lingerie, or creative portraiture, he always aims to “push the boundaries of photography a bit further” (Source). His images are consistently beautiful and surreal — two words which describe this particular series, entitled Irresistible. Throughout the images, models wearing leather and couture dresses pose in front of gothic backdrops; with their faces ensconced in masks suggestive of barbaric torture devices, they resemble predatory machines. The result is a set of photographs that are both realistic and fantasy-like, beautiful in the danger they pose.

As a long-time admirer of fashion photography, Strauss wanted to create his own vision of it by adding a new, experimental dimension: a style that he identifies as “dark beauty.” At the core of his concept was a biomechanical theme, a violent and industrial aesthetic in harsh juxtaposition with the soft beauty that often characterizes fashion photography. Strauss was not alone in the creation of this dynamic and narrative-rich series; working alongside him was Fercho Ma Do — an artist known in Berlin for his theatrical and SFX makeup — who helped design the masks and also provided ideas of his own. “Our creative work was kind of irresistible,” Strauss explains, speaking of their collaborative effort, and also of the reasoning behind the title, which was well-chosen; the series’ brilliant combination of beauty with dark eroticism and the macabre makes it visually and mentally engrossing.

The dresses featured in Irresistible were provided by Nicole Hellrung from Struppets, an avant-garde German fashion label. The model was Deborah Frey, who played the role of the biomechanical “mistress” perfectly. Check out the rest of Strauss’ work on his website and Facebook, and more images after the jump.

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Deni Dessastra recently won Beautiful/Decay Apparel’s t-shirt design competition. Dessastra hails from Jakarta, Indonesia and is a self-taught designer. We loved his fleur-de-lis embellished all-seeing eye erupting a cacophany of spirit animals, rainbow lightshows and visions! This shirt is limited edition and printed on a one-time only run- so pick yours up before it sells out!

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Bobby Neel Adams Halfsies and Wholes

Most of Bobby Neel Adams‘s whole shpiel is taking two seperate images and composing them as if they were one.  Old and young, man and woman, comparing and contrasting two different relationships and how they work together.

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Howie Tsui

howie tsuiOttawa-based artist Howie Tsui uses a mix of traditional Asian themes with Western aesthetics. His paintings depict scenes of terror that are very nightmare-like. “Tsui’s work is informed by a variety of dark subjects, including Asian ghost stories, Buddhist hell scrolls, Hong Kong vampire films, neo-conservative propaganda, and twentieth-century genocides such as the Nanking massacre.” We dig it.

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Hélène Jeudy’s Magical Graphite

Brussels-based Hélène Jeudy consistently pumps out magical graphite drawings that never cease to dazzle the eyes with the banal and the demonic. From the kitchen to the pits of hell you will go, with your eyes being blasted by her beautiful tonnage. She recently, had a book released by POGO Books. Support. This. Lovely. Dream.

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