Jan Dunning

Picture 24

Jan Dunning manages to transform the rudimentary device of the pinhole camera and create strange and wondrous scenes with them. I love the idea of these expansive macrocosmos unfolding from the microcosm of a single point of light…kind of baffling! I remember using a pinhole in one of my first beginning photography classes and the most I got from the lens-less, shutter-less coffee can cam was blurry black and white blobs at best.

Anne De Vries

Anne De Vries
Anne De Vries is interested in “reducing a staged scene into a two dimensional image and then photographing it. The image becomes further removed from a dominant physical presence and allows the focus to shift more to the codes and spells that these tableaus evoke. These images are meant to exploit the visual and iconographic potential of the common world as a language.” Check out “Constructing Virtual Reality” (in collaboration with art group AIDS 3D- there’s something weird with their site right now, we’re not trying to give you guys computer viruses…) where a semblance of a 80′s/90′s cyber world is created by photographic tricks: long exposures and grid made out of strings with black light.

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Imagebakery, a motion graphics studio in Korea recently sent us a link to this fully animated music video for Korean mega recording artist G Dragon. If your a fan of anime, fairytales, 3d disney stories, and manga then this is for you.

Matt Barton

Matt Barton
Artist Matt Barton graduated from Carnegie Mellon in 2006, spending his time there setting up mechanized taxidermy animals in strange and colorful situations. In “Time-O-Rama: Electric Infinity with Real Plastic,” made in 2006, there were 20 of those said motorized animals, two video projections, 5 sound cd’s, flowers blooming, leaves falling and changing colors, lightning and thunder, wine was dispensed from a nozzle sticking out of the deer’s ribs…and a partridge on a pear tree. That last one I added myself. Matt has also collaborated with Extreme Animals, hyper bitmosh-rock-band of artist Jacob Ciocci (Paper Rad).

Awesome Video Of The Day: Motion Ceramics

Rocks, Gems, Mutations, and cosmic energy in motion… I present you with the Awesome Video Of The Day by motion graphics artist and ceramicist, Charlotte Cornaton..

Francis Upritchard


Yes, that really is a literally rainb0w-gradated longhair headband wearing naked dude making some kind of Buddhist meditational gang sign. Francis Upritchard wraps up all that is right and wrong of the neo-crystal optimism of the 60′s psychedelic counterculture and fuses it with her own blend of futurism.

James Hopkins

James Hopkins
Every piece of James Hopkins’ work challenges the limits of human cognition. My favorites from his series (though they’re all really cool) are “Balanced Works”, many of which pieces in this feature various types of alcohol- drinking and balance? – good combination, and “Perspective Sculptures” containing erratically proportioned instruments that would make up a rock band.

Jonathan Allen


Tommy Angel is Jonathan Allen’s bible-thumping alter ego, whose cheezy 70′s kitsch performances blend “miracles” culled from Christendom, Joke-shop magic and art’s own hall of mirrors alike. Drawing parallels between faith and illusion, conceit and deception, religion and slight of hand, Allen raises complex issues surrounding the nature of spectacle and its myriad applications across history.