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Canson Wet Paint Grant Recipient: Wendell Gladstone

As long as there have been artists, there have been people who recognized that the innovation and creativity of truly unique individuals should be nurtured. Beautiful/Decay Magazine is very pleased to announce its collaboration with the CansonRoyal Talens family of art supply brands on the Wet Paint Grants project.

Canson, Royal Talens and Arches have been manufacturing the highest quality art materials that inspire artists for centuries. Likewise, artists have been playing a key role in development of products that they make at their own mills.

Most recently, Canson and Beautiful/Decay teamed up to choose eight artists in the United States, who exemplify a passion and commitment to their craft. Over each of the next eight weeks, Beautiful/Decay will announce a new recipient of the Wet Paint Grant. Each artist chosen will receive a year’s worth of art supplies from any of the Canson family of brands. We hope the generosity of these grants will help each artist to leave limitations behind and produce the work that compels them. While the outside support of artists is an integral part of Art history, above all we congratulate and thank the artists, who are the impetus to brands like Canson, Royal Talens and Arches to continue encouraging the arts. Read about our first Wet Paint Grant recipient Wendell Gladstone after the jump.

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Scott Dickson’s Hidden Monuments

The name of Artist Scott Dickson‘s series Moment Monument, like the artwork, is a juxtaposition of sorts.  Using vintage postcards as collage material, Dickson obscures the monuments that are the intended subject of the photographs.  Using the vintage photos and geometric forms, Dickson relieves the monuments of their narrative and posterity.  This allows a second look at the monuments physical context – it’s pedestal, its surrounding, the space it in inhabits.  More importantly, though, it encourages a second look at monument’s conceptual context – the meaning of commemoration and memory through sculpture.

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Jakub Pollág Designs A Personal Tattoo Gun That Can Be Used At Home

Jakub Pollág, Personal Tattoo Machine - Design Jakub Pollág, Personal Tattoo Machine - Design Jakub Pollág, Personal Tattoo Machine - Design

Jakub Pollág, a designer who works alongside Václav Mlynář out of Studio DeForm, has created a device that he hopes will “democratize the tattoo industry”: a Personal Tattoo Machine. Now, people wanting to ink their bodies with personally meaningful art can do it in the privacy of their own home, bypassing the need for tattoo shops and long waitlists. The unit, as demonstrated in the video above, is compact, affordable, and comes with all the necessary equipment, such as tubes, rubber gloves, antiseptic lotion, and sterile needles.

“The aim is to enhance tattoos that are not about aesthetics, instead their main function is to reflect meaningful memories,” Pollág explained to Designboom. “Due to their permanent nature, it is important that they are honest and exclusive” (Source). This suggests that the intention, experience, and act of tattooing—that is, the commemoration of a moment, which will live as long as you do—is just as valuable as the finished piece.

Whether you still want to commission an artist to create your design (and many of us squeamish or less artistically-inclined folk may still choose to do that), or you trust your own creativity and steady hand, Pollág’s device is an intriguing idea for truly customizing your tattoo. It doesn’t get more personal than this. Learn more about the Personal Tattoo Machine here. (Via The Creators Project)

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John Opera



It’s not an easy task to make landscape photography erie, beautiful, and contemporary looking all at once but John Opera does it with such an ease that it’s scary.


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Paola Pivi’s Feathered Polar Bears


Paola Pivi - sculpture

Paola Pivi - sculpture

Last year Beautiful Decay featured Paola Pivi’s 360 Degree Rotating Airplane in New York City Plaza.  Pivi is making art headlines again with her fantastical feather-clad polar bears.  Influenced by the surrealists, Pivi’s plumed bears walk the line between dream and reality.  They are her version of the ready-made.  Prone to “visions,” Pivi says that she often sees animals located in a strange setting.  For her most recent show, entitled Ok, you are better than me, so what?, at Galerie Perrotin’s new space in New York, Pivi created a series of sculptures influenced by a vision she had of a polar bear dancing with a grizzly bear.  Rather than taxidermy actual animals, Pivi had an expert create bears from urethane foam, plastic, and feathers.  The results are fantastic in the truest sense of the word.  Meaning, they are imaginative, fanciful and slightly absurd.

In proper surrealist fashion the bears engage an element of surprise and unusual juxtapositions, which Pivi strives to create with all her work.  The bears, for instance, embody several contradictions.  All at once they are both real and whimsical, frightening and amusing, and serious and absurd.  Mostly though, they seem like a lot of fun.

Pivi has lived all over the world, but currently resides in New Delhi, India.  Her show that opened Sept 18th at Galerie Perrotin’s New York location will be up through October 26th.

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Alejandra Quesada

Picture 5

I’m really enjoying the dreamy, Trapper-Keeper sketchbook-esque fanciful designs by Mexico City-based designer Alejandra Quesada. Loving the layered wide lapels above, they look like construction paper cut-outs held together by glue sticks and secrets!

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Ceramic Sculpture With A Primal Surrealistic Feminine Charge

Kim Tucker - CeramicsKim Tucker - Ceramics

Kim Tucker - Ceramics

Kim Tucker’s ceramic sculptures are burly messes of gender– exorcising primal desires, akin to a Bukowski or Fante novel, with a dash of Freud, but crafted with more of a surrealistic feminine charge. Each nude, for example, sexually and emotionally gestures at our gentle need for communion from one body to the next, illustrating psychologically how we bleed failure, rejection, isolation or loss.

KCRW’s Laura Schumate laments on each figure’s soft absorption: “There’s a desire to protect them like your own children or a friend, while acknowledging their familiar sorrow within yourself.”

On that note, the entire menagerie evokes not only Tucker’s inner children, but also our own, as they engage in “psychological storytelling”– narrating open wounds we are inclined to protect, lick, mother, or share: a deep commiseration over the tragedy of bodily confinement.

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Madrid’s Op-Art Christmas Lights

We all love the lights that pop up during the holiday season. Most of the time individuals and local city planners hang the standard lights that we’ve come accustom to or the occasional Santa Silhouette climbing down a chimney. However this holiday season the good folks of Madrids’ Barrio De Salamanca had the smarts to hire Architect Teresa Sapey to push the envelope of cheerful holiday lights. Instead of using the traditional holiday symbols that we’re used to seeing Sapey designed a series of concentric circles that overlap creating the trippiest holiday light display you’ve ever seen. The patterns overlap and become more intense the further you are with colors, patterns and shapes overlapping one another to create a spectacular and optically dazzling new take on a tradition that has been taking place for many decades. Happy holidays to all indeed! (via)

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