Min Kim @ ATM Gallery


Korean-born Min Kim will be exhibiting new works at ATM gallery this month. Her sparkling, innocent collage and pen and ink images remind me of lost children’s book illustrations. If you are in New York, her opening is on November 12th, from 6-8pm.

Sekitani Norihiro

Speaking of “festering goodness/grossness”, check out these music videos directed by artist, pervy collage-ist, animator and I guess sort of a Japanese equivalent of Paper Rad, Sekitani Norihiro. They’ll be sure to accompany you into seizures induced by metal death, mashed sound bits and flailing bloody organs. Also be sure to get a good look at the artwork on Sekitani’s site (which is hosted on Geocities, RIP Geocities free hosting!).

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Roberto Calbucci

Roberto Calbucci

Roberto Calbucci, an Italian en route to Toyko, is a graphic designer and artist. His website/blog is dedicated to his drawings, as he explains:I have been working as an artist (painter) and graphic designer for many years. and until recently I never started a website to show my work. Now I have decided to start displaying some drawings online…so I started a blog, where I don’t post my paintings or my (concrete) graphic design work (cds, packaging, magazine work, advertising, logos, etc./business)…BUT ONLY MY EXPERIMENTAL DRAWING AS RESEARCH OF THOUGHTS…”

James Sutton


While this video could be mistaken for an orgy of Beautiful/Decay shirts, it’s actually awesomely thought up by James Sutton, 22 year old photographer. His work is beautifully colorful and ghetto-fabulous without being overly so. In his world, everything has a smooth finish and a sense of style. Jam is “inspired by pop culture, art & music, his work is a collision of colour and culture with a subtle hint of his love for surrealism.”

Andy Awesome

Andy Awesome

These amazing works of art are quite more than they seem. Cute, yes. Clever, obviously. But can you tell that they are acrylic on canvas? Us either. Andy Awesome, who is awesome indeed, creates these quite adorable circular renditions of popular culture reference for the pleasure of the public (and probably himself). The series goes on forever, find more at his website! 


Ryan Spring Dooley

Cool promo animation spot for Ryan Spring Dooley‘s web site.

Les Deux Garcons


I can not help but find myself indescribably drawn to taxidermy in all shape and forms, especially unconventional artwork as with the case of Les Deux Garcons. They seem to have a surrealist, Gothic freak-show aesthetic all combined into one. There’s something horrific about manipulating the animals’ lifeless, frozen forms into eternal works of art against their will…it reminds of the scene in Chronicle of Narnia where you walk through the White Witch’s front yard, and poor Mr. Tumnus and all the other forest animals have been turned to stone sculptures in various states of fear and despair by her ghastly spell.

Michael DeForge is King Trash

Michael DeForge
Canadian illustrator Michael DeForge’s portfolio recalls the festering goodness/grossness of cartoon classic staples Ahh Real Monsters and Ren & Stimpy that made your eyeballs feel like they were covered with a layer of prismacolor slime. I love his posters for bands such as Xiu Xiu and Les George Leningrad. Very fitting.