Emily Noelle Lambert



I love Emily Noelle Lambert’s palette- it’s like Wayne Thiebaud’s pastel pastilles and tiers of cupcake glazes applied with the loose, graceful grime and grit of German Expressionist paint handling. Sweet but not overly so. If you are in NYC, her show opens at Priska Juschka Fine Art tomorrow night, Nov. 5th.



While killing some time online I stumbled across the work of Dana Dart-McLean on Small A Projects website. Small A Projects works with a wide array of young up and coming artists like Dana who work in every medium from sculpture to photography to painting. I haven’t had a chance to stop by the gallery and see the space in person but it looks like a worthwhile destination on your next trip to NYC.

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When I sleep at night this is what my dreams look like. OKAY….. maybe they don’t look like this but I wish they did.

By Emilia Forstreuter

Ka-Lai Chan

ka lai chan


Young Designer Ka-Lai Chan is a 2009 graduate product designer from the School of Arts in Utrecht. Here products are visually pleasing and function well too.


"Klunk Garden"

"Klunk Garden"

Gelitin is comprised of four Austrian artists who met in 1978 at a summer camp and started exhibiting internationally as a group. Their cleverness in dealing with topics such as childhood, the functionality of objects, scale and absurdity are obvious in projects and corresponding titles such as “Klunk Garden” and “The Dig Cunt.” I like that their work seems to take on a variety of tones- ironic one moment and nostalgic the next. But all appropriate.

Jim’s Skull Gallery

Based in France, skull artist Jim was born in New Caledonia, “gateway for Oceania and many other horizons. He goes to New Zealand, stops over the New Hebrids, discovers Australia, India, and lands in Hong-Kong. Human experiences, cultural, ritual, he is marked by his travels and encounters…” He is informed by “contemporary art, African, Oceanian, Amerindian, popular, religious…multiple passions and a melting-pot of influences”. Now that’s a lot of location-dropping, but it’s evident that a lot of brain-stewing and new-material-hunting goes into his sculptures.


Strange and luring, this video is amazing. The seamless transitions and mind blowing effects draw you in as the story unfolds. From Director/Screenwriter/Producer/Editor: Tim Bollinger, Cinematographer: Daniel Meinl, and Sounddesign: Michael Fakesch.

Peter Dobill

Born in New Zealand, Peter Dobill is a Brooklyn, NY based actionist who has performed across the country. He is the recent recipient of the 2008-2009 Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance Art Grant. For this four hour endurance piece titled “Receiver,” the artist is suspended in a pool of milk, while a bowl placed overhead drips a continuous stream of milk into his nose. By constructing extravagant sets in which to carry out his actions, Dobill seeks to add a visual component to the performances. Dude is wild.