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Jason Rood’s Bearded Monsters

I love Jason Rood’s illustrations and the way he incorporates his sense of humor into his work.  Especially his beard series; so tight!

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Ben Foster’s Aluminum Geometric Animal Sculptures

geometric animal Sculpture geometric animal Sculpture geometric animal Sculpture

Ben Foster‘s sculptures almost appear to be comptuterized digital renderings at first glance. An industrial and natural artist, Foster creates these life-sized animal sculptures out of enamel-coated aluminum, often placing them in the natural environments that surround his New Zealand home. The sculptural form juxtaposed against the natural landscape has a stunning effect, appearing to be at once disparate and cohesive.

From his website, “Foster’s geometrical rendering is suggestive of the animal’s inherent connection to, and place within, the natural environment. Characteristically, it relies on the interplay of light and shadow and while the subject matter is ostensibly pastoral, the result is dramatic with the sculpture’s silhouette as commanding as the mountainous landscape it resembles.” (via colossal)

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Caleb Larsen

Caleb Larsen

Caleb Larsen must be one of those really smart people that thinks really really hard all the time. His piece “A Tool to Deceive and Slaughter” is a sculpture that is programmed to reauction itself off on eBay every 7 days, and if you buy it, you are required to immediately put it back up for auction again, so the cycle keeps on repeating. Any attempt by me to explain this work in a paragraph or less is going to fail miserably – check out this excellent interview with the artist after the jump to get a better idea of what is really going on. If you are in Seattle, go see for yourself at Lawrimore Projects, Larsen’s show “Everything All The Time Right Now” is up until February 13th.

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Jennie C. Jones


Artist Jennie C. Jones practices a great deal of control & constraint in her work currently exhibited under the contrasting title Electric. Through abstraction and minimalism, Jones presents  a multi-media, multi-layered installation series that is specifically tailored to the space in which its exhibited. Her show opened on July 8th at Sikkema Jenkins & Co. in New York and runs until August 13; if you can’t get there in person, I’d suggest you delve into the complete press release to get a thorough idea of what her show is all about- well worth it!

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Maria Jose Garcia Piaggio Investigates The World Of Cybersex Webcams





In Maria Jose Garcia Piaggio’s “Through the Window,” she appropriates found images as part of her investigation about cybersex. A project in two parts, the images of men capture them watching though free portals; the women’s photos are taken from live shows where the viewer has to pay to participate.

“I want to be able to show these scenarios that we all know are there but we keep hidden, deconstructing it from the virtual context and taking it to other scenarios to show these two groups to the viewer.”

There’s no mention in the project description of consent, so it’s unclear whether these voyeurs and provocateurs are willing participants in this project. Likewise, there are no descriptive texts or photographer/videographer credits available. Since these are found images, Piaggio serves less as an artist and more as a curator of these experiences. The images she’s chosen are interesting in their variety: the men’s and women’s faces are both alternately fully exposed and hidden. Rooms are revealed in the background, or left darkened and unspecific. Some subjects smile into the camera, others seem unaware that they’re being photographed.

It’s a broad subject and a provocative one, and Piaggio’s notes indicate that this is just the start of the project. She says, “I reflect about the body, the pose and the clichés.” In continuing to compile these images, Piaggio has the opportunity to push past the expected and reveal more about the proclivities of the watchers and the watched.

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Tiger & Turtle – The Roller Coaster for Pedestrians

Tiger and Turtle – Magic Mountain is a large site specific sculpture by Heike Mutter and Ulrich Genth that is a roller coaster for those of us who don’t like the sensation of falling to our death over and over again at hundreds of miles an hour. Built as the ultimate roller coaster for pedestrians, this magnificent piece sits on top of a man made hill in Duisburg that acts as a giant green pedestal for the work. Visitors are invited to walk through the maze of loops and turns using the LED lit handrails and the even spaced steps that casually guide them through the official roller coaster for the speed challenged.

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Jim Wright’s Wacky Castles

Verticordious and Scopperloit, 2007, acrylic on foam, wood, and

Verticordious and Scopperloit, 2007, acrylic on foam, wood, and aluminum, 64



Jim Wright’s out there painting and sculpture present an alternate American universe of hypercolor shag, talking animals and rainbows. More fantastical lands after the jump!


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Sam Green

Check out Sam Green’s fantastic poster created to raise money for Japan’s relief efforts as well as the rest of his portfolio.

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