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Grace Miceli


Grace Miceli is an artist based over at Burlington, Vermont. I am really enjoying her portfolio of collage, and photographs. Her collages in particular are pretty interesting as they range from satirical to full of humor.

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Artist Interview: Michael DeForge Is King Trash

The world of child mafias, gooey relatable beasts, funky leathery space dudes, soft bodies, diseased bodies, and crusty bodies, is the world of DeForge. Toronto-based Michael DeForge is running amuck in the independent comic’s scene. He is consistently putting out top-notch work executed in his very distinct style, a style that allows for plenty of room for experimentation while still being immediately recognizable as the “DeForge touch”. At age 24, with just a few years solidly devoted to comics, it’s amazing to imagine what he will achieve in his lifetime. On top of that, he does prop and effects for the wonderful Cartoon Network series Adventure Time. He has the drive. He has the look. He has it all. He is King Trash.

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Hundreds Of Copies Of The Wizard Of Oz Create Hypnotic Waves Of Color

Dennis Neuschaefer-Rube

The Wizard of Oz experiment from Dennis Neuschaefer-Rube on Vimeo.

When creating his reinterpretations of Technicolor masterpiece The Wizard Of Oz, German artist Dennis Neuschaefer-Rube didn’t limit himself to a singular medium. Dabbling in video manipulation, installation and printed ephemera, his “experiment” exists as a deep dive into what happens when the artist points the focus away from narrative, and instead zeroes in on visual velocity. He chooses to takes a step back, and re-imagines the film as a series of frames—laid side-by-side in a technique he refers to as “stilling film.”

In this 2-minute preview of Neuschaefer-Rube’s video piece, you can see hundreds of copies of the film, playing simultaneously in a hypnotic wave of color fluctuation. In the exhibited form, this work is accompanied by a printed version of the investigation, a singular film still, and a large (somewhat ominous) black box designed for viewing. Neuschaefer-Rube’s ability to steer the viewer’s attention from piece to piece is masterful, with each element of the experiment hitting just the right notes—perhaps making a slight nod to the Great and Powerful himself.

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I’m loving these works by Daniel Schlier on the Galerie Jean Brolly site. His grotesque collaged figures meld different painting techniques, materials, and disparate colors seamlessly with ease.  I just wish I could read French or find more info on him and his work.

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Ripo Visuals

When people observe art, the try to find a purpose, a message behind the whole thing. In many art pieces, the message may not be obvious or clear. Within the work by Ripo Visuals, their clear, easy-to-read, simplistic messages are powerful. Catchy, funny, truthful, clever phrases have been left on buildings all over Europe and South America. Courtesy of Ripo Visuals.

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John Malkovich Impersonates Your Favorite Celebrities And Iconic Photographs

Sandro Miller - Photograph Sandro Miller - Photograph Sandro Miller - Photograph Sandro Miller - Photograph

Images of John Malkovich dressed as Marilyn Monroe and Andy Warhol have been circulating the Internet the past few days. Although we’ve all been marveling at the actor’s ability to recreate these iconic images, I decided to dig a little deeper.

The Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich series (to be exhibited at Catherine Edelman Gallery November 7th) is as impressive as it is enjoyable; not only does Malkovich do a spectacular job of impersonating the (almost) inimitable celebrities, Sandro Miller should also be given credit for imitating each distinct style of photography. Anneliese Cooper points out in her article for Art Info that Malkovich possesses some amorphous quality with the ability to personify almost anyone, even though his facial features are rather unmistakable. She identifies – as the Millers series implies in name as well – that the film Being John Malkovich (written by Charlie Kauffman) somehow predicted or identified this inherent chameleon character of Malkovich.

What you probably have not seen, are Millers original portraits of Malkovich. They demonstrate the actor’s unbelievable ability to transform, and also Miller’s skillful curation of props and scenes to offer Malkovich the opportunity to express such a broad range of emotion. Malkovich’s emotional vocabulary spans disparity, rage, nonchalance, and a slew of other expressions that honestly, cannot be summed in a single word.

Check out Sandro Miller’s website, here.

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Submit Now to Art “Works Every Time”- Win $1000.45!

Colt 45 B/D Art Works Every Time

Last week we launched the Colt 45 + Beautiful/Decay Art “Works Every Time” Design Competition, and have been getting in some killer designs! You can visit the Gallery to check out a few of the latest. To refresh your memory, the winner gets a whopping $1000.45 (clever, right?) and, along with nine runners up, a gallery show curated at Synchronicity Gallery. This is a great opportunity to stuff your pockets with the green stuff as well as further your art careers, whether it’s your big break or a great exhibition for your resume. You can visit our Colt 45 + B/D microsite to find full details as well. The competition will be fierce- be sure to enter! April 15th deadline- read full rules, regulations and how to enter HERE!

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