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Awesome Video Of The Day: Shyscapes

A dreamy voyage through a cold, dark, mysterious snow filled planet courtesy of Misha Shyukin.Watch the full video after the jump.

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Sigmar Polke’s Work To Be Shown In Tate Modern In October

Sigmar Polke- Multimedia Artist Sigmar Polke- Multimedia Artist Sigmar Polke- Multimedia Artist Sigmar Polke- Multimedia Artist

Although he has been dead a few years, the enigmatic and masterfully talented Sigmar Polke (1941- 2010) is not soon to be forgotten. Largely evasive of being pin-pointed into any one area of craft, Polke was an exceptional postwar generation artist who crossed all genres and utilized his excessive wit and intelligence to comment on the world he lived in. The largest showing of his work to date is being presented at various museums in the world. Having just closed at the MoMA in New York, it will open up for exhibition at the Tate Modern in October 2014 before going to the Museum Ludwig in Germany in 2015.

The exhibition write-up from the MoMA show summarizes his legacy:

“Sigmar Polke (German, 1941–2010) was one of the most voraciously experimental artists of the twentieth century. This retrospective is the first to encompass the unusually broad range of mediums he worked with during his five-decade career, including painting, photography, film, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, television, performance, and stained glass, as well as his constant, highly innovative blurring of the boundaries between these mediums. Masquerading as many different artists—making cunning figurative paintings at one moment and abstract photographs the next—he always eluded easy categorization.

Beneath Polke’s irreverent wit, promiscuous intelligence, and chance operations lay a deep skepticism of all authority—artistic, familial, religious, and governmental. It would be impossible to understand this attitude, and the creativity that grew out of it, without considering Polke’s biography and its setting in twentieth-century European history: in 1945, near the end of World War II, his family fled Silesia (in present-day Poland) for what would soon be Soviet-occupied East Germany, and then escaped again, this time to West Germany, in 1953. Polke grew up at a time when many Germans deflected blame for the atrocities of the Nazi period with the alibi “I didn’t see anything.”

Polke scrutinized the malleability of vision. Highly attuned to the differences between appearance and reality, he was wary of the notion that there might be one universal truth. His relentlessly inventive works, ranging in size from the intimacy of a notebook to monumental paintings, collapse conventional distinctions—between high culture and low, figuration and abstraction, the heroic and the banal—allowing flux, rather than stability, to prevail.”

Don’t forget to go to London and see it in person! It’s only a plane away!

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Sam Falconer

Sam Falconer is a freelance illustrator based in the UK, whose portraits of famous figures such as Jack Nicholson and Bette Davis mix textures, patterns and colours in a playful manner. Many of the collage renderings evoke the work of John Baldessari in a quirky play on pop imagery. More after the jump.

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Katerina Kamprani’s Uncomfortably-Designed Objects Make Your Life Worse, Not Better

kk_4 kk_3 kk_9 kk_8

Good design is supposed to make life easier. Ideally, it’s beautiful, intuitive, and useful. This can be said for things like Apple products, for instance, but the same doesn’t apply to Katerina Kamprani’s The Uncomfortable project. The architect has applied the exact opposite principles to objects such as forks, watering cans, and rain boots.  Instead of helping improve our lives, they make it harder but being oddly contorted, ill-placed, and out of the wrong materials. This includes hairy dishes, a cement umbrella, and steps that lead to nowhere (paired with a door you can’t enter).

Kamprani (also known as KK) ponders if these designs are vindictive, or perhaps a helpful study of everyday objects. Her goal was to make them uncomfortable (hence the name) but technically usable and to maintain the essence of the original item. While they aren’t totally unusable, they certainly won’t improve your life. (Via La Monda)

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Future Perfect- And The Winner Is……..

Beautiful/Decay and Prius Projects are proud to present the winner of the Future Perfect project. It was an extremely tough call but after many days of disscussion we are proud to announce Corey Thompson as the grand prize winner! Not only will Corey get a Beautiful/Decay care package valued at $300 from Beautiful/Decay but he will also have an exclusive interview in Beautiful/Decay Book: 6.

We had originally planned on featuring 70 runner-ups in book:6 but having received so many amazing contributions we’ve decided to increase the artist count to 100! Each runner up will have their submissions featured in the book, creating the ultimate creative book filled with visions of a better tomorrow. We can’t release the names of the runner ups just yet but stay tuned for more news as Book: 6 develops!

P.S. To reserve your copy of Book: 6 make sure to subscribe! It is the only way to gaurantee yourself a copy before it sells out.

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josef Bolf

Dark visions and childhood memories from Czech painter Josef Bolf.

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Bryan Christie


Inspired by the recent photography book Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York, commercial illustrator Bryan Christie has begun posting some new recreations of NYC storefronts on his blog. The illustrations are done in his familiar style – very slick and clean 3D stuff, which creates an interesting disconnect from these stores’ urban environments. There are three of them so far, hopefully more to come.

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MINALE-MAEDA’s Inside Out Furniture And Lego Buffet

Minale-Maeda’s Inside Out Furniture series is designed specifically to be downloadable in order to reduce enviornmental issues related to transport, costs of stockkeeping, and explore collaborative design and distribution. The concept was to turn pieces inside out to make construction simple, while brackets and structural details become distinctive and attractive features. The connections are 3D printed to suit various sizes of wood, and the crafting is minimal requiring only cutting to length and drilling. Another interesting project by the collaborative duo is the Lego Buffet, a buffet table gorgeously made entirely out of you guessed it, Legos! See more images after the jump!

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