Theo Jemison & Kiel Johnson


While Kiel Johnson constructed an entire magnified twin lens camera out of cardboard (which actually works, amazingly but not surprisingly), Theo Jemison artfully captured the endeavor on another medium, film. It’s more than just a time-lapse video, it’s beautiful and captures the fun and tediousness that was involved in making this gigantor camera. Click here to see photographs the camera actually took! They’re eerie and gorgeous, just in time for Halloween.

David Lemm


David Lemm of Edinburgh, Scotland, has created a video response to the play “Smoke” by Rupert Thomson. Using a beautiful mix of color, pixels and sound, Lemm shows us quite a compelling visualization. Having not seen the aforementioned play, one wonders what, besides smoking, the piece truly means to the artist.

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Michael Mallis

Michael Maallis
Michael Mallis, former candidate for Pittsburgh mayoratorial race, is now a devout scientologist. He makes sloppy drawings, comics, videos and animations that rely on toilet humor. His work has been screened on every continent except Australia. You’ll weep, you’ll laugh, and you’ll knit your eyebrows in ecstatic confusion. His video Natural Selection, in particular, sort of reminds me of Fantastic Planet…and that story I read as a child about some big man lost in in the sea who woke up being strapped down by midgets.

Alex Gross

"VIDEOTAPE", mixed media oil on panel, 24" x 24", 2008.

Alex Gross is an alumni student and faculty member from, The Art Center college of design in Pasadena, CA. In his piece “VIDEOTAPE”, he creates a surreal world, inhabited by  Gene Simmons, Medusa, and Rainbows. ” The Art of Alex Gross” was published by Chronicle Books, in 2007. The Hardcover book features all of Alex’s gallery work and has over 90 full color plates. 


Russell Kleyn

Russell Kleyn


Jumping between equally beautiful almost commercial shots and conceptual pieces, Russell Kleyn excels in seeing the beauty in less than ordinary situations.

We Have Band- You Came Out

An amazing video for We Have Band‘s song “You Came Out” created from 4,816 still images! Not a single moment was used to make this mini masterpiece. If you don’t believe me just take a look at their Flickr page to view all the hi res images that were used to create the video. Directed by David Wilson in collaboration with Fabian Berglund and Ida Gronblom from Wieden + Kennedy.

Andy J. Miller

Andy J. Miller


Andy J. Miller successfully meshes with the likes of Starburst, Sony and the Science Council without seeming to conform to corporate styles. With a splash of handdrawn and wonderful silkscreened colors, Miller adds a bit of whimsy with each of his designs.


The Seed

Not sure if this was posted on other sites yet but I just love this animation. It was funded by Adobe to promote the new CS4 and was made using stop motion papercraft and 2d drawn animation. Created by Nexus Productionsand features a soundtrack by Jape