Ward Roberts

Ward RobertsWard Roberts was born in Australia and currently lives in Hong Kong and Australia. His work of quiet images depicting various lonesome landscapes are impressive. His contemporary eye has caught active locations and made them obsolete. Pretty neat.

B/D Apparel Releases Seven New Designs for Fall ’09!

B/D Apparel Releases Seven New Designs for Fall '09!
Beautiful/Decay just released seven new designs just in time for Fall! Artists Colin Strandberg, The SickSystems, Ben Tegel, Jessica Hische and Official Classic created some stand-out graphics you have to see to believe!

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Air Sing Sang Sung Video

Paris based Mathematic SAS is a well established motion design studio working with clients all over the world. The above Air video is their latest masterpiece. Enjoy!

Black Mold: Metal Spiderwebs

Not only is Chad VanGaalen a talented musician but he also is an amazing artist! If you don’t believe me just watch this wacky video he made for his electronic alter-ego, Black Mold.

Cristopher Cichocki


Cristopher Cichocki creates odd interventions with the environment around him, often times using the simple gesture of coating items, taxidermy, dead animals with enamel and then photographing the works. Cichocki works out of the Salton Sea, whose unique environmental qualities and geographic location serves as his muse- he often recontextualizes the bizarre dead wildlife and abandoned, encrusted structures around him into surreal new viastas.┬áReminiscent of Robert Smithson’s earth works, but for a nuclear, toxic waste, environmental hazard-acclimatized generation.

Calvin Ho

calvin hoCalvin Ho is an Australian artist currently living in Hong Kong. Since 1997, Ho has worked on a wide range of projects that cover design, art direction, illustration & motion for the music, fashion, art, film & entertainment industries.

Modest Mouse “Whale Song”

Music video director Nando Costa of Bent Image Lab has produced a truly surreal video for Indie rock mega group Modest Mouse. The video takes a bit to load but it’s well worth the wait.

Here is a description fresh off the press release!

The visuals follow an artist who enters his personal sanctuary where he is presented with a hand-crafted drawing tool that assists him in materializing his mental impressions. Through drawing circular patterns, the machine discharges an endless web of yarn that guides him through his visual representations of his memories. The story progresses to reveal that he is divided between two worlds, one of dull reality and the second of warped memories. In the process of finding a way out of his consciousness, he is trapped between the two competing spaces, which eventually inflict lethal damage, acting as metaphors to self-destruction.


zuttoZutto is an illustrator and designer based in Russia. The imaginative worlds she creates are quite spectacular, so check it out.