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Nikki Toole


Scotland born photographer Nikki Toole is traveling around the world until 2012, gathering imagery for a book project documenting global skater cultures. Besides the fact that Nikki knows how to handle a camera and take a stunning image (in my opinion, anyway), there’s a bareness in this series of photographs which makes me feel as though these people are staring directly at me, and me alone. Now based in Melbourne, Australia, Nikki is open to hearing from potential subjects who wish to volunteer themselves for the project. Nikki also has many previous collections well worth checking out.

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Michael Hansmeyer Grotto Columns

Michael HansmeyerMichael HansmeyerMichael Hansmeyer

Michael Hansmeyer’s Grotto Project involves the conception and design of a new column order based on subdivision processes. It explores how subdivision can define and embellish this column order with an elaborate system of ornament.

An abstracted doric column is used as an input form to the subdivision processes. Unlike the minimal input of the Platonic Solids project, the abstracted column conveys a significant topographical and topological information about the form to be generated. The input form contains data about the proportions of the the column’s shaft, capital, and supplemental base. It also contains information about its fluting and entasis.

When entering the exhibition room, the viewer at first perceives sixteen columns. This effect, created by the use of two floor-to-ceiling mirrors on adjoining walls, is intentionally accentuated by the columns’ design. Thus the columns are symmetrical along only a single axis, and they have different appearance when seen from the front or the back. In effect, two column permutations are united in a single column – with eight virtual models for the four physical objects.

While the procedural approach to design enables this multiplicity of output, it also expands the solution space on the level of the single object. It thus allows the creation of objects that are otherwise undrawable – and perhaps even unimaginable – in terms of their detail and complexity. (via)

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WALEE’s insane digital portfolio.

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Francisco Miranda’s Intricate Art Nouveau Inspired Wood Collages

Francisco Miranda1602d350be2c8d189efd1dcad22bb5bd


Argentinean artist and designer Francisco Miranda creates work in a variety of media from digital animations to graphic design. However his geometric wood collages are what really catch our eye. Miranda creates multi-layered wall objects and spatial installations from elaborately cut wooden forms. Reflecting on the architecture of his native city Buenos Aires, he looks at how the old has evolved into the new. His work combines elements of art nouveau and art deco to create an intricately ornamental species of caryatids to shape a futuristic Argentinean metropolis. (via Ignant)

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Justin Walker’s Thighs and Pistols


Photographer Justin Walker‘s studio photos of guns, food, and thighs (both human and chicken) are cold and slick in the best of ways.

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Build Your Portfolio Site In Minutes!

website builder portfolio site

made with color portfolio site

You may have heard us mention our favorite website builder before : Made With Color. Well they’re at it again, adding new templates and new gallery styles so that artists and creative types everywhere can have a simple and beautiful way to showcase their talent.

A lot of portfolio sites come across our desks each day. Each artist that submits their work to us only has one chance to make a good impression, which is why it’s so important to use the right tools to represent your work. The reason we love Made With color is simple, it allows people to showcase their work simply and beautifully while being simple to use.

B/D has an ocean of talented readers, but we’re not all coders and technophiles, especially those of us who spend our days elbow deep in linseed oil. For those people, you need website builder that let’s you get your site up and running before you finish your morning coffee.

 Sign up for your free trial today and have a brand new site before lunch time.

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Han Xiao’s Portraits Have Garbled Faces

Han Xiao - Painting portrait painting portrait painting portrait painting
Han Xiao‘s portraits show people with garbled faces, expressing themselves with thick swirls of paint instead of a pleading frown. Citing Francis Bacon as a major influence, she channels her inspiration through the tangled emotions and shocks of color in her paintings.
“The major themes I pursue include life, conflict, confrontation of odd shapes in the social environment, and the contradiction behind the reality,” Xiao says. The contradiction she seeks to portray seems to come from within her subjects, their identities marred by some kind of disconnect between their inner and outer selves.
Xiao’s work has been described as having “a kind of loneliness and faint anxiety,” but the sense of violent desperation is offset by the fact that these people seem to want to be heard. The brushstrokes are frenetic and intense, but they are also trying to communicate something — ultimately, they are trying to connect. (via I Need a Guide)

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Awesome Video Of The Day: Pico

Here’s a fun video to start off your Thursday morning. I presentTakafumi Tsuchiya‘s video for experimental jazz quintet “SJQ”.

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