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Rich Tu

Rich Tu


Rich Tu definitely has a style. His illustrations are engaging and contemporary, though they harken back to the tradition of the beautiful Japanese painting style that so many of you had in poster form in your dorm room (myself included.. Tsunami, anyone?). Tu twists the idea to a modern feel, using muted colors with stark black, and dark and pensive subjects.


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Kim Winderman

Kim Winderman

Kim Winderman is a California based photographer, capturing delicate subtleties is her forte. While it’s easy to say that all photography is a vehicle for nostalgia, Winderman’s photos actually embody the feelings that are attached to remembrance. There is a subdued feeling of sadness in all of her photos, especially from the “Immediate Growing Anamnesis” project, where overlay images act out her perpetual attempt to cling to fading memories.

Romain Lenancker


Lenancker, out of France, uses colorful, crisp paper to create wonderful works of art. Usually interacting the paper creations with the human form, Lenancker adds dimension and playfulness to his aesthetic.

Behind the Scenes at Kiel Johnson’s Studio

Picture 4


The lovely Catlin Moore of Mark Moore Gallery was so kind as to provide Beautiful/Decay with a sneak-peak at Kiel Johnson’s upcoming exhibition entitled “Publish or Perish.” If you’re unfamiliar with Kiel Johnson’s work, his ¬†work, he creates transmorphic drawings, paintings and sculpture that seem to synthesize the ever-expanding media explosion through a kind of personal narrative. Really lovely line work, almost animation-like. Check out tons of amazing studio shots and the artist at work after the jump.

Ecological Apple

such a simple yet brilliant experimental video. Bravo Andreas Soderberg!

Helmut Stallaerts

Helmut Stallaerts

Belgian photographer Helmut Stallaerts transforms the mundane by selecting just one lonely specimen of out of the masses, turning it into his subject.

Designer Water by Paul Smith

Designer Paul Smith discusses his design for Evian water in this part infomercial, part documentary.

Link via Moind