Tristram Lansdowne

Tristram Lansdowne

Artist Tristram Lansdowne is a Canadian born artist currently living and working in Toronto. His paintings focus on “ideas of permanence and function inherent in our constructed environments”. Lansdowne references the 19th century Romantic ruin and juxtaposes it within an isolated urban setting, thus exhibiting his pessimistic view of human progress.

Le Goff & Gabarra

Le Goff and Gabarra

Le Goff & Gabarra is a design agency based in Paris. Their work demonstrates an understanding of bold colors and strong typography. I’m partial to their physical typographic works, especially their work for 6 scope. That 6 made out of water looks pleasantly scientific (check that one out after the jump). Good job to you Le Goff & Gabarra, keep ‘em comin’!

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Music ID2

This stop motion video was mainly created out of yarn. It’s beautiful.

Matthias Männer

Mattias mannerMatthias Männer was born in 1976 in Mitterteich, Germany. His organic-like figures are based on simple geometrical forms and are mostly prototypes or models for hypothetical monumental sculptures. On account of their dimensions, true execution would be utopian.

Xia Xiaowan

Xia Xiaowan


Xia Xiaowan, a Chinese artist born in 1959, uses layers of tinted glass and colorful pencils to create these 2D/3D works of art.


I Blinked…

eyesclosedOpposite to “normal” portraits, Benjamin Nadjib took pictures of people with their eyes closed. Normally the focus is on the eyes, but instead the face itself has the most attention. Well played. Check out the gallery HERE.

Pigasus Polish Poster Art

Picture 10

I recently stumbled upon Pigasus Gallery, a Berlin based shop that specializes in Polish Poster design. I hadn’t really been aware of the specific design genre of Polish poster design, but after poking around I found a few articles stating that beginning with the period right after World War II, the Polish Union of Artists along with support from all the major art universities set rigorous standards as far as poster design, creating a rich environment that bred a plethora of creative posters that exhibited unqiue imagery as well as technical proficiency….an amazing phenomenon creating some great posters! More after the jump…Check out Liza Manelli’s stockinged legs fashioned into a swastika in the “Cabaret” poster– not sure what to make of that, anyone?

Studio Visit: Stas Orlovski


I recently stopped by the studio of LA painter  and B/D featured artists Stas Orlovski. Stas and I have been trading studio visits for quite a while and it’s always fun to see what he’s up  to. Not only is his work brilliant but he has a studio that anyone would be jealous of. It’s more tropical oasis than studio with amazing landscaping surrounding the converted garage studio. More  finished paintings and work in progress after the jump.