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Megan Whitmarsh

What can I say, I can not get enough of Megan Whitmarsh’s pastel-colored embroidered day dream doodles and soft-sculptures of fabric cigarettes and pizza slices. It’s like Klaus Oldenberg ate an entire 20 lb. bag of Valentine’s day Sweethearts and grew up in the 70’s….or that adorable (but geeky) little girl was allowed to ditch the kittens and actually embroider what she wanted- flying V guitars and monsters in space boots. The best!

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Video Watch: Ryan McGinness on Self-Promotion & the Future of the Gallery System

Check out this great interview with everyone’s favorite graphic designer turned artist Ryan McGinness discuss everything from his work process, the importance of art galleries, his disdain for social media, and all sorts of other things. Can’t say I agree with everything he says but it’s fascinating to hear his views on such a broad array of topics.


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A Day In Decay: San Francisco (Part 2) Guerrero Gallery


I had been hearing some buzz about Andres Guerrero’s new space so I thought I’d head over and check out Weight Perception, a group show curated by SF’s own Andrew Schoultz.

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Aidan Koch, a comics writer and illustrator who’s previously been featured on Beautiful/Decay, has started a new blog entitled Field Studies to help fund an extended period of traveling. Koch, who hails from Portland, Oregon, is drawing intriguing sights she encounters during her travels – often depicting local flora, or a recurring pup named Edie – and selling each original piece for $20 through PayPal. The payments go back into Koch’s travels, thus generating even more field studies.

The studies themselves manage to come off as both timeless observations and, with the focus on plants, for instance, articulations of the zeitgeist. They are austere without being restrained and composed without being constrained. Most usefully, they serve as visual inlets to her larger body of artwork. For those not already familiar with Koch’s comics and styles of drawing, a good place to start is her comic book The Whale published by Gaze Books.

As part of her season of traveling, Koch will be the artist-in-residence at Skylab Gallery in Columbus, Ohio, during the month of June. As there is a lot of America in-between Portland and Columbus, I suggest checking out Koch’s drawings that are after the jump, then finding one that suits your daily décor needs on her site.

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The Monster That Haunts My Dreams

The Monster That Haunts My Dreams, 2008


Canadian Melissa P. maintains Mafia-Hunt which documents neat findings via the Internet, but it should also be known that she has an online portfolio devoted to her own fantastic work! I especially love her kooky characters and equally fun, hand drawn geometric shapes. More great drawings and collages after the jump!


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Tom Haney’s Mechanical Figures Find Appealing Narratives Using Simple Gesture

tom haney sculpture

tom haney sculpturetom haney sculpturetom haney sculpture

Subtle and steady gestures provide the backbone to Tom Haney’s movable figures. He creates characters using a craft called ‘automata’ which replicates human movement using mechanical devices. Each is constructed out of wooden found objects which eventually turn into characters pulled from novels like Winesburg, Ohio by Sherwood Anderson. Haney’s narrative mostly finds its way through small towns of the 40’s and 50’s back to a time when rebellion meant getting drunk off whiskey on a Friday night or flying a kite made out of an American flag. It stays put in a simpler time when things were mostly done by hand and craft meant something. This also manifests in the facial features of the artist’s figures which are painted with deadpan humor recalling Norman Rockwell. This dynamic paired with slight movement focuses your attention on a specific moment which sets it apart from ordinary puppets. It spawns a type of poetry created from gesture. Haney chooses to slow down time and focus on little things that enhance life through his wooden cast.

The videos explaining Haney’s process are fascinating because the work is highly detailed and irregular. Usually when you think of puppets you envision uniformity and system whereas when you see Haney’s craftsmanship it transforms into a lost art form. He discloses intricate carving methods needed to shape and make the pieces function. All the nuts and bolts making it work take on a Frankenstein sensibility which adds to the appeal. However, the narratives are pure Americana. Some of his more in depth projects have focused on the underbelly of a small town carnival leading to a mysterious underground and a vignette about discovering first love in the forest. Both are set to contemporary music.

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Matthew Nicholson Makes Stuff (Fun!)

Matthew Nicholson makes a wide variety of thing from photographs of bananas in his pants to paper security cameras. No matter what he’s doing he makes sure to have fun. That fun comes out in his work and is passed on to the viewer. Lucky you…

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Arielle Coupe

arielle coupe birdadterbirth1 Arielle Coupe creates work that feels as if it were a scene from an avant garde horror film.  It’s always a good feeling to be creeped out and intrigued simultaneously.

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