Keith Jones

Keith Jones
Canadian artist Keith Jones is a prodigious muralist who makes illustrations that remind me of those in Business Weekly or Reader Digest magazines. In them are scenes detailing the updated version of battle scenes on cave drawings or Greek urns. They are also sort of Where’s Waldo-ish.

Scion Charity Auction For Creative Capital

Scion’s Installation 5 national art tour had its final public opening recently at Scion’s LA gallery in Culver City. Now all the art is available for purchase in an auction hosted at Artnet. All of the proceeds from the auction will benefit the non-profit, Creative Capital. Go and buy some art for a good cause!

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Ester Stocker

Esther Stocker

I was first put off by Esther Stocker’s wall works, immediately categorizing it as an evolution of those tired string installation made by anonymous hipsters. But after looking at a few more images, and exploring her site, the 3-D graphs started to grow on me. Stocker’s simple use of black gaffer tape and foam core pulls from scientific imagery and successfully transforms space into a fantastic alternate reality where perceptions are shifted. Stocker’s work demonstrates a fascination with human perception and cognition, and judging by the title, “What I don’t Know About Space”, she doesn’t claim to understand how it all works, which is a refreshing to hear from an artist.

Vincent Olinet


Call me a little girl still, but I am kind of in love with these fanciful Parisian fairy tale Cinderella story-book sculptures by Vincent Olinet. Check out his pictures of giant, candy-colored pastel pastelles after the jump. Like, really? You single-handedly designed my dream canopy Rococo Marie Antoinette-inspired princess bed floating atop a lake of water lilies, AND my birthday cake? Who are you and how have you tapped so deeply into every woman’s secret Princess psyche? Or not. Still, I love these sculptures, for their overt magic. And yes, I probably needn’t say it, but he is French.

Family Guy gets the Disney Makeover

So hopefully you watch Family Guy (or at least Disney as a child) to understand how amazing this is… the show imagined what it would look like if the characters were all transported into the wonderful world of Disney. The illustrators did an amazing job on this one. Total classic.

Gehard Demetz

geharddemetz_2Gehard Demetz was born in 1972, in Bolzano, Italy. Currently he lives and works in Val Gardena on these amazing woodcarvings. His vision is on point, and his work is nothing short than breathtaking. Check it out.

Judy Darragh’s economically friendly sculptures

Night/Fall, 2006 at Ramp Gallery in New Zealand

Night/Fall, 2006 at Ramp Gallery in New Zealand

Judy Darragh makes work using cheap, fun and discarded materials, pilfering objects directly from the op-shops and living rooms of ‘ordinary New Zealand’. Her finished artworks demonstrate a dense layering of familiar cliché’s played off against one another, re-configured and exaggerated. This contextual complexity is accompanied in Darragh’s work by a characteristic wit and delightfully irreverent sense of humour. During her prolific twenty year career her work has ranged from the ‘Queen of Kitsch’ era to the ‘grunge art’ of the mid nineties, and her new suit of sculptural works presents an interesting mixture of the two. (Text and images via Ramp Gallery).

Cai Guo-Qiang

Cai Guo-Qiang was born in 1957 in Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, China. He was trained in stage design at the Shanghai Drama Institute were he initially began working with gunpowder to foster spontaneity and confront the suppression that he felt from the controlled artistic tradition and social climate in China at the time. Pretty bomb. Check out some of his work after the jump.