The Arms Project

The Arms ProjectThe Arms Project

The Arms Project is the undertaking of Lisa Manfre (Flickr user frootloops). Not much information is known about her except from the Flickr testimonials she has received: she loves cereal of all sorts and is “probably the most harmonious and nice person on flickr.” That’s saying alot! The pictures sure are sweet though (in multiple senses of the word).

Jennifer Sanchez

Jennifer Sanchez paintings

Jennifer Sanchez makes some nice paintings. The style might be a bit too reminiscent of Beatriz Milhazes work but still worth taking a look at.

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Mirko Martin’s LA Crash!

Mirko Martin Photographs

Some great photographs of arrests and car crashes in Mirko Martin’s portfolio. From the looks of it he must work in the movie industry.

Tim Roda’s MacGuyver-ed Mysticism


Tim Roda’s photographs seem to create ancient and historical scenes of magic and myth through slightly improvised, found materials. The above image, “Centaur” is striking for its oscillation between a certain kind of epic grandeur and a bizarre, seedy perversion. Many of his images superficially appear to be from some near-distant canon of royalty, though quickly dissolve into household snapshots. There’s something youthful as well in their innocent attempts at grandeur with just a little imagination, always infused with some kind of borderline hint at violence or conflict.

Oh, Brother

Most car commercials are boring. This one is imaginative, funny, and creative.

Sophia Blackall

Sophia Blackall

Craigslist’s missed connections is addicting for multiple reasons. It’s easy to spend all day reading about the possible love stories that surround us all day, and its also nice to read about people that may or may not be more desperate than yourself. Either way, Sophia Blackall’s illustrations of missed connections is the perfect accompaniment to otherwise image-less stories.

Franco Brambilla

Mixing vintage with sci-fi

Hotel Ambasciatori

Franco Brambilla seems to have taken our most odd dreams and brought them to some kind of reality. Is it a painting? A photograph? Something else entirely, or all of the above? I love the feeling of as if I were watching To Catch a Thief or The Sound of Music on the newly-dubbed “Sy-Fy” channel.

TIAM (This is a Magazine)

This is a Magazine was founded in 2002 in Milan Italy by Donnachie, Simionato & Son. This project includes a compendium of award-winning work, available on the internet and in the magazine. TIAM is the 6th printed Compendium and it refers to science-fiction writer Philip K. Dick’s final novel “Valis” and the protagonist’s interaction with an extra-terrestrial pink laser beam (Obviously a great foundation for the creation of cool artwork). The combination of these pieces work together to make an elaborate pop-up book full of beautiful but strange work.