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Daria Marchik

Screen shot 2010-08-26 at 10.36.53 AM

Moscow based artist Daria Marchik enjoys exploring eccentric non-comformity through her work. She dabbles in many fields, which includes art directing, photography, performance, etc. I love her simple, yet powerfully striking costumes that are so full of humor.

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Pauline Hisbacq’s This Side Of Paradise

Pauline Hisbacq’s This Side Of Paradise documents Rallyes, parties for teenagers from upper-class in France where well dressed young people dance, drink, and try to seduce one another in a world where they are free to be young and live a careless existence.

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Rob Bondgren


Rob Bondgren is an artist coming out of Chicago. His artwork takes a bit of reality and pushes it into a hallucinogenic state.

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Exit Through The Gift Shop

Last night I was invited to attend a preview of Exit Through The Gift Shop, the much hyped documentary by the street artist Banksy. By now, you all know that I’m an avid documentary junkie. I’ll watch a documentary about paint drying on a wall if it’s well made. I’ll admit, I went into the screening room expecting to hate it- so was Banksy able to win me over?

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Joe Diebes

Joe Diebes is one of those guys who is so smart you can feel the smartness coming off them in waves, like heat on blacktop. I don’t pretend to understand what he’s thinking, but like Potter Stewart explained hard core porno by saying “I know it when I see it,” it’s easy to see something intense happening in Diebes’ sound and video collage.  He created a recording of a musician, the cellist Rubin Kodheli, and then sort of collaged it back together using a mathematical algorithm.  One interesting conceptual aspect of this video, Scherzo, is that it never repeats.  And I don’t mean that it doesn’t repeat in this little one minute snippet, I mean that if you played it for one hundred years and sat there – it wouldn’t repeat the same sequence twice.  I told you, this guy’s smart.  You can see Scherzo at Paul Rodgers 9w gallery until December 2nd, and at the Liverpool Biennial until November 28th.

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Eric Ross Wiley

Brooklyn-based artist Eric Ross Wiley use of traditional materials, such as oil paint and canvas, is subverted with his experimentation with canvas stretching and bullet holes – which underplay the playfulness of the bright hues of his art. More of this work after the jump.

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Snack Bang! The Photography of Exploding Food

Ryan Matthew Smith - photographRyan Matthew Smith - photograph Ryan Matthew Smith - photograph Ryan Matthew Smith - photograph

Photographer Ryan Matthew Smith takes photos of exploding food for his publication Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking. Since April 2008 he has amassed over 140,000 photos. Using a high speed camera recording at 6200 frames per second, Smith is able to capture a side of food that we normally can’t witness.

His subjects are anything from sausages to saucepans. He photographs hamburgers bursting apart – mayonnaise caught in the act of falling, tossed salads being frozen in mid-air. Smith explodes his food and accessories with the help of a bullet – fired from a 308 sniper rifle and travels at roughly 2800 feet per second at the point of impact, it creates the perfect environment for his photographs.

Elaborately posed, his objects stand out on his starkly minimal backgrounds – usually matt black. He shows cross sections of woks, elements, flames and pots, creating images reminiscent of modern abstract compositions. Smith says of his technique:

‘I had a pretty good understanding of compositing but given the large amount and complexity of photo illustration I spent many hours on Photoshop trying to find new ways to blend images together smoothly and quickly’.

Smith thrives on imbuing the mundane with life and motion. His photographs are a perfect display of what is it like to be caught in the maelstrom of food preparation, or destruction.

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Nathaniel Russell’s Pseudo 70’s Weird Brushwork

Indianapolis artist Nathaniel Russell comin’ through with the brush clutch. I don’t know what stands out more with these – the super subtle humor or the pseudo 70’s illustrative steez, but they’ve got me feeling warm inside. Click past the jump to see more of what I’m talking about. And if you’re out all the way east right now, looks like he’s got a show coming up in Tokyo next month.

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