Roland Tiangco’s Dirt Poster

roland tiangcoRoland Tiangco’s dirt poster is genius… you just need to click more to check it out.

Yuta Onoda

yuta onodaYuta Onoda is a very talented painter, illustrator, and printmaker from Japan. He graduated from Bachelor of Applied Arts Illustration at Sheridan College, Canada, and has been shaping his art aesthetic through various forms of media, hoping to find new avenues to express himself.

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A record of Life

This awesome video was created by created by Owen Gatley and Luke Jinks. The video is “loosely based on the scientific recording of life’s great species. And how this has given us clues that piece together, for us to discover the secrets of the evolution and diversity of life on Earth.” Pretty sweet.

Whoop Dee Doo!!!

Whoop Dee Doo!!!
Whoop Dee Doo, hosted by your awesome friends, Jaimie and Matt, is a kid-friendly faux public access television show featuring pre-planned performances accompanied by live audience participation (Kind of like a radical talent show!!). The show is based in Kansas City, Missouri, but has traveled and worked with many amazing arts organizations all over the country. Some of the awesome places we have worked with include the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha, Nebraska, Deitch Projects in New York, the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, the Smart Museum at the University of Chicago and more!


skinnerBeautiful/Decay spent the last three days at the Pool Tradeshow in Las Vagas. Throughout our time, we met a lot of fun and interesting people. For me, the one person that stands out the most was probably the nicest. Sacramento Artist Skinner is one hell of a rad dude. His work is insane and his attention to detail is on point. Skinner continues to pump out amazing piece after piece and before you know it, this guy is going to blow up. Make sure to check out his site for some well priced pieces. Keep it up dude!

Cardon Copy

cardon copyCardon Copy is an awesome project where lame posters and flyers from around the city are pulled down from bulletin boards and telephones poles to only be redesigned and placed back to there original locations. These wild and fun designs are meant to “overpower their message with a new visual language.” Make sure to check them out!

Andy Callahan

Andy Callahan
Photographer and designer Andy Callahan hails from Leeds/Brighton. He’s also one part of duo MOUNT MILK, who for the exciting stuff I feel like they may be working on, still has nothing on their website- may this be incentive to change that! I’m really interested in this kind of design work recently that places a large emphasis on photography and laying out of the design in the composition of the shot.

Jon Rafman

The embedded video above comes from the latest project by Montreal-based media artist Jon Rafman. Kool-Aid Man in Second Life offers to give Internet users free guided tours of Second Life by Rafman’s avatar, the Kool-Aid Man. The aforementioned video is a promotional video showing scenes of the tour (by the way, apparently some of this may not be NSFW, though I watched the first minute or two and didn’t really notice anything bad). The subtlety of the video, and the entire project, is what makes it so engaging. There are all sorts of questions raised here: about the role of crafted pop culture icons in the new era of user generated content, about the nature of scenic beauty, about our interaction with kitsch. Someone take the tour and let us know how it is!

PS: Check out this essay Rafman wrote on Google Street View. Very compelling stuff.