God of Small Things

Get a Canon 30D, an intervalometer, a microscope, and add some soothing music to make an innovative masterpiece like this one. Enjoy!

Laurie Simmons

Laurie Simmons

I’m quite excited to see new work from Laura Simmons . Glamor magazine asked some of America’s top female artists to define the concept of glamor, and these images are the result of Laurie Simmons’. She has stayed true to her hand made house wife aesthetic and really made this project her own. I like how these images juxtapose pornographic images with a child’s doll house, her critic on an overtly sexual society within the concept of glamor comes through very well.

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Leandro Erlich

leandro erlich shattering doorLeandro Erlich should be everyones favorite Argentinean installation artist. He could even be my favorite artist of all time. Leandro simple kills it! He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and now lives and works in Paris, France. His latest project, “Shattering Door,” is on display at Luciana Brito, São Paulo, Brazil. Make sure to check out more of his projects in his stunning portfolio.

Make Your Own Gravatar

BEFORE: not as personal.. but pretty cool

AFTER: personal and SUPER COOL
Feline Herpes

Hello blog readers, the above image is a microscopic view of Feline Herpes. It’s also my icon for commenting on blogs. If you don’t like the random icon that our website automatically gives you, you can create your own avatar at en.gravatar.com . Your Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog. Y’all can go crazy with icons now.

Kate Kirkwood

kate kirkwood photography Kate Kirkwood is a photographer working from a farm base in the Lake Distract in England. Her work is dark, powerful, and stunningly beautiful. The way she portrays her world through a camera lens is rather unique and her talent shows throughout her portfolio and Flickr photostream.

Paint My Album

Paint My Album

I think the world would be a better place if all album covers were done in Microsoft Paint…maybe not…but every single one of these remade album covers has made me laugh and that’s worth something. Diramuid and Anthony the founders of “Paint My Album” have gotten over 1,800 album covers redone. Submit your own primitive (or fanciful, depending on your MS Paint skills..) recreation at [email protected]

Danny Treacy

Danny Treacy

Made from found objects and discarded clothing, Danny Treacy creates these haunting stiff figures that seemingly link Frankenstein and trash. In the “Them” series, this London based artist successfully creates a sculpture that is full of contradictions, Treacy describes these creatures as “soiled and stained and perfectly formed,victors and the victims, true and false.”

Sr. X

Sir.x graffitiSr. X is a stencil-graffiti artist based in Gijon, Spain. His humorous post-ups are fantastic and will make any graffiti artist say, “why didn’t I think of that?” Although there is a lack of information about him on the internet, the work on his Flickr page speaks for itself.