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Ronit Bigal’s Covers The Body With Biblical Calligraphy

ronit bigal 3

ronit bigal

ronit bigal2

Israeli artist Ronit Bigal transforms the body into a text. For her “Body Scripture II” series, Bigal uses digital photography overlaid with Biblical text (in Hebrew) and floral ornamentation drawn with black Indian ink to create these stunning images of body calligraphy. The body is exposed and abstracted, the text contouring bodily landscapes and capturing hidden textures and unspoken eroticism. Upon close inspection, the text on the bodies is hard to read. It’s small and intricate, but the overall effect creates a visually hypnotic pattern. Bigal places the text so thoughtfully around the curves of the body that it is hard to believe the text was not drawn directly onto the subjects. Her work also leaves me curious about which passages she placed on particular body parts, and if she was deliberate in the placement.

Her Saatchi profile explains that these images “…are almost abstract and enigmatic, arousing the viewer’s curiosity to discover what are the photographed objects, what meanings lies behind the texts; and whether there is a thematic affinity between them or, perhaps are the associations purely aesthetical?” (via my modern met)

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Awesome Video Of The Day: Golden Artifact

Since the weather in LA has been unusually cold and crappy the last couple of days I thought i’d bring some sunshine and warmth in by posting this music video for Sleepy Sun called “Golden Artifact.” It’s a trippy, sun drenched, psychedelic voyage through peacock feathers and butterfly covered islands.

Animation by Nadia Shireen Husain.

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Harma Heikens

Harma Heikens

Harma Heikens produces these utterly amazing sculptures of children. Delving into the playfulness of popular culture and the tempting powers of advertising, Heikens “calls forth visions of a befouled world terrorized by economic and sexual exploitation.” What she delivers is pornographic and cynical, and simultaneously comforting in their reference to saints and martyrdom. These children communicate a grim, post-apocalyptic reality, one in which “the world has deteriorated or one in which we, the viewers, have lost our innocence.”

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McHargue Sculptures


Hey! Remember that interview with Keegan McHargue that we posted not too long ago? He mentioned that he was doing some sculpture work and I asked him what they look like. They look like this. Pre Teen.

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Sonia & Mark Whitesnow

The variety in technique, lighting, costume, and style in collaborative duo Sonia & Mark Whitesnow’s photographs is unreal. They effortlessly jump from surreal to sci-fi, to high fashion photography with ease, bringing a unique touch to each shoot.

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Artist Creates Soundtracks By Crushing Peoples Personal Belongings

Dmitry Morozov Dmitry Morozov  Dmitry Morozov

This new interactive installation Oil by Moscow media-artist, musician and engineer of ‘strange-sounding mechanisms’ ::vtol:: (Dmitry Morozov) is an exciting opportunity for participants to create something new and original from destroying used personal objects. Inviting people to use whatever object they are carrying at the time (headphones, sunglasses, keys, cosmetics), he places them underneath a hydraulic press and proceeds to crush them into something unrecognizable. He records what happens next with a microphone mounted closely to the hydraulic presses. The sound from the act of destruction is turned into a 20 minute record and presented to the participant to take away with them.

The project is intended to provoke visitors into spontaneously ridding themselves of material consumer objects for the sake of creating their own individual work of art via deprivation, divestment and destruction. Sound has been taken as the chief medium here with good reason, since sound art is perhaps the least material and most abstract of all genres in art. The technological aesthetic involved constitutes an ironic attempt to make the process of art production into a technological process, but the result, unlike that of mass production, demonstrates a contrary phenomenon – this is a work involving programming and code in the context of generative art, with the potential to broaden the range of instruments at art’s disposal. (Source)

You can also hear one of the 1574 tracks recorded during exhibition here. And see more innovative work from :vtol::, including different instruments here.

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Irma Gruenholz: Clay Illustrations

irma gruenholz cocinaIrma Gruenholz creates charming illustrations out of clay.  Treat yourself to some afternoon clay delight.

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Yue Wu Transforms Instagram Likes Into Drawings

instagram likes instagram likes instagram likes instagram likes

Like a lot of us, artist Yue Wu uses Instagram. He “likes” things on Instagram, as we’re supposed to, but takes it one step further. Everyday, he turns those “likes” into drawings. Coming full circle, he then Instagrams the drawing and tags it the source photos. This way, you can click through to the originals. He tags this work as #whatilikedtoday.

These quick, black and white ink drawings are a mash up of a day. They vary in subject matter. Some include what you’d expect, like architecture and animals. Others are more bizarre, including one that has a greco-romanesque statue wearing  protective eyewear, and a dancing skeleton wearing a top hat and holding a cane.

The concept behind Wu’s drawings is relatively simple, but amusing. It also has me thinking about my own Instagram feed. We spend so much time looking (and sometimes mindlessly liking) photos. Wu’s drawings illustrate what stands out in the deluge of images.  What would your #whatilikedtoday look like? (Via Booooooom)

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