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Situs Invertus

Situs inversus

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted anything from the Beautiful/Decay Creative Pic Pool so here are some ghoulish and disgustingly awesome drawings by Situs Invertus. I couldn’t find much about Situs but his work reminds me of what the metalhead that sat next to me in junior high used to dry on his notebook.

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Yuri Suzuki’s Tiny Robot Orchestra Turns Drawings Into Music


suzuki-robots suzuki-1

For Japanese designer Yuri Suzuki, dyslexia prevented him reading music in the traditional sense. But that didn’t stop him playing it. Instead, he adopted a playful approach and created an installation that invites viewers to produce their own music using color markers. Visitors draw along the curvy lines on the floor, and then the robots translate their marks into one-of-a-kind sound pieces.

The robots are called Color Chasers, and they associate each color that they find on their path with a sound. This small, unique orchestra features five different machines that each have their own sound and shape. The Basscar has a Dubstep-like sound, the Glitchcar reproduces computer-like sounds, and the Melodycar, Arpeggiocar, and the Drumcar to add rhythm.

This imaginative work was recently selected by the New York MoMA for their collection. (Via Spoon and Tamago)

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Culinary Fine Arts

mondrian cake At the SFMOMA’s Rooftop Coffee Bar, baker Caitlin Williams Freeman has found a fun way to pay homage to the artists featured in the museum.  If you’re in the area, visit the museum, then swing by the Coffee Bar to munch on pastries of art you just saw!

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Phil Hansen Overcomes Career-Ending Injury To Make Amazing Work


Daudi, graphite on cups.  Work made for under $1

Daudi, graphite on cups. Work made for under $1

During his time in art school Phil Hansen developed a shake in his hand.  Interested in pointillism, a technique that involves many many small dots to make up an image, Hansen’s intense attention to detail exacerbated the only made the shake worse.  The problem led him to abandon art for some time.  But missing his calling, Hansen decided to seek an expert’s advice.  A neurologist told him he had permanent nerve damage and would never fully recover.  Deciding to “embrace the shake,” Hansen returned to art using a different approach.  Hansen realized that, “we have to first be limited, to become limitless.”  A creative through and through, Hansen developed projects whereby he would give himself a “limit,” and then figure out how to overcome it.  Deciding to make a work within certain parameters, Hansen came up with ideas such as creating a work of art for under $1, or a work made up of “karate chops,” or work made out of impermanent materials.  Challenging himself and the limits (non-limits) of his creativity, Hansen enjoys the process and channels his ideas into these various projects.

Inspiring by deciding to be inspired by his restrictions, Hansen landed a TED talk (see above).  His current project is a unique collaboration with the Rockefeller Foundation.  Hansen is creating art out of individual stories of philanthropy.  You can still submit a story, or read others here.

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Christian Zanotto’s Religious Iconography Remixed – NSFW

Italian artist Christian Zanotto makes use of photography and of a variety of software’s in order to build a scene which is completely virtual and three-dimensional, to which he gives body with figures and objects (and inside of which one can travel virtually).

The digital works are materialized on crystal sheets, suitably treated, by means of the technique of transferring the digital image through a process of photographic exposure.

The plastic-sculptural result is of great impact, the great panes of glass, framed, become mirrors and thresholds onto a world which, although omnipresent and alive, rarely shows itself so directly, a deep and veiled universe of the human psyche. The “Iconography” of these works is semi-religious, not from adherence, but from the fact that it moves at its side in order to carry out a philosophic-artistic investigation into the icons created by man for his own beliefs, which in fact are clearly shown to us through these paintings in their nature as machinery, mechanisms which human beings have undertaken to build and develop using for their material their fears, hopes and happiness.

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Philadelphia-based Armando Veve‘s impressive body of work shows his ability, and eagerness, to explore several different drawing methods, from the naive to the refined. In doing so, he leaves no doubt to the viewer that he makes a choice, and executes that choice with clear intent. He doesn’t seem to have many limitations. He also dabbles in ceramics, curation, and digital abstractions. At this pace, his work will only get better and better, and endless gifts will be bestowed upon us just for looking.

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Ted Parker’s Sunny Disposition

In Ted Parker’s positive world of blank smiles and happiness naked women are dragged around by their husbands, dogs smoke, couple drink tea naked, lions play basketball, and police officers touch each others genitals all with a giant smile on their faces.

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Liam Henry

LiamHenry3England’s Liam Henry takes wonderful film photographs.  They give a feeling of chilly, sparse, wooded exploration and wandering.

Check out more work at his site and his flickr.

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