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Peter Wu- Segmented Reality

Wait- we haven’t featured Peter Wu on the blog yet?! Dude’s even from L.A!  Showpaper in NYC hipped me to the artist a couple months back, when they illustrated a cover with one of his segmented, semi-schizophrenic mixed media works, and my brain muscles are still tingling. Looks like he’s been doing a lot of sculpture lately and has a solo coming up at Greene Exhibitions fairly soon. A few images after the jump, but be sure to check out his website for more.

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Standard Hotel’s 2014 Calendar Pays Homage to Guests’ Most Unusual Comments And Requests

"Your staff are the nicest pooch lovers in the world. Penny, my precious little looking forward to her next stay."

“Your staff are the nicest pooch lovers in the world. Penny, my precious little wiener…is looking forward to her next stay.”

"Quality of toilet paper could be better...3-ply minimum...otherwise it was a great room and enjoyable stay."

“Quality of toilet paper could be better…3-ply minimum…otherwise it was a great room and enjoyable stay.”

"I had just given an unflattering review to a volatile pop star's latest album and heard through the grapevine he was staying at the hotel. I was certain he was going to exact some kind of revenge...after many anxious phone of your staff kindly offered to stay up with me until I calmed down."

“I had just given an unflattering review to a volatile pop star’s latest album and heard through the grapevine he was staying at the hotel. I was certain he was going to exact some kind of revenge…after many anxious phone calls…one of your staff kindly offered to stay up with me until I calmed down.”

For the holidays, the Standard Hotels produced a 2014 calendar that details a look back at 2013. In a collaboration with advertising agency and publisher KesselsKramer, the hotel chain reviewed and recreated moments from 2013’s favorite guest letters, comments, and special requests. From all of the bizarre things they had received throughout the year, they narrowed it down to 12 that were reenacted by the hotels’ staff.

If you’ve ever worked in the retail or service industry, you know how weird or picky some people can be. The comments and requests that the Standard Hotels receive is no different. One customer claimed their TV was possessed. Another believed that the hot tub had melted their prescription lenses. One guest was a music journalist (directly above) so anxious about recent scathing review he published that hotel staff stayed to keep him company until he calmed down. He was very appreciative.

Scenes were shot by French multimedia artist Thomas Mailaender. The calendar is available for sale through the Standard Hotels online shop.  (Via Creative Review)

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Mustafah Abdulaziz’ Photographs of America

Mustafah AbdulazizMemory Loss is a series of photographs captured throughout the United States.  His photographs vary widely in content from landscapes to individual portraits to candid groups.  They each in some way, though, seem to portray a disarmingly frank American identity.  Among other photographs in the series, Abdulaziz groups together an image of little girls returning from a princess tea party with a gathering of tribal elders on an Indian reservation.  Indeed, his statement explains that his work “explores social identification and how our ideas of self representation create instances of cultural disconnect.”  In 2010 Abdulaziz became the Wall Street Journal’s first contract photographer and in 2012 he was named one of PDN’s New and Emerging Artists to Watch.

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Degenerate Art Ensemble

Degenerate Art Ensemble is a musically hyper-experimental performance group comprised of a dance company, punk/jazz band, a 45 piece orchestra. I found out about them first through their album Cuckoo Crow. Listening to it makes me feel really alive and dead and kind of confused and disgusted with myself as a fleshly vessel. It also made me want to turn off the lights in my room and just start writhing for no reason (which I have to admit that I did). Check out a sample of their song Checkersplitter on Youtube. They’re awesome!

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Akira Nagasawa

Primal paintings of primal beasts by Akira Nagasawa.

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The Big Whales!

Shay Church’s massive sculptures are made using wooden armatur and wet clay and sand. Absolutely amazing!

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Intern @ Beautiful/Decay!


Do you stay awake at night dreaming of the day when you can interact with artists and designers from around the world? Do you get a warm & fuzzy feeling every time you walk by a bookstore or magazine stand? Have you always wanted to work side by side with the an elite group of creative minds who only use the finest office supplies such as golden staples? Do you enjoy nothing more than resizing and cropping a pile of photographs as tall as a 3 story building? If you answered yes to any of these (or none of these questions) then this just may be the internship for you!

Now that you feel excited about our internship opening read the fine detail after the jump!

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Johnson Tsang Sculpts Bulbous And Bizarre Babies That Melt Infancy With Adulthood

Johnson Tsang - Sculpture Johnson Tsang - Sculpture Johnson Tsang - Sculpture Johnson Tsang - Sculpture

In a collection called Inner Child, Hong Kong-based artist Johnson Tsang has sculpted bulbous, porcelain-skinned babies with a surrealist twist. With their enlarged heads, bright eyes, and wrinkled faces, they are painstakingly detailed to capture their emotions. From teary-eyed angst to pouting petulance, they seem to behave like normal infants, but each one is infused with elements of the absurd; one baby laughs manically while sitting on a gilded throne inside a birdcage, and another, dressed in a suit, looks pensive while a fish leaps into his head. Whereas babies are ordinarily known for their heart-melting cuteness, Tsang’s sculptural offspring almost repel us with their bizarre conflations of infancy and adulthood.

Inner Child was displayed last month at K+ Curatorial Space in Singapore. In the press release for the show, Tsang explains the playful motivations behind his sculptures:

“Every adult has an inner child deep inside our soul. It is what keeps us curious, urges us to pursue happiness . . . and above all, gives us courage to embrace our truest selves.” (Source)

Tsang’s work, then, is an observation of the youthful drives that persist within all of us. Because age is often viewed as a linear process—from innocence and emotional expression to maturity and stoic intellect—“childish” traits or behaviors in an adult context may seem odd or even off-putting. Tsang wants us to enjoy his sculptures, however, and to reflect on our own inner children—then maybe we can accept and explore those feelings of unbridled glee, frustration, need, and discontent. After all, these are feelings we will experience again to that “unsophisticated,” childlike degree; as Tsang states humorously, “some day, we will all be old enough to start acting like kids again.” (Source)

Visit Tsang’s website to see more of his work, and click here for a fascinating making-of video. (Via The Creators Project)

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