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david bertram’s Clay Face Portraits


French photographer David Bertram’s latest group of images are portraits of self-portraits, Claytime presents people who were asked to model their own faces out of clay.

“The Art of the portrait is often associated with the idea that the eyes of the pictured person are a window on his soul, his inner truth. Only eyes can really say that much ? This question is the basis of the work that is presented here, which offers a more psychological than physical lighting of each subject. I got inspired by an psychology exercise that involves asking the patient to model his own face out of a piece of clay, to unconsciouly reveal
his own traits, its complex, its fears, in short, his psychic identity to his analyst.

This playful exercise gave its name to the series, Claytime, which presents different people all having modeled their own faces in clay. Despite
differing modeling abilities, their faces are in some cases, rough, in other perfectly crafted, but always revealing.

In a second step, I photographed these people, inside their homes, within a framework that defines them both personally and socially, and
offers several clues about their personalities. Subsequently, a photo montage allowed me to replace their “real” faces by their mental projections in clay. Once placed on the shoulders, the head of clay either contrasts with the body which receives it, or rather is an almost organic extension of this body, mysteriously revealing the forces that espouse or oppose in the person’s mind, the game between subjective and objective acting as a revelator of the soul… A kind of X-ray of the mind. I chose to light those pictures in a rather painting mood and often privileged static poses in order to give each portrait the expression of an ancient statue, frozen in time as the remains of a personality, memory of the real identity, the one that never changes.”

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Eucalyptus Infused Luxury

After a long day in front of a computer pushing pixels and designing stuff the last thing I want to do is stare at a treadmill ticking off the minutes. I prefer group activities like yoga, pilates, the bar method, etc. And let’s face it, at typical gym these classes consist of wannabe actors phoning in a tired, repetitive routine until they force you to stop taking their class. On the other hand buying a series of classes at a yoga studio can run you $200 or more a month… what if you get bored of down dogs several times a week?

That’s where Equinox comes in, all of their classes are included in their membership fees so you have the pick of the litter: cycling, yoga, pilates, kick boxing, bar method- you name it. And the classes are plenty challenging, the Cardio Burn class had me running to grab a eucalyptus infused cold towel to keep from passing out. There’s so much to choose from, it leaves no time for boredom. And when you consider how much variety you have, the membership fee is a bargain. Curious? Take advantage of the 3 day trial membership and work up the need for a cold towel yourself.

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Lucy Gaylord-Lindholm’s Remixed Oil Painting


Lucy Gaylord-Lindolm’s  remixed take on traditional oil painting and art history injects elements of surrealism and pop culture into a familiar setting. Characters from The Wizard of Oz and Pinocchio find their way into the artist’s cleverly referenced paintings, establishing bold compositions where perfectly good paintings once already existed. The result causes us to look a little deeper into that which we previously took for granted. I’ll go wherever she’s leading with these. (via)

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Vinicius Costa’s Surreal Digital Worlds

Vinicius Costa creates glossy surreal worlds where anything is possible. In his densely rich and bizarre worlds plants take on human characteristics, pill bottles are turned into homes, and nature is replaced with richly frosted cupcakes and sweets. I’m not sure about you but I’d be first in line to live in Vinicius’ deliciously insane world.


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Benedict Radcliffe’s Turbo Lambos

At first glance at London-based Benedict Radcliffe’s work, I thought, “Oh, a computer generated drawing of a car…okay.” Then I immediately realize it is not as boring as I had first assumed! No! These are, full scale, actual wire-frame representations of a Lamborghini, Subaru, etc.

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jaroslav kyša’s Everyday Alterations

Jaroslav Kyša’s sculptures and site specific installations and alterations blend a nice mix of concept and humor that I always appreciate. From a geode forming in a baguette to gold leafing an old railroad marker in a park Jaroslav brings a bit of art into the everyday and mundane.

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Mystic Illustrations: Nicomi Nix Turner and Four Other Artists Illustrate The Occult

Nicomi Nix Turner

Daniel Martin Diaz

Amy Earles

William Crisafi

Playing on the enticement of the black mirror, or, the darker recesses of our own perceived realities, fascinations revolving around the occult has infiltrated and renegotiated the perceivable world as we know it to be. Contemporary examinations of the occult and mysticism has surged in creating a more modern vernacular of symbology rooted in spiritualism, skewing the tangible under the scope of what is sensed and experienced as opposed to what is seen. Confronting the enigma of the unknown, investigations of the preternatural have transformed the material world through its semi-erotic explorations of the unconscious and the supposed spirit world. Evoking a sense of histories long since passed, fascinations with the paranormal are found not only within its connotations with Surrealism and Dada, but has since found itself increasingly commercialized through a dilution into popular culture.

The following artists present an elusive understanding and reflection on mysticism and the occult. Straying from any form of irony, kitsch or inapt nostalgia, their employment of the occult acts instead as a new means of dialogue and spiritual resolve.

Featured artists include Nicomi Nix Turner, Daniel Martin Diaz, Jas Helena, Amy Earles, and William Crisafi.

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Steven Tabbutt

Steven Tabbutt’s rich paintings of refined hairy ladies, robot beasts, and spotted monsters are absolutely amazing. I can get lost in his works for hours and get transplanted to a mysterious world where nothing is what it seems.

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