Lindsey Gooden

Lindsey Gooden

UK based Lindsey Gooden is a freelance illustrator and also contributes to a collective at Panther Club. Her collage work combines the digital and the hand drawn, exploring themes like seduction, freedom, hallucination, and transfiguration. I’m really enjoying her use of free-spirited colors and trippy compositions.

David Thompson

1000 Awesome Things

1000 Awesome Things

David Thompson, the artist behind Monsieur Cabinet is hilarious. His quirky and sometimes shocking sense of humor is paired well with his simple and almost childlike illustrations. Thompson is a master of visual humor.

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Matthew Palladino

Lesbian Jail Wedding

23 year old artist Matthew Palladino has been getting a good amount of press, from his show at Park Life to his interview on Fecal Face, and it’s really no surprise because his pieces are conceptually unique and universally beautiful. I’m intrigued by the subjects of his paintings and sometimes titles of his work, for instance, the painting above is titled “Lesbian Jail Wedding”.

Alexis Semtner

Oil and Acrylic on Linen

Oil and Acrylic on Linen

Alexis Semtner’s abstract paintings utilize optical illusion to distort the viewers spatial awareness. According to Semtner, her use of visual falsity is used to denote perception and draw attention to how ubiquitous the notion of hallucination is in the human mind. I like the comforting and almost calming colors juxtaposed to the disconcerting Escher-esque environments, I think that the combination works well to create a world of constantly changing perceptions.

Diary Of A Madman: Part 3!

B/D Mascot Ziggy!

Here are more freshly drawn covers for Book 1: Supernaturalism for your viewing pleasure! As you’ve read, Kyle Thomas has been crankin’ them out, and we thought we’d let our mascot Ziggy model a few (or twenty-six)!

Jessica Hische font release!

Announcement! Beautiful/Decay friend Jessica Hische‘s first font, entitled Buttermilk, is now on sale at The font is good for “magazine headlines, book title type, initial caps, holiday cards, wedding invitations, you name it.” In related news, a shirt Jessica designed for B/D Apparel will be coming out soon!


Diary Of A Madman Part 2!

Book 1: Supernaturalism Covers

Kyle has been busy drawing over 200 covers per day. It’s mind boggling to think that he has so many images stored in his head. Kyle has been going at it nonstop but judging by the covers pictured above his brain is feeling like mush after back to back 12 hour marathons of drawing. I’m happy to announce that subscriptions will be going out tomorrow. It’s a few days later than we had planned but I think we were off on our math as to how long each book cover would take. Below are a selection of covers from the last few days.

Xavier Barrade

French designer and graduate of Fine Arts at Les Beaux Arts de Paris Xavier Barrade creates playful work that explores a variety of topics ranging from science to statistics to pizza.